Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush speaks during a campaign rally at the Veterans Memorial Leisure Services Center on Sept. 17, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nev.
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Bush courts voters in Vegas, promises to be ‘high-energy’


LAS VEGAS — It seems like Donald Trump may be getting under Jeb Bush’s skin.

9/17/15, 9:12 AM ET

Bush confronts Trump about past political donations

Donald Trump retorts that he was just being “a business man” as Jeb Bush harps on the multi-billionaire’s political donations history.
At his first rally since Wednesday night’s GOP debate, Bush on Thursday urged Nevada voters to support him in the state’s caucus, promising to be everything Trump says Bush isn’t.

“I hope I will be so brilliant, so eloquent and so high-energy that you sign up for the caucuses in February and get 10 other people to do the same,” Bush said. 

Trump has repeatedly criticized the former Florida governor for being “low-energy.”

Bush made only a brief reference to Wednesday’s debate, calling the experience “crazy” and “different,” adding that he hoped those in attendance had watched – to which the crowd yelled back “Eveready” – in reference to a memorable debate moment in which Bush claimed the word as his preferred Secret-Service code name.

The afternoon rally drew between 100 and 150 people.

9/17/15, 9:16 AM ET

Bush: ’40 years ago I smoked marijuana, and I admit it’

Jeb Bush admits that he has previously smoked marijuana and follows up with a joke about the other candidates’ silence on a similar admission.
Touting his goal of four-percent economic growth, Bush jabbed Democratic rivals Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for their views on taxes, spending and regulation.

“Hillary, she’s kind of drafting right behind Bernie,” he said. “Bernie Sanders has already promised $18 trillion in new spending programs – I know, it’s impossible to imagine.”

Bush said his plan to shrink government and taxes is the “proper” way of growing the economy and pledged to spread that message with “a heart for people” as opposed to using a “loud voice”.

On Friday, Bush takes his campaign east to South Carolina for the Heritage Action Candidate Forum that will attract nearly a dozen of the GOP presidential contenders.  

Jeb Bush and Las Vegas

Bush courts voters in Vegas, promises to be 'high-energy'