Screenshot from Well-Strung musical parody, Chelsea's Mom. 
Photo courtesy of Well-Strung

‘I’m gonna vote for Chelsea’s Mom’: Clinton parody video goes viral


Cue the 2016 presidential viral videos.

Well-Strung, a New York city-based strings quartet, has put together a unauthorized campaign video of sorts for Hillary Clinton called “Chelsea’s Mom,” set to the tune of the hit Fountains of Wayne song, “Stacy’s Mom” that rocked airwaves back in 2003.

In the parody, which is addressed to the 2016 frontrunner’s daughter Chelsea, the group tackles everything from the former first lady’s hairstyles though the years – the bob and all – to her 2016 Republican contenders, suggesting “anyone but Clinton would give us the blues.”

“Chelsea’s Mom” also manages to work in a dig at President Obama, stating, “Sure we loved Obama, but your mom’s the one for me!”

Since the video was posted Thursday morning, it picked up steam on Twitter and it’s been viewed on YouTube over 7,700 times.