Coming up on Hardball…Pile-on Newt!


Newt’s getting a taste of what it’s like to be a frontrunner! Romney, Perry, and the rest of the GOP field are piling on him. Can Newt withstand the political firestorm coming his way…especially with two debates in the coming week, where he’s sure to be the main target? He put out the call to his troops to come out for him and fight. NBC News Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd and Politico Editor-in-Chief John Harris will talk it over tonight.


It’s the question on everyone’s mind: Will Newt win Iowa? Can he survive the onslaught and keep his numbers strong until then? Republican Congressman Jack Kingston (GA) has endorsed Newt. We’ll ask him why he thinks the former Speaker can go the distance. And msnbc Political Analyst John Heilemann will weigh in.


Let’s call the whole thing off? Looks like The Trump Debate is a no-go after five candidates publically rejected it. Just Newt and Santorum have agreed to participate, and now Trump’s thinking of calling it off. Has the GOP Clown Show dismissed its ringleader? msnbc Political Analysts Mark Halperin and Michael Steele are here to discuss.


If you underestimate this President, you do so at your own peril! Could Obama’s tough stance against Republican charges of “appeasement” this week (in short: “Ask Osama bin Laden how we’re doing”) be a preview of what’s to come? We’re asking Democratic Strategist Steve McMahon and University of Georgia Visiting Professor Cynthia Tucker about it.


Coming up on Hardball...Pile-on Newt!