Hillary Clinton prepares to sign copies of her new memoir 'Hard Choices' at a Costco store in Arlington, Va, June 14, 2014.
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Sonia Sotomayor greets Hillary Clinton at book signing


Hillary Clinton got a unexpected visit from Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor Saturday during a book signing at a Costco in Virginia.

“I don’t believe this,” Clinton told Sotomayor as they embraced, according to NBC News’ Alex Moe.

Sotomayor told reporters she was “just shopping” at the the bulk store. 

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Hillary Clinton faces Iraq questions on book tour

Hillary Clinton, on tour promoting her new memoir, finds herself in the middle of the debate over the crisis in Iraq. What headlines is she making on her book tour? Washington Bureau Chief of Bloomberg News, Jonathan Allen, and Associate Editor of The Hi

Clinton signed copies of her newly released memoir, “Hard Choices,” for more than three hours, according to NBC News.

The former secretary of state has been busy promoting her book, which hit shelves Tuesday. A large crowd turned out on release day in New York City for a chance to snag just a few seconds with Clinton, who is considered a likely Democratic presidential contender in 2016.

But the first week of the rollout of Clinton’s book has not been entirely smooth sailing. Clinton has made several missteps, including saying that she and former President Bill Clinton were “dead broke” upon leaving the White House and a testy exchange over gay marriage with National Public Radio host Terry Gross.

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Clinton's ‘Hard Choices’

MSNBC.com senior editor Beth Fouhy and national reporter Aliyah Frumin discuss the release of Hillary Clinton’s new book ‘Hard Choices,’ delve into the Benghazi chapter, and discuss reader comments.

Hard Choices and Hillary Clinton

Sonia Sotomayor greets Hillary Clinton at book signing