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Transcript: The ReidOut, 3/10/2021

Guest: Sherrod Brown, Olivia Troye, Uche Blackstock, Stacey Plaskett�


House gives final approval for $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill.

Biden scores big win with COVID relief package. Biden says, relief bill

provides real reason for hope. Biden is expected to sign $1.9 trillion

relief bill Friday. COVID relief passes with no Republican support.

Democratic representative destroys GOP`s only nine percent for COVID

talking point. Graham says, immigrant children could easily be terrorists.

GOP Representative Boebert ad ends with sound of gunshots. Delegate Stacey

Plaskett of U.S. Virgin Islands is interviewed.



ARI MELBER, MSNBC HOST: Thanks for spending time with us on THE BEAT. "THE

REIDOUT" with Joy Reid is up next.

JOY REID, MSNBC HOST: Good evening, everyone. We begin THE REIDOUT tonight

with a big effing deal, to use a good old-fashioned Bidenism. Today, the

House of Representative passed one of the most transformative pieces of

legislation for Americans, for workers, for working families and those in

poverty since the great society. The $1.9 trillion relief bill that was Joe

Biden`s signature campaign promise is passed. He watched. He celebrated the

historic moment, flanked by Vice President Kamala Harris.

And it is worth noting tonight, not just what this president who has been

in 50 days as of this evening has gotten done but also how he has done it,

namely with very little drama, almost no tweets and with his party pretty

much united. And while this bill isn`t perfect, it is remarkable. And it`s

hard to argue that President Biden`s steady hand hasn`t let us to a pretty

remarkable place.

We`ve seen ramped up vaccinations ahead of the 100 vaccination in 100 days

schedule, a reversal of, frankly, wicked policies like the Muslim ban,

return of the international climate accords and a commitment to get those

migrant kids reunited with their parents. And now the passage of the

American rescue plan, an unprecedented attempt to show off an economy that,

frankly, was left in a trashy inside of a flaming dumpster fire by his

feckless predecessor. I mean, today really is a big effing deal.


JOE BIDEN, U.S. PRESIDENT: This bill represents a historic, historic

victory for the American people, and look forward to signing it later this

week. Everything in the American rescue plan addresses a real need.

Together, we`re going to get through this pandemic and usher in a healthier

and more hopeful future. So there is real reason for hope, folks. There`s

real reason for hope.


REID: And, by the way, this huge bill passed with zero Republican support,

let me repeat, zero support from the TQP, meaning the Trump QAnon Party,

that loves to pretend that they are for the working class. But what`s more

and more clear is that beltway Republicans are dramatically out of step

with the rest of the country, including Republican mayors and governors who

are praising this bill. A plurality, and in some polls, a majority of

Republican voters support this bill.

And I defy you to find a single Republican who is going to turn down those

checks. Even the people who want to hate it are going to take the money. I

mean, they may donate it to Trump, but what can you do. It`s just frankly

hard to find a constituency that doesn`t like this bill except beltway

Republican, who we pay a lot of money to in salary and I guess just don`t

get home to their states much. Just listen to the minority leader of the

United States Senate, Mitch McConnell.


SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL (R-KY): Of course, the $1.9 trillion problem, as we

said repeatedly, the $1.9 trillion package, as we said repeatedly, only had

about 1 percent or less for vaccines, 9 percent or less for health care. So

I think this is actually one of the worst pieces of legislation I`ve seen

passed here in the time I`ve been in the Senate.


REID: Okay, and first of all, it isn`t a health care bill. It`s an

economic relief bill. And that 9 percent thing that you just heard

McConnell say, that has become Republicans` biggest talking point. And if

it were actually true that only 9 percent of the bill did anything to

provide relief after the pandemic, then that actually might be an arguable

point, but it`s not even true.

Here is one New York congressman Democrat, Tom Suozzi, explaining.


REP. THOMAS SUOZZI (D-NY): It`s true 9 percent, their favorite talking

point, 9 percent or $171 billion is for vaccines, testing and other health

care infrastructure, but what about the other 90 percent? $424 billion for

$1,400 stimulus checks, $350 billion for struggling state and local

governments, $246 billion for unemployment insurance, $219 billion for

children and child care so parents can return to work, a $178 billion to

help reopen schools, a $109 billion for farmers and small businesses, $28

billion for restaurants and live venues, $40 billion for renters and

homeowners who need assistance.


