#5Things: Animal diplomacy


In Australia over the weekend, there was plenty of serious business that happened at the G20 summit…but then enter the koala bears, who stole the stage from some of the world’s biggest leaders–including our own! 

It’s not the first time animals have entered the international stage. Here are at least five more in “5 Things: Animal diplomacy”…

  1. Panda diplomacy: Michelle Obama, along with her mother and daughters, took a visit to China’s Chengdu panda base on their trip to China earlier this year.

  2. The Cold War–certainly a dog-eat-dog world, but this pup named Pushinka was actually a gift to President Kennedy from Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev.

  3. Speaking of Kennedys, there would be no Bo Obama without Ted Kennedy! He gave President Obama the Portuguese Water Dog at the beginning of his first term–a dog the Obamas had promised their two girls during the president’s presidential campaign. 

  4. A throw back to the John Quincy Adams administration: the Marquis de Lafayette gifted the country’s sixth president with an alligator, and it lived in the East Room bathtub.

  5. Finally, how could we do a segment on animals and not show Putin? These pictures never get old…

    However, Putin was certainly not a fan of one animal: George W. Bush’s first dog Barney.