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Rep. Rangel: Gun culture “major problem”


Congressman Charles Rangel, a Democrat from New York, said on Jansing & Co.  Tuesday, that one of the biggest obstacles to passing comprehensive gun control legislation is gun culture.

“We’re going to have major problems with the culture of people that just like to use guns for recreational purposes and overcoming the need for having an assault weapon…to have fun and to hunt animals, that’s going to be a major problem,” Rangel said.

Rangel said two pieces of legislation have “excellent” chances to pass, a new bipartisan House bill that makes gun trafficking a federal crime, and universal background checks.

“I think that people don’t mind the inconvenience, if you will,” Rangel said. “If someone wants to have a firearm, put your name down and say who you are, and make certain that we are at least prohibiting or preventing—or at least trying to prevent—people who have mental illness from getting a dangerous weapon.”

Rangel says he remains optimistic about passing an assault weapons ban, although virtually no Republicans have come out in support of it. The Korean War veteran also talked about his own experience with guns.

“I have been in combat, I have had an automatic weapon. Sometimes the weapon almost takes you over with the rapid fire that’s involved,” he said.


Rep. Rangel: Gun culture "major problem"