Voters watch Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz speak at an American Legion on Feb. 8, 2016 in Manchester, N.H.
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New Hampshire exit poll results: Republicans more angry, anxious than Democrats


New Hampshire voters approached this election with different feelings about the state of the country depending upon which primary they participated in. A majority of Republicans and Democrats are unhappy with Washington and concerned about the economy and terrorism. Republicans are just more angry and anxious.

The NBC News Exit Poll found many more Republicans (40 percent) than Democrats (12 percent) who say they actually feel angry about how the federal government is working. Only 10 percent of Republicans have positive feelings about Washington, compared to 38 percent of Democrats.

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Nearly three-quarters of Republicans (75 percent) are very worried about the direction the U.S. economy is heading, and another 21 percent are somewhat worried. Fewer Democrats (29 percent) are very worried about the economy, with another 50 percent who are somewhat worried.

Republican primary voters are also more concerned about the possibility of another major terrorist attack on American soil. Most - 59 percent - Republicans are very worried, and 32 percent are somewhat worried. Far fewer Democrats (22 percent) are very worried about a potential terrorist attack, with another 47 percent saying they are somewhat worried.

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