REID: And that`s what you voted for, right? That is the stuff that you

voted for. But wait, there`s more. Once President Biden signs this bill,

nearly 85 percent of Americans will get those $1,400 checks in the next few

weeks in the mail, there will be a $300 a week boost to unemployment

insurance if you happen to be unemployed and there`s more money, yes, for


And that`s just the stuff you`ve already heard about. In addition, did you

know that if you have children, you could get up to $3,600 per child? You

want your kids to be back in school? The bill sends $170 billion to make

that happen. Are you in college or do you have student loans? This package

makes sure that the forgiveness of your loans will be tax free. Are you an

essential construction worker or a truck driver? Your pension just got a

boost. That`s for your retirement. Do you want to buy health insurance but

you can`t afford it? This bill will make the ACA more affordable to middle

class Americans. And, finally, if you are a black farmer who has lost your

land over the years because of discrimination, this bill has set aside $5

billion for you. It`s literally the most significant piece of legislation

for black farmers since the Civil Rights Act.

President Biden is set to sign it on Friday. Then he and other

administration officials will hit the road to sell the rescue plan. And the

first stop on the Biden express, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, and that is

next Tuesday.

Joining me now is Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Chair of the Senate

Banking Housing and Urban Affairs Committee. And, Senator, thanks for being

on with us. I`ve heard you say on other shows before it even passed that

this is like some of the most important work that you, just individually as

a senator, have done. Why is that?

SEN. SHERROD BROWN (D-OH): Well, when I walked out, one, first of all, the

whole evening, the whole night we were voting hour after hour after hour

all night, and I was almost giddy, if I could use that term, sitting next

to Bob Casey. We were just in anticipation of what we were about to do.

So when I left the building to drive home, to ride home with a young man,

Andy, driving back to Ohio, which I do every week, I said on the two

reporters on the way out, this is the best day of my career, because we did

so many things.

I mean I think every person in the country is watching the Joy Reid show

and listening to you delineate all the things here in this bill. That`s why

it`s bipartisan. 60-70 percent of the public likes this bill because it`s

got so many things in there that will make the country better. It`s really

simply and it`s really the right thing. And it`s -- I would bet almost

every Democrat in the House and Senate will say it`s close to the best day

in their career.

REID: And, you know, you drive home every week. I`m glad that you said

that. Have you encountered one Republican mayor, Republican city council

person, what about the governor, Mike DeWine, in your state? Have any of

those people said, Senator Brown, no, I don`t want this money, send that

money back, we don`t want it?

BROWN: Yes, of course, not. And I do this (ph) all the time with kind of

round table formats with 10 to 20 people and just listen to their stories.

And there will be in communities, I listen to somebody from United Way that

sets up, does the earned income tax credit work in their communities or a

mayor, or a small business person or a labor advocate. And all of them

understand this will essentially lift all boats.

I have used the chart on the Senate floor this week that shows the

difference between our bill and the Republican tax cut for the rich four

years ago. And all of their money overwhelmingly went to the richest

people. We`re aiming at the middle. And we`re aiming at working families

and we`re aiming at people that are poor, we`re getting out of poverty.

And, as you said, this cuts the poverty. Think of it, you can cast a vote,

as we did on Saturday morning, and you can lift half the people in poverty

out of poverty. And the people that are in deeper poverty, it still lifts

them up in a big way. It makes their lives better. And those people were

left out. The bottom 27 percent of low-income kids were left out of the

Trump tax bill. And that`s -- for us, that was the front and center of what

we did.

REID: And you know, the point you`re making is that, you know, the $10,000

that are tax free, this is actually a tax break for people who are not

rich, which is very remarkable for a tax cut that actually this time you

can actually see it.

And I think there have been some criticisms that it`s not permanently

lifting people out of poverty. We don`t overdo it, right? But you`re right,

that in the near term a lot of people will be able to pay their rent, and

stay in their homes and take care of their kids.

There are a couple of things that are broken already.

BROWN: Can I say something --

REID: Yes, sure. Sure.

BROWN: Yes, because that`s so important. Raphael Warnock, Cory Booker and

Michael Bennet and I are organizing to this lifting people out of poverty,

cut the tax rate in half, expires at the end of the year. That`s the way

you could ride it. We are immediately, as soon as Joe Biden`s ink is dry on

his pen, we think Friday afternoon, we`re going to launch a whole effort to

make that permanent.

