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President Obama took on a “Dad-in-Chief” tone when he said yesterday that it was time for Republicans and Democrats to eat their peas—that is, swallow some unsavory portions of the budget deal in an effort to move forward. But Republicans are still saying no to raising taxes, a major Tea Party rallying cry. So when push comes to shove, is the establishment GOP more afraid of alienating the Tea Party, or inciting economic collapse? msnbc Political Analyst Eugene Robinson and author and political commentator Ron Reagan join us tonight.

Then: Marcus Bachmann’s gay “cure?” Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann’s therapist husband denied that his Christian counseling clinic tries to turn gays straight—but now a hidden camera expose by LGBT advocacy group Truth Wins Out shows something very different. The group’s Social Media Director Evan Hurst joins us tonight, with The Daily Beast’s Michelle Goldberg, who’s been covering the story.

Next: The News of the World scandal hit the top of the corporate ladder today when Rupert Murdoch, his son, and top deputy were summoned to appear next week before a British parliamentary committee. Vanity Fair contributor and Murdoch biographer Michael Wolff and CNBC’s Simon Hobbs are here with the latest.

Plus: Today, America remembers First Lady Betty Ford. We’ll bring you moments from her memorial service in Southern California.


Rupert Murdoch, Michele Bachmann and Barack Obama

Coming up on Hardball ...