Reza Aslan accuses Fox News of ‘inherent anti-Muslim bias’


When religious scholar, Reza Aslan, appeared on Fox News last Friday to discuss his new book about the life of Jesus, he probably didn’t think the interview would turn him into the latest viral sensation. But by Monday morning, that’s exactly what he was.

During the interview, Aslan, who has a Ph.D. in the sociology of religions, was repeatedly questioned by Fox News’ Lauren Green about why a Muslim like himself would be interested in writing a historical book about Jesus.

On Wednesday, Aslan joined NOW with Alex Wagner to discuss the latest controversy with Fox, intolerance in America, and of course, his book.

“I watch Fox News,” Aslan said, “and anybody who watches Fox News knows that there is an inherent anti-Muslim bias in their reporting.”

“I don’t actually blame them for it,” he added. “They’re a commercial enterprise, they know how to sell a product, and frankly fear sells a product.”

But fear doesn’t have everyone sold. Since the contentious interview, Aslan said one of the most satisfying things in the aftermath of the interview is that he’s “getting a lot of emails from conservatives, from Fox News watchers, who are saying that this has turned them away.”

In a sense, Aslan said, “this is kind of Fox News’ ‘jump the shark’ moment. “


Reza Aslan accuses Fox News of 'inherent anti-Muslim bias'