Planned Parenthood supporter says being pro-life means being pro-women’s health care


Elizabeth Bruce, a woman who suffered from severe pelvic pain when she was 18 years old, spoke at the Democratic National Convention to stand up for Planned Parenthood.

Bruce recounted how it was difficult for her to get a diagnosis of endometriosis until she visited a Planned Parenthood clinic. Aside from pain, endometriosis can develop into infertility, something Bruce was able to avoid. Bruce is now the mother of a one-year-old.

Her story was an effective argument that being pro-life means giving women access to better health care, the “excellent, affordable, respectful” kind that Planned Parenthood gave her.

In her speech:

When Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan make threats about “getting rid” of Planned Parenthood funding, it’s clear that they haven’t given a thought to women like me, women with limited resources who are sick and scared. They haven’t thought about planned and wanted babies like Ruby who are able to be here only because their mothers received the health care they needed.

Bruce was followed on stage by Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards who called the fight for continued access to birth control like waking up “in a bad episode of Mad Men.”

Watch Richards’ full speech below.


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Planned Parenthood supporter says being pro-life means being pro-women's health care