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Rep. Steve Israel: Plastic guns ‘make it easier for terrorists’


New York Democrat Steve Israel is proposing legislation to make new plastic guns illegal. A new video shows a man firing a fully-functioning gun, made from a 3-D printer. The video has over 1.3 million views.

“I have nothing against 3-D printers, they are transformational, but I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to make it easier for terrorists and criminals to make a plastic gun and bring it on to an airplane,” Israel said on Jansing & Co. “Metal detectors are a pretty good idea to keep our planes safe, but if you can make a gun entirely out of plastic and bring that gun onto a plane and you’re a terrorist or a bad guy—bad idea.”

Israel wants to update the Undetectable Firearms Act, adopted in 1988, and set to expire this year. Considering the Senate has already voted down background checks legislation and other new gun measures, it’s unclear what support this bill will have.

“I’ve committed the sin of using the words common sense and House Republicans in the same sentence, forgive me for that. I can’t imagine any reason why anybody in Congress wouldn’t want to keep their constituents safer,” Israel said.

Israel admitted that he had no Republican co-sponsors for the bill.

It’s worth noting, at least for now, it’s incredibly expensive to buy a 3-D printer. The cost is around eight thousand dollars.

Rep. Steve Israel: Plastic guns 'make it easier for terrorists'