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Australian official has some strong feelings about Putin

What does Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop think of Russian President Vladimir Putin?

Bishop, Australia’s first ever female foreign affairs minister, took part in what BuzzFeed is calling “the world’s first political emoji interview,” this week. She answered a range of questions – 14 to be exact. Here’s what she said when asked whether she has ambitions to hold a higher office. 


Courtesy of Mark Di Stefano/BuzzFeed

Bishop also addressed Australia’s foreign relations with a number of countries. Here’s how she responded.

On China: Thumbs up, check mark, cool sunglasses dude.

On Indonesia: Thumbs up, check mark, but also a “pensive face.” The wavering support might have something to do with the two Australians set to be executed in Indonesia for drug trafficking, despite the Aussie government’s pleas for leniency.

And on the United States: Thumbs up, check mark, big smiley face.

This wasn’t Bishop’s first foray into the add-on keyboard on her smartphone. The foreign affairs minister first used emojis publicly last November in a response to a frustrated Australian on Twitter. She calmed tensions over an air travel dispute with a simple smiley face. Bishop’s online followers took note, egged her on, and now @JulieBishopMP is full of special characters.

We can’t help but wonder what emoji would Hillary Clinton respond with if someone asked whether or not she was running for president in 2016?

Editor’s note: The images above were used with permission from BuzzFeed.