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Time to move past ‘cliffs, crisis and chaos’ in budget talks


President Obama’s charm offensive with Republicans will continue next week, when he makes a rare visit to Capitol Hill to speak with GOP and Democratic caucuses. “Any time people are talking, it’s a good sign,” New York Rep. Steve Israel, chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, told Jansing & Co.

Israel is hoping the president’s outreach to Republicans will help broker the elusive “grand bargain” to deal with the nation’s $16.7 trillion deficit. “We’re looking for a few Republicans in the House of Representatives who will meet us halfway. If we can get just a few, I think we can get it done,” said Israel.

But Speaker John Boehner says talks won’t get very far “if the president continues to insist on tax hikes.” Israel is blaming the tea party for the gridlock so far. “At every point over the past several years since the tea party brought us to cliffs and crisis and chaos, the president has offered compromise. He’s offered conversations on entitlement reform.”

Time to move past 'cliffs, crisis and chaos' in budget talks