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Wisconsin Recall Election Day

It’s Election Day in Wisconsin, where voters will decide whether to keep Republican Governor Scott Walker or replace him with Democrat Tom Barrett. Polls close at 9pm ET, 8pm CT and it’s the first big contest that could clue us in to what might happen in November. We’ll have full coverage tonight on msnbc. Nate Silver’s polling analysis shows Walker’s the favorite in today’s contest.


Rogue No More: Bill Clinton quashed any thoughts that his comments about Bain Capital last week were tantamount to a Romney endorsement. The former president joined Pres. Obama at three New York fundraisers last night and is fully on board the Obama train.


Fear Factor: Politico follows our lead from last week and examines what conservative backers fear most from Mitt Romney’s campaign.


Independents Day: We’re in an election year and there are more self-described independent voters now than at any other time in the past 75 years.


Breaking down the race: Obama trails Romney among middle-income voters. But Obama has big margins among non-white voters.


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