It was ‘creepy’ for John Edwards to discuss love child after acquittal: MSNBC panel


After disgraced former presidential candidate John Edwards walked free from his corruption trial on Thursday, he was quick to tell the world about how much he cares about his love child. And that was really “creepy,” said an msnbc panel guest. 

The one-time Democratic star, who had an affair and baby with former campaign videographer Rielle Hunter while running for president in 2008, was accused of improperly using campaign cash to cover up the affair. He was found not guilty on one of six counts of campaign finance fraud on Thursday. The jury was deadlocked on the other five counts, and the judge declared a mistrial. 

After thanking his family and the jury, Edwards—standing by his parents and grown daughter Cate— brought up another daughter, Quinn, who was born out of wedlock.

 “My precious Quinn, who I love more than any of you could ever imagine, and I am so close to, and am so, so grateful for, so grateful for Quinn,” he said. 

Those comments left a bad taste in the mouth of New York Magazine’s John Heilemann.

“The thing that was a little creepy was hearing him talk about Quinn,” the msnbc political analyst told Hardball’s Chris Matthews.“Obviously, there’s no one that begrudges the love for a daughter, but to be talking about the child that was the result of the affair that got him into this place—I thought that was the weirdest moment…There was something strange about the way he emphasized his love for Quinn.”

 Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd echoed that sentiment.

“I was uncomfortable watching [Edwards]…Just say thank you to the jury, thank your daughter, Cate, who has been unbeliveable back there and go home,” he said. 

The two-timing politician admitted to his relationship with Hunter in 2008, but it wasn’t until 2010 that he copped to being the father of their child.

Elizabeth Edwards, who was married to the former North Carolina senator for 33 years, died of breast cancer in December 2010. 

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It was 'creepy' for John Edwards to discuss love child after acquittal: MSNBC panel