Matthews: The GOP is ‘trouble’


Let me finish tonight with a simple thought about what we’re watching.

The first people to bow to the demands of those threatening to blow up the economy were the Republicans in the House, the leaders. The leaders did what the followers told them to do: meet the demands, hold up the country to get their way. Those followers didn’t win the Senate, or the Presidency, just the House.

But by using the House they were able to hold up the entire United States government. They threatened to blow things up economically and it worked. They said they were willing to do that - just to get their way - not by persuasion, not by politics, not by Democratic government, but by threatening the destruction of the country’s finances.

Right. So what’s next? The power grid? Will they next time threaten to close down the country’s electricity and communications systems? That might work really well. That’s the kind of threat that would really get some action.

Hey, we’re talking the ends justifying the means, aren’t we? If getting their way on taxes and spending issues justifies drifting this country right up to the edge of financial catastrophe. If that’s okie-dokie, why not a little more frightening weapon.

Yes, the wild ones won this round and won it in a new way - by scaring us with a shutdown. Us. Did you hear that word? They threatened to hold up the country, to rob it of its wealth in historic terms, in order to get what they wanted. A spike in interest rates and a plunge in bond ratings would rob this country of uncountable billions - and that is precisely what they jammed us with.

I will not forget those who did it. I think the country would be well advised to do the same - because they will try to do it again just as bank robbers do. The bigger the heist, the bigger the appetite.

The only question is whether certain voters out there think this is the way they “want” things done. If they do - listen closely here - they are the trouble. They are the danger.   

It’s not what they want - listen here again - it’s the weapon they used to get it. They threatened to blow up their own country’s economy, to get certain things done.   Think about it. 


Matthews: The GOP is 'trouble'