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‘Star Wars’-themed church service to highlight ‘parallels’


MAINZ, Germany — A church will host an unusual pre-Christmas service on Sunday — with the “Star Wars” films put at the center of their worship.

Members of the congregation at Berlin’s Zions Church will be greeted with the theme music from the blockbuster series and can expect to hear about “the juxtaposition of good and bad, light and dark” during the one-hour event, church minister Eva-Maria Menard told NBC News.

Short excerpts from trailers and the George Lucas movies will be shown on a screen below the pulpit.

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Vicar Ulrike Garve said that the service will expose “the theological motives and parallels in the Star Wars episodes.”

Garve and colleague Lucas Ludewig plan to highlight Romans 12:21 from the Bible, which states: “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

“Luke Skywalker does not give in to the dark side, the Emperor or Darth Vader, and even puts down his lightsaber in the end,” Garve said.

Menard added: “The ‘Star Wars’ movies create an anticipation of whether the good will prevail. And the Advent season is also a period of anticipation before Christmas.”

The Protestant church hopes to attract “curious visitors” as well as “die-hard Star Wars fans” but Garve and Ludewig admitted they were uncertain about how the service would be received.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” opens in German cinemas on Thursday and the two vicars Garve said they would be watching through “the eyes of fans and theologists.”

This article originally appeared on NBC News.com.