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McDonald's employee budget leaves out food, child care, clothes, gas

McDonald’s new suggested financial plan for its minimum wage employees not only omits necessary expenditures like food, but suggests workers get second jobs.

McDonald's new suggested financial plan for its minimum wage employees not only leaves out necessary expenditures like food, child care, clothes and gas—it also suggests people go out and get a second job.

“McDonald’s is essentially conceding that in order for a minimum wage worker at its fast food stores to make ends meat, they have to rely on publicly funded subsidies like food stamps," said advocate Tsedeye Gebreselassie to MSNBC’s Alex Witt Sunday.

“People are not humans, they’re just machines that are working. At $7.25 an hour that’s $15,000 a year, assuming one full time job. That’s nearly not enough to support yourself, let alone a family,” said Gebreselassie, a staff attorney at the National Employment Law Project.

McDonald's, Walmart, and other big corporations posted record breaking profits over the past year—in some cases improving on their performances from before the recession.