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Crisis in Egypt deepens as political factions disagree on way forward

The political crisis in Egypt is deepening.

The political crisis in Egypt is deepening. Nobel Peace Prize winning diplomat Mohamed ElBaradei was supposed to be sworn in as prime minister, but, hours later, the appointment was quashed. The halt of his swearing in reportedly came after an Islamist party’s objections to his liberal leanings.

P.J. Crowley, former assistant secretary of state for public affairs, identified two issues at the heart of the appointment of ElBaradei as prime minister. The first is that the Peace-Prize winner is well-known to the international community. The second factor is that he does not have a strong political constituency within Egypt. These entwined issues are at the heart of the disagreement as to who should take over as prime minister.

The subversion of ElBaradei’s appointment “is a disaster and the worst possible first step for the interim government,” Crowley said. “They were only unified by their opposition to Morsi, not what they want to do when he is out of power.”