And how are Republicans going to oppose, they`re going to say, we`re

willing to now double the tax, double the poverty rate? I mean, and this is

something -- this is so important that we make this permanent. And it will

begin to -- it will show up. If you can cut the poverty rate among small

children, it will show up in their school, in their school grades, in their

work life, in their marriages, everything about their lives will get


REID: And, you know, just today, a couple of headlines, American Airlines

has sent a letter to 13,000 workers who have been furloughed, saying tear

up your furlough papers, you`re actually not going to be furloughed.

Louisville Public Radio, Biden`s COVID bill has been championed as a way to

like help Ohio pension, people who are still lucky enough to have pensions

through all these group pension. Even the Drudge Report, which tends to

lean conservative, and actually breaks through the bubble, put a bigger

headline of like Biden for the win with his Ray-Ban on.

I mean, it`s like I would love for you to explain to me, what Republicans,

including the other senator from your state, do they plan to run against

this bill in -- those even that they`re not running, do you think

Republicans think that they`re going to run against this bill in the

midterms? Because what I think it`s going to happen is that they`re all

going to go out and pretend that this was their bill and that they are

responsible for bringing all that money home, they`re going to try to take

credit for it.

BROWN: You may be right. They don`t know what to do. Their knee-jerk

reaction, as McConnell`s was to President Obama, stopped him from getting

reelected, block everything that he puts out there. That`s always their

knee-jerk reaction. They govern by fear and they govern by that knee-jerk

reaction. And I think they just don`t know what to do because this is so


I mean, it is a bipartisan bill, as you point out. The only Republican,

only people against it are Republican senators and Republican house

members. Their voters aren`t against it. The public is not against it. And

this is the most -- not just the best day of my career in terms of what we

deliver for the people, it`s also sometimes you vote for things like the

ACA that wasn`t particularly popular but you knew it was the right thing.

This one is easy, because it`s so popular and it`s so much the right thing.

And Biden has had this huge victory because Schumer and Pelosi held

everybody together because we all had our eye on the fact that this was

going to make the country better.

And I would even go further and say that this is the biggest -- if you take

out civil voting rights -- civil rights `64, voting rights `65, open

housing `68 and the Affordable Care Act seven or eight years ago, this the

biggest thing we`ve done since FDR, since the new deal. And this could lead

to you know, what I like to think about in `32, `34, `36, Roosevelt won

three elections in a row and changed the country for decades.

We can do the same thing here. People now understand that the way to build

democracy is make it work for everybody and that`s what we`re doing now.

And this is going to make people`s lives better and people are going to

recognize it. And we`re going to see a very different government where

people understand government actually is on their side and we`ll make it


REID: Senator Sherrod Brown, the only request I would make you guys have a

right to a high five, and do all of your happy dances for this bill.

Congratulations on the bill. Now, please go back and get rid of that

filibuster so that you can do the same on voting rights, because that is

very much needed.

BROWN: I`m with you on that. Absolutely, absolutely.

REID: Okay, thank you.

BROWN: Thanks, Joy.

REID: That would be good. All right, Senator Sherrod Brown,

congratulations. Thank you very much.

And up next on THE REIDOUT, after Joe Biden`s huge, huge legislative

victory, Republicans just desperately want to turn the page. But what`s

their message to voters? White nationalism, Dr. Seuss, insurrection, they

went for the potatoes, all of the above?

And then there`s Arkansas Governor, Asa Hutchinson, signing a bill, making

illegal for victims of rape or incest to get abortions. In fact, it`s bans

almost all abortions. The bill was pass with the hope of overturning Roe

versus Wade, giving control of a women`s bodies to men, like Hutchinson,

and Ron DeSantis, and Greg Abbott, because he doesn`t want that.

And as disgusting and misogynistic as this new law is, Governor Hutchinson,

you are not, tonight`s absolute worst. But it was close. The big reveal is

coming up, THE REIDOUT continues after this.


REID: The Republican outrage machine has been cranked up to full force,

and not just over the American rescue plan. Here is Senator Mike Lee,

condemning a bill that will make voting easier which, mind you, is the

literal definition of democracy.


SEN. MIKE LEE (R-UT): Everything about this bill is rotten to the core.

This is a bill as if written in hell by the devil himself.


REID: And then we have Lindsey Graham, who`s now attacking children, in

his fear-mongering Trump style argle-bargle about the southern border.


SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM (R-SC): Eventually, it`s going to be a national

security crisis because their children today could easily be terrorists

tomorrow. This is the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Al Qaeda and ISIS would

love nothing more than to hit us again.


