Matthews: ‘What a beaut this campaign’s become…’


Let me finish tonight with this: What do you do when people don’t like you? 

What you do is make it not matter.  

Look how Mitt Romney got this nomination. He couldn’t get people to love him, so he simply used his hundreds of millions bombing the hell out of the alternatives leaving him the only one standing. 

Result: Romney’s the nominee to run against the President.

It worked before. So, he’s doing it again.

Can’t get minorities to vote for you? What do you do? You keep them from voting. Set up all kinds of barricades to keep them from the voting booth: kill early in-person voting, require government-issued photo ID cards. Spread the word through the neighborhoods: “This isn’t going to be easy. Why not call it a day and stay home?”

Better idea: get people to hate the other guy. Rev up anger against him with talk of “welfare giveaways” and how your medicare is being sucked away to pay for the poor. Oh, you can’t be loved, but you might be able to shimmy into the Oval Office if you rile up enough raw hatred of the guy there now. 

What a beaut this campaign’s become. Talk about a loveless marriage. Look at the crowd in Tampa. Look at the crowd in Charlotte. As Winston Churchill warned, “If there’s not love in a marriage, there will be love outside of it.”  

I expect some Republicans to seriously rethink what they’re getting into here.

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Matthews: 'What a beaut this campaign's become...'