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Let Me Start: May 15, 2015

Let me start with 2016, where its all about Jeb Bush’s no good, very bad week and Hillary Clinton’s plans to return to Iowa.

Hillary Clinton released a new campaign video (see below) via Twitter, as she makes plans to return to Iowa next week.  This trip her campaign says she will be focusing on ideas to expand small businesses in the state, beginning Monday in Mason City and then heading to  Cedar Falls Tuesday.

But as the debate among Democrats continues over President Obama’s trade deal, the pressure is mounting for Clinton to weigh in on the argument.  David Ignatius wrote in the Washington Post “it’s Clinton’s rope-a-dope approach to the TPP that deserves most attention, because it highlights her vulnerability as a candidate. Her caution conveys the sense that she’s running because she wants to get elected, rather than as the exponent of a set of beliefs.”

Meanwhile, Jeb Bush’s no good, very bad week continues.  Karl Rove says he isn’t endorsing anybody yet…including Jeb Bush.  The former deputy chief of staff under George W. Bush says although Jeb has sufficiently clarified his stance on the war in Iraq, Rove is still not throwing his support behind any candidate until he gets a better look at the Republican field for 2016.

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“I want to win and I have a long friendship with the family and a long friendship with Jeb,” Rove said on NBC’s “Today” show.  “But I’m like a lot of people sitting on the sidelines watching and waiting.”