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The Trail: Wendy Davis defends controversial campaign ad


Texas State Senator Wendy Davis is defending her most recent campaign ad for governor that has stirred up controversy in the Lone Star State race.

“Greg Abbott was at the receiving end of a tragic accident and he was able to receive justice for himself,” Davis said in an interview Tuesday with Andrea Mitchell. “He received millions of dollars in a settlement and since then, in his entire public service career, he has been working to kick that ladder down and deny that same opportunity for justice to other people.”

Davis released the ad last Friday, which has been widely condemned by her opponent Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s camp as well as by the media.

Abbott, who is currently leading by double-digits in the most recent polling, responded to the ad Monday in an interview on Fox News, saying, “If she wants to attack a guy in a wheelchair, that’s her prerogative. As for me, I’m running a different type of campaign.”

Davis told Mitchell that the ad was “absolutely not” meant as a personal attack on Abbott. “It’s a choice between someone who will be fighting for them and be their voice every day and someone who has shown time and time again that he’ll sell them out for his insiders and donors whose favor he seeks.”