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Tea Party dad would vote for son who ‘came out’ as liberal


Progressives have been gushing over the new political ad by Massachusetts State Rep. Carl Sciortino, which features the openly gay Democrat “coming  out” to his Tea Party father as a liberal.

Sciortino, who is running to replace Ed Markey in Massachusetts’ 5th District Congressional election, and his father both joined MSNBC’s Hardball to share insights into their multi-party family life. Carl Sciortino, Sr. joked that his son’s views took a left turn after he was “indoctrinated” as a student at Tufts University.

A proud Republican all his life (with a Republican father), Sciortino Sr. said he had only ever voted for one Democrat:  John F. Kennedy. If his son advances into the general election, he conceded that he’d break his long conservative streak and cast his ballot for the younger Sciortino.

“Yes, I would,” he told Chris Matthews, with a laugh. “He is my son. That was a secret, though.”

Watch the entire conversation in the video player above.

Tea Party dad would vote for son who 'came out' as liberal