Let Me Start…


Rick Santorum makes the case for religion in the public square. And he says the JFK speech makes him “throw up.” He’s making a play for social conservatives, but the latest polling in Michigan now shows he’s trailing Mitt Romney by two points.


The new Politico/George Washington Battleground poll has plenty of good news for President Obama. The tough Republican nominating fight is weakening the candidates, and Obama’s own numbers are up. He’s now in positive territory on job approval and he’s handily beating the GOP candidates among crucial independent voters and overall.


Mitt Romney can’t get out of his own way – when asked if he’s a fan of NASCAR he said he’s not as big a fan of some, but he has lots of friends who are owners.


Bill Maher, who gave $1 million to a pro-Obama Super PAC, will be with us tonight.


Sen. Scott Brown used Ted Kennedy in a campaign ad, and former Rep. Patrick Kennedy is calling on him to stop.


Finally, the latest violence in Afghanistan is making a lot of people wonder why we’re risking American lives and treasure to help a country that clearly doesn’t want us there.