REID: Lindsey, to be clear, there`s absolutely no correlation between

these migrant children and Osama Bin Laden, none. Perhaps Lindsey should be

looking to the MAGA insurrectionists if he wants to compare and contrast


But even Lindsey, well, let`s face it, at this point, is basically an

antebellum cartoon, pales in comparison to Colorado`s Lauren Boebert, who

sent a thinly veiled message to the House speaker in this creepy new ad.


REP. LAUREN BOEBERT (R-CO): And now, welcome to Fort Pelosi where

Democrats decry walls from within their own heavily guarded razor wired

wall. Democrats don`t want to protect you because they don`t care about

you. It`s time to cut the crap and remember this is the people`s house.

Madam speaker, tear down this wall.


REID: And yet it`s the children who are the terrorists? Mm-OK.

Joining me now is former Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri and my

colleague Nicolle Wallace, host of "Deadline: White House," and the host of

tonight`s special "Lives Well Lived," which is going to be airing right

here on this very network right after this show at 8:00 p.m., two the show

and my absolute favorite people.

So, I`m glad that you`re both here.

But I got to go to you first, Claire. I would normally go to Nicolle first

because of we got to talk Republicans.

But, Claire, you served in the United States on the Senate side. But what

do you make of a member of the United States House of Representatives

running an ad walking in the Capitol and ending it with gunshots?


parody of what an elected official should be.

It is the exact 180 opposite of what she should be saying. And the irony

here, Joy, the unbelievable irony, is why that razor wire is there. It is

there because people that she encouraged marched on our nation`s Capitol,

attacking police officers with American flags, trying to gouge out police

officers ` eyes, wanting to find our elected officials and hang them.

And she`s acting as if that somehow the Democrats caused this wall to go

up. This was all her people that caused this. And there ought to be some

kind of rule about using gunfire in an ad so close to calling out the

elected speaker of the House.

REID: Yes.

MCCASKILL: It makes me sick to my stomach.

REID: It comes across as a threat.

And, Nicolle, we just have been talking about it. Your show, we have talked

about it. We have been talking about it. The 1/6 insurrection was such a

trauma for the country, for everyone to watch the Capitol be besieged by

fellow Americans.

And yet you have Lindsey Graham comparing little children who are coming

across the border, terrified from war-torn countries, where they`re fleeing

gang violence and poverty, he compares them to terrorists. I have never

heard him compare those people to terrorists.

And now you have got this congresswoman who literally was on the side of

those terrorists with a gun thing in her ad. I mean -- and then we have got

McCarthy. I guess McCarthy is now going to go down and do his act at the

border and pretend that he`s also terrified of migrant children.

NICOLLE WALLACE, MSNBC HOST: It another Republican story that would be

comical if it wasn`t so dangerous to the country.

And I think you`re right to pair these two stories together. They are

focused on the threat where there isn`t one. I have spoken to former CIA

officials who were in the government at the time in 9/11. There were never

any terrorists who came over the Southern border.

But there is a real threat. The country is under a domestic terror threat

right now today, as we sit here, and it is from people who believe Donald

Trump`s big lie. And you know who repeated Donald Trump`s big lie and

helped radicalize them? All those folks you showed, I think.

So the fact that they`re worried about terrorism is hollow. And that`s

that`s a tragedy, because we do have a country that is under immediate and

urgent threat of terrorism. So said Christopher Wray, Chris Christie`s

former personal attorney, handpicked by Donald Trump to run the FBI.

And what`s so remarkable, Merrick Garland was confirmed today. Merrick

Garland is the only attorney general to amplify Christopher Wray`s concern

and sworn testimony about the threat of white supremacists as making up the

greatest and greatest threat in the domestic terrorism bucket.

Where was Bill Barr while this threat was growing? And if this were

international terrorism, and there were an A.G. who hadn`t amplified the

FBI is warning, we`d be talking about a stage four scandal. And what`s

amazing to me is that these Republicans who don`t want to clean out their

own house, when they -- sometimes people use this hyperbolically, blood on

their hands.

They have blood on their hands, five people died. Subsequently, police

officers committed suicide. It should be a wakeup call. And that it isn`t I

think requires us to figure out, why not?

REID: It absolutely does, because I feel like the two kind of things --

and for both of you -- and I will start with you, Claire, and then back to

Nicolle -- is, the two things you expect from elected officials is that

they will look after the economic health of the American people, they won`t

let you fall through the floor.

