Scott Walker’s special holiday message: Molotov!


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has a special holiday message for his Jewish friends.

In an undated letter “unearthed by the liberal group One Wisconsin Now” and first reported by the Capital Times, Walker thanks Milwaukee attorney Franklyn M. Gimbel for getting in touch with him about a menorah display at the local courthouse. The letter itself is nothing unusual, except for its closing salutation: Thank you again and Molotov.”

Molotov cocktail is an improvised explosive device made from a glass bottle and a rag. The phrase Walker was probably searching for is “mazel tov,” a Hebrew expression used to express congratulations or good luck. 

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Like many rumored 2016 presidential candidates, Walker has courted Jewish Republican donors and reiterated his support for Israel in speechesAnd while Walker himself is not Jewish, he claims to decorate his home using both Christmas lights and a “menorah candle” during the holiday season. 

Calls to Walker’s office were not immediately returned.

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Religion and Scott Walker

Scott Walker's special holiday message: Molotov!