People cheer as Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) speaks onstage after victory over Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary on Feb. 9, 2016 in Concord, N.H.
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New Hampshire Exit Poll Results: How Bernie Sanders Won


2/9/16, 9:00 PM ET

Bernie Sanders plays basketball with his grandkids in New…

As the New Hampshire primary polls closed on Tuesday evening, Bernie Sanders played basketball with his grandchildren at a gymnasium in Concord, New Hampshire.
Values and demographics shaped the strong support Bernie Sanders received Tuesday in New Hampshire, according to the NBC News Exit Poll of Granite State Democrats.

The Vermont senator won 83 percent of millennial voters under the age of 30. He also won 67 percent of voters who describe themselves as very liberal, and at the same time took 73 percent of self-described independents.

The presidential campaign: Bernie Sanders
The self-described democratic socialist is known for pushing change on income inequality, college affordability and criminal justice reform.
Sanders was the overwhelming favorite of voters who were looking for a candidate they saw as honest and trustworthy (92 percent) and cares about people like them (82 percent).

Given how the Sanders campaign has tried to paint Hillary Clinton as a political insider, he took 88 percent of the vote among those who wanted the next president to be from outside political establishment. Sanders also won 70 percent of those who are unhappy with the way the federal government is working.

The important issues driving Sanders voters relate to concerns about the economy, income inequality and their family’s financial situation. Sanders had significant support among voters who ranked income inequality as their top issue (71 percent), those who are very worried about the nation’s economy (74 percent) and those who say their family is a falling behind financially (70 percent).

On the ground with the New Hampshire primary
Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders was the projected winner in the New Hampshire primary, the nation’s first of the 2016 presidential race, on Tuesday,

Bernie Sanders and New Hampshire

New Hampshire Exit Poll Results: How Bernie Sanders Won