They will do something in an emergency, sort of FDR style, if things start

to crack, and the money`s all gone, right, and you can`t pay your rent and

everyone`s floundering economically, and that they will protect the

country, and that they will care about those two things.

Republicans on both of these issues have said, we have -- we want no parts

of this.

I always thought money was the best politics. You now have in Ohio one

senator who voted to save the economy, the other senator, just because he`s

a Republican, voting no. You have Roger Wicker -- Claire, you served with

these people -- vote against the bill and then tweet out, oh, my God, look

at this great money for restaurants?


REID: And he`s now trying to justify that, saying, well, I had language

for similar restaurant relief in, and it`s now law.

But he voted against it. That actually makes it worse like this was your

idea, you say, but you voted against it. I don`t understand it. So are they

going to now run against the bill in 2022?

MCCASKILL: It`s -- it`s a real political problem for them.

And it was interesting. I heard Sherrod talk about the ACA. When we voted

on the ACA, we knew we were in political trouble. President Obama knew he

was in political trouble, because it was going to take years for people to

begin to understand how ACA protected them. It eventually became popular,

but it was three, four or five years down the line.

This bill will immediately be popular because it`s going to have an

immediate impact. People are going to see it. And why the Republicans

allowed this to be a partisan exercise in terms of votes, when over 70

percent of Americans, including more than 50 percent of Republicans, wanted

this bill to pass, for the life of me, as somebody who did politics for a

long time, I don`t get the politics. I don`t get any of it.

REID: I don`t either. I don`t either.

I have been following politics since I was 12. I -- this is confounding.

And, Nicolle, the other thing that`s confounding to me is, if you`re

projecting to potential voters, I don`t want you to vote, right? If Laura

Ingraham, who is one of their reps on TV, says that the evils of a voting

reform bill would be making it easier to vote, making it easier to vote,

making it easier to vote, and making it easier to vote, anything that makes

it easier to vote, same-day registration, early voting, all the Stuff that

actually Republicans could use too, those things are bad.

Mike Lee called the idea of voting reform that would help it make it easier

to vote like straight out of hell, like the pit of hell.


REID: I feel like that`s basically saying, do to us again, what you did to

us in 2020, black voters. I don`t get it.

WALLACE: I mean, I guess what we can take from it is that it`s all laid

bare. Nothing is in the closet anymore.

The Republicans are now openly trying to disenfranchise voters. They`re

acknowledging that, the more people vote, the worse the margins for

Republicans will be. I think that what Stacey Abrams is talking about it in

making it basically noncommercial to be for voter suppression is an

important next front.

We have learned that we can`t solve some of our problems in the political

arena. There`s a disinformation structure around those folks that you just

named, and you have to pierce it where it hurts them.

The reason Mitch McConnell gave the speech -- it was called out by Claire -

- he gave the speech on the day that he acquitted Donald Trump for inciting

a deadly insurrection in which the mission statement was "Hang Mike Pence"

and the noose was erected, he voted to acquit him and then gave a speech,

because he knows that hanging Mike Pence is noncommercial.

They`re worried about corporate donors. And so Stacey Abrams trying to tie

the audacity of sort of disenfranchising anyone in America, but let`s be

blunt about what it is, it`s black and brown voters, who tend to not ever

vote for Republicans, that is the next front in this. And that`s where it

needs to go.

And any company that thinks they can give money to Republicans because

maybe they like their positions on regulations or taxes needs to understand

that they`re voting for voter suppression. And if it`s a company that has a

product, they need to, I think, understand that that product will be

associated with racist disenfranchisement of black voters.

REID: Yes. And it is not a good look. It`s a smart place for Stacey Abrams

to go.

I have to talk to you about the special, Nicolle, OK. So -- and I have told

you this before. I have belabored you with my own grief every -- at the end

of every one of your shows, you do this wonderful thing called "Lives Well


And then I put my makeup on again, because it has now all been wept off.

But it`s so important. And I love you for doing it, because it`s really

made it personal, the pandemic.

So talk about this special. What are we going to see at 8:00?

WALLACE: So, in the spring, Brian Williams and I started doing an extra

hour on the pandemic.

And we started with this incredible graphic display of the numbers of cases

and the number of deaths. And it was like a punch in the stomach. And very

early on, we started taking one of those numbers and just trying to sort of

bookend our own program with the numbers and then the people behind the


And I remember at the time thinking, this is a stopgap thing. Like, surely,

the government will take this over. The country will find a way to honor

these people who, but for COVID-19, would still be here, and but for the

government`s tragic and abysmal handling of the pandemic, they would have

had a chance to still be here and see their grandkids or see their kids.

