Aymara Marchante (L) and Wiktor Garcia sit with Maria Elena Santa Coloma,(R) an insurance advisor with UniVista Insurance company, as they sign up for the Affordable Care Act on Feb. 5, 2015 in Miami, Fla.
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President Obama launches health care enrollment contest

In an attempt to boost enrollment in health care plans under the Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama has challenged Americans to sign up for coverage and promised to visit the city that has the highest number of new enrollments. 

“I’ll come visit the city that enrolls the highest percentage of folks who aren’t covered right now. That’s a promise,” the president said Saturday in his weekly address.

The president’s plan is part of the White House’s “Healthy Communities Challenge,” which seeks to target 20 major cities that have the most uninsured residents who are eligible for coverage. Some of the participating cities are Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Detroit. The president will visit one of the 20 cities on the list.

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The White House previously said that there are about 10.5 million uninsured people who are are eligible to sign up for plans on state and federal exchanges in the new open enrollment period that started on Nov. 1.

The president touted the success of his health care law, which he said now covers 17.6 million American since it went into effect in 2010. He added that the uninsured rate has decreased by 45%.

“What we’re talking about is no longer just a law, and it’s certainly not the myths and scare tactics that the cynics have peddled our way for years,” said Obama. This is healthcare in America. And the bottom line is, Americans like it. They’re happy with their plans and their premiums.”

Barack Obama and Obamacare

President Obama launches health care enrollment contest