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That other Romney pivot:

Everyone expects Mitt Romney to pivot back to the center – that’s what all candidates do when their campaigns move from the primaries to general election mode. But Republicans want Romney to do another pivot – from negative to positive. Is Romney capable of talking about himself in a way that inspires American voters? So far we haven’t heard it. He’s framing himself as ‘not Obama’ but that might not be enough to appeal to a broader swath of the country.


Newt is moot: We already knew it but the former Speaker is giving up his delusion of a brokered convention in which he could emerge as the Republican nominee. He told Romney he’s quitting the race – but not before one more week of living the good life of a candidate.


Fast forward to 2016 – will the Democratic race come down to Hillary Clinton vs. Andrew Cuomo? Politico and the New York Times both write about it today, after Cuomo says such talk is premature.


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