I mean, children have died. More than 200 kids have died. So, we started

thinking that somebody else would take it over. And I think it`s amazing

that this president is comfortable in the grief of the country, in standing

in it.

But there are still unimaginable numbers of people dying of all ages. It`s

disproportionately impacted and taken the lives of folks from communities

of color. But they`re -- no part of this country has been spared, no age,

no gender, no region.

So, we have still done it. I don`t know that an hour -- I mean, I have had

the same reaction that you do. I usually fall apart afterwards. So this

will be an hour of them. We will see how I do.


WALLACE: I may reapply in all the commercial breaks.

But you`re so kind to spend some time talking about it. Thank you.

REID: Well, the blotting powder works. I`m going to text you some ideas

for blotting powder.

I had like a little...


REID: And blotting powder works.

WALLACE: I have got 30 minutes. Send them quick.


REID: I will be watching.

I am among those people of color who knows somebody, more than one person,

who has died of COVID. And we need the catharsis of talking about their

lives. And you provide that every day. It`s brilliant.

Claire McCaskill and Nicolle Wallace, you too are invaluable. Thank you so

much. Really appreciate you both.

WALLACE: Thank you.

REID: All right, you must watch that.

So, don`t miss Nicolle`s special presentation, "Lives Well Lived,"

remembering and Honoring COVID-19 victims and their families one year into

the pandemic. You do not want to miss this. This is going to be an amazing,

emotional, important hour. We need this. My heart needs this. We need this.

That is tonight 8:00 p.m. Eastern right after this show.

And still ahead on THE REIDOUT: some big moves taking place right now on

the COVID front, with huge announcements today about vaccine distribution

and availability.

Stay with us.


REID: In a major announcement today: President Biden said the U.S. plans

to buy an additional 100 million doses of the single-shot Johnson & Johnson

vaccine, a move that will dramatically increase supply.

Biden also formalized the deal he brokered between two rival pharmaceutical

giants to ensure every American has access to a vaccine by the end of May.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I have not hesitated to use my

power under the Defense Production Act to expedite critical materials in

vaccine production, such as equipment, machinery, and supplies.

The result is that we`re now on track to have enough vaccine supply for

every American adult by the end of May, months earlier than anyone



REID: That deal forged, through the Defense Production Act, equips the

drug company Merck to produce the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

In taking these bold steps, Biden is drawing a sharp contrast with his

predecessor. Rather than secure more vaccines, Florida Don actually

declined the opportunity to purchase additional doses from Pfizer last


And despite his incessant talk of the Defense Production Act, the former

president rarely ever used it to fight the pandemic, while Biden has

actually promoted vaccines, including by holding a photo up to receive both

of his doses on camera -- a photo-op to receive both of his doses on

camera, Trump insisted, well, he would just got his vaccine in secret. I

guess he was too ashamed to roll up his sleeves for the good of the

American public.

Yet, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is trying to give Trump the

credit for Biden`s leadership.

Here`s what he said while attacking the American Rescue Plan yesterday.


SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL (R-KY): Democrats inherited a turning tide .The

vaccine trends and economic trends were in place before this bill was ever

voted on, before this president was sworn in. But they`re determined to

push to the front of the parade with an effort to push America to the left.


REID: Joining now is Olivia Troye, who resigned as a senior aide on the

White House Coronavirus Task Force in the Trump administration, and Dr.

Uche Blackstock, CEO of Advancing Health Equity.

I got to ask you first to respond to that, Olivia Troye. Mitch McConnell is

trying to make it look like everything was great, and it was all on an

upward trajectory when Biden came in the door. That is not what Dr. Fauci

said. He said, we have lost half-a-million people because of what the

previous administration did.

Your thoughts on Mitch McConnell`s thoughts?


McConnell`s statement is ludicrous.

I mean, we just lost a year of fighting this pandemic with Donald Trump in

office at the time during one of the biggest crises of our generation. We

lost months. That led to over half-a-million deaths in our country, because

that man was in charge at the time. And all of us suffered for it, right,

the experts on the task force who tried to push back, people who tried to

do the right thing.

So, claiming that this is -- pushing this anti-rescue plan and claiming

that this is all glory after Trump is just preposterous. I mean, he -- yes,

they did Operation Warp Speed. They launched that. They invested in

vaccines, but they didn`t do anything to distribute them, to actually

implement the plan.

