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Scarborough: Romney down in polls, but so was Reagan in 1980


The president may be polling ahead, but Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough reminds us that so was Jimmy Carter in 1980.

“If I’m betting, I’m betting on the president, because every poll’s lined up for the president. That said, you think about 1980 where everybody, every elite in Manhattan and Washington was sure Jimmy Carter was going to win,” Scarborough said Monday. “Nobody saw the Reagan revolution coming. Nobody saw it coming. Let me say it again, revisionists, nobody saw it coming.”

Real Clear Politics average of polls shows the candidates are in dead heat, with President Barack Obama polling at 47.8% and Gov. Mitt Romney at 47.4% nationally.

The latest national polls find the candidates neck and neck in every survey:

NBC News/The Wall Street Journal: Obama at 48% vs Romney 47%.

Washington Post and ABC News poll Obama 49% vs. Romney 48%

CNN/ORC poll  Obama 49% vs. Romney 49%.

Some of the battleground state polls show an even tighter race: polls in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania are tied.

“That’s the ultimate magic and the ultimate mystery that is election day,” Morning Joe regular Mike Barnicle added. “People go and vote and we don’t know what’s going to happen.”

The presidency isn’t all that’s at stake.

“It’s not just the presidency, it’s control of the Senate and the entire dynamic of the next four years that will be decided tomorrow,” host Mika Brzezinski added.

Scarborough: Romney down in polls, but so was Reagan in 1980