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Matthews: 'Goodbye Trump and hello reality'

05/16/11 08:00PM

Let me finish tonight with the disastrous marriage of the Republicans and the Tea Party.Would anyone marry for hate rather than love?   It's a hell of a question, isn't it?   A terrible question.  Why would you even ask it?  Why on earth would anyone marry someone, hitch up with them, because of hatred?Well, this is the exact problem of the Republican Party today.  It got married, hitched up politically, with the Tea Party, but not because the Tea Party loves the Republican Party - don't even think about that happening this week?No, the marriage between the Republicans and the Tea Party is bas read more

Matthews gives commencement advice

05/13/11 05:09PM

Let me finish tonight with the thrill of yesterday's commencement exercises at Temple University in Philadelphia.Here in this impressive hall with almost 9,000 people, we celebrated the graduation of so many young people into the world of ambition, uncertainty and hope.Thanks to President Ann Hart of this fine, booming university, each student left with a plastic wallet-sized card with my commencement advice. I want you all to hear it once - here on Hardball - for your children; for your hopes for them; and also for yourselves and your ambitions in life.  They are based on watching politicians read more