REID: And, Dr. Blackstock, what might it have meant for the death toll --

at 8:00, we`re going to have this great special Nicolle is going to do

talking about those who have been lost.

How many lives -- I mean, maybe there`s not a specific number you can put

on it -- could have been saved, if after doing Operation Warp Speed, and

these drug companies racing to get these vaccines out, if the previous

administration had just purchased a lot of them, purchased 100 million

doses, and started getting them out?

Isn`t it true that lives would have been saved?


But I just can`t help but think of, earlier in the pandemic, where we had

the prior administration undermining public health messaging, interfering

with the work of the FDA and the CDC, and there was a lack of a cohesive

national strategy on testing and mitigation measures.

And, again, 500,000 lives would have been saved. So, the vaccines would

have been the last resort. And, yes, he collaborated with these

manufacturers and gave them the funding to make these vaccines. However,

we`re in a dire situation right now.

And we still need to get the vaccines from the manufacturers into the arms

of hundreds of millions of people.

REID: Well, that`s -- you bring me to my next point. And I would love for

both of you to weigh in on this.

So, Dollar General has now stepped forward to say, OK, they can be a

distribution point for vaccines, particularly in rural places that may not

have a pharmacy or a CVS nearby. Dollar General doesn`t even have a

pharmacy in it. It`s not like Walmart that has some pharmacies in it or

giant foods, et cetera.

How big of a deal is it if we could start using big companies like Dollar

General, like in it or Giant Foods, et cetera. How big of a deal is it if

we could start using big companies like dollar general, like Walmart,

nontraditional sources of vaccination?

Dr. Blackstock, first to you, how big of a deal could that possibly be?


think it`s important. I don`t think it should be the only strategy. What

we`re seeing is that when you have community-based, hyper-local points of

distribution for the vaccine, that`s what`s most successful.

When you have trusted messengers from the community that are involved in

vaccine outreach, administration and education, that`s where we have

success. These mass vaccination sites are useful, collaborating with Dollar

General is useful. But let`s not ignore the importance of community-based

vaccination sites.

REID: I`m with you. I wish they could do them in schools. It would be so

much faster and more efficient.

Olivia, the former president put out a sort of rather thirsty statement

tonight, rather desperate. I`m not going to read it. Basically saying when

you get those vaccines, thank me -- he really wants credit for it. Is it

strange to you that someone who lied to the American people, claimed it was

going to disappear, a year ago there was like 1,000 people dead, now

there`s half a million people dead.

Is it weird that he`s trying to pop up out of his tiny hole in Florida and

wants credit for the vaccination program that Biden is doing?


been obsessed with Operation Warp Speed from day one and the vaccine. He

tried to use the vaccine a prop for his own re-election and the FDA and

others who he tried to bully wouldn`t budge because they were protecting

the lives of the American people and following that process that led to a

really safe and effective vaccine, he was mad. He was pissed off, right?

And the threatened them on social media, and he went after them on social

media. There were articles about them to every doctor and health official

that took a stand against him, he would discredit them and undermine them.

So, it doesn`t surprise me he would pop up now and try to take credit. I`m

sure he will try to fund raise on that point in the future because that`s

what Donald Trump does.

As long as it benefits his wallet and bank account numbers, that`s what he

cares about. It was never about the well-being of the people. If it would

have been about that, he wouldn`t have been doubling down on the hoax

rhetoric. He wouldn`t have been dividing the country on the mask wearing.

He wouldn`t have been telling people still a year ago from today that

everything was going to be fine, even though the task force was talking

about the fact that we were going to need to shut down the country. It says

it all about that man.

REID: To drink hydroxyquinone (ph) or take drink bleach, and shine a

light, all the stuff that he just -- just ludicrous stuff all the time

wasted, it`s shameful.

Olivia Troye and Dr. Uche Blackstock, thank you very much.

And still ahead, choosing our absolute worst. You might imagine, it`s not

as easy as it might seem. But tonight`s pick said something so outrageously

offensive and dumb, it was almost as if he was just daring us not to pick

him. Challenge accepted.

We`ll be right back.


REID: Okay. Throughout the hour, I`ve been breaking down all the ways

millions of Americans have won today with the passage of the COVID relief


I`ve also laid out how you`ve all earned the big W in the face of the

unanimous pushback from Republican lawmakers who, despite their cries of

being the party of the working class, have shown their disdain for it and

that extends far too often to black Americans, at least when it comes to

our votes but also quite often to those who try to speak up for our lives.

