Let Me Start…


The Convention Begins…

Tropical Storm Isaac is slowing and strengthening but Republican officials say the show must go on. Tonight, after a day of delay, the Republican Convention begins. And the headliners tonight are Ann Romney - who has the challenge of trying to humanize her husband – and the keynote address by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. We’ll be live in Tampa all night, beginning at 5 eastern on Hardball.


A new Pew poll finds that most Americans say the rich don’t pay enough in taxes. That’s a challenge for the Romney campaign, especially on the day Ann Romney speaks at the convention. She says she and Mitt won’t release any more of their tax returns because they’ll be criticized for what’s in them.


Check out this New York Times article about Mitt Romney and how he is caught between two very different approaches on the economy. As Massachusetts governor he favored more government involvement, but as the 2012 Republican nominee, he’s bought into the Tea Party orthodoxy in an attempt to shore up his base.


Has New York Times columnist David Brooks ever been so snarky as he is in his column today on the real Mitt Romney?