And that was made crystal clear by today`s hands-down winner for the title

of the absolute worst, Wisconsin Congressman Glenn Grothman, who uttered

these words on the House floor while attacking the COVID relief bill.


REP. GLENN GROTHMAN (R-WI): One of the things that has been mentioned

here, the increase in earned income tax credit for single people has a

marriage penalty in it. I bring it up because I know the strength that

Black Lives Matter had in this last election. I know it`s a group that

doesn`t like the old-fashioned family.


REID: Okay, okay, okay. Forget for a moment there was no reason to even

bring up Black Lives Matter. The movement had nothing to do with this bill

but it`s a group that doesn`t like the old-fashioned family? Really,

Congressman? It`s Black Lives Matter is fighting to get justice for the

family, including the children of George Floyd. It`s Black Lives Matter

that`s fighting to get justice for the family and the boyfriend of Breonna

Taylor who was shot multiple times by police in her own home. Maybe if she

lived, they could have started a family.

Black Lives Matter is one of the most pro-family groups because they`re

fighting and fundamentally simply saying don`t kill people`s mothers and

fathers and sons and daughters. Of course, what do you expect from a guy

who supported the thrice married, three baby mamas, alleged serial sex

assault perpetrator because a Florida man whose picture pops up when you

Google family values.

And don`t for a moment think that Grothman`s comments were left with no

rebuttal. Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett from the Virgin Islands, the House

impeachment manager, who delivered the truth against Trump, well, she

dragged the congressman until he had split ends.


DEL. STACEY PLASKETT (D-VI): How dare you say that we are not interested

in families in the black community? That is outrageous. That should be

stricken down.


REID: Congresswoman Plaskett joins me next.



GROTHMAN: I know the strength of the Black Lives Matter had in this

election. I know it`s a group that doesn`t like the old-fashioned family.

PLASKETT: How dare you? How dare you say the black lives matter black

people do not understand old-fashioned families? Despite some of the

issues, some of the things that you have put forward that I have heard out

of your mouth in the Oversight Committee, in your own district, we have

been able to keep our families alive for over 400 years and the assault on

our families to not have black lives or not even have black families.

How dare you say we are not interested in families in the black community?

That is outrageous. That should be stricken down.


REID: Joining me now is Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett of Virgin Islands,

dragging for all the world to see.

And, Congresswoman, you want to share with us what did this guy say in your

committee meeting?

PLASKETT: Oh, well, you know, if you just look Glenn Grothman, he has the

history of making remarks about, you know, welfare mamas and just -- just

very, very racist remarks throughout his time when he was even in the state

legislature in Wisconsin and then, of course, in the committee.

But as --


REID: Maybe this is -- hmm?

PLASKETT: I was going to say just like many Republicans what they used to

say in kind of coded messages no longer coded. They`re just very blatant

about what they say.

REID: Clearly, clearly. Here`s a little bit more of Glenn Grothman. Maybe

this is some of the stuff you`re talking about. Here he is attacking the

relief bills to minority farmers because who would want that?


GROTHMAN: We have loan forgiveness on farms based on ethnicity. Okay? Some

people are going to get a forgiveness. Some people aren`t. I think that`s

incredibly divisive. I think we started out with a divisive inaugural

speech right off the bat, and to go into this route is only going to create

divisiveness in America.


REID: I don`t know what he could have thought was divisive in Joe Biden`s

speech other than against racism. But, I mean, is -- you kind of got to

what I wanted to ask you. Are you seeing -- just in dealing with some of

these Republican members, that there is a lot more blatant, really ugly

talk about race and do you get a sense that the attitudes have changed and

gotten worse or that people are just more open about it?

PLASKETT: I think they`re just more open, they`re more comfortable. It

came from the divider in chief, Donald Trump, for four years. He got away

with it and so they think that this is par for the course now that they can

engage in this kind of discussion.

Even just talked about with farmers, we all know that black farmers have

been discriminated against in the time, that they have gone from farming

larger percentage of farming in America to a minuscule amount and the

support that they need has to be there to grow up our economy. This bill --

and that`s what I went to the floor about to talk about how this bill is

going to equalize things, how there was equity, how this is going to race

tens of millions of children out of poverty and you hear something like

Grothman speaking and there`s no way you cannot say something.

REID: Yeah.

Speaking of Trump, here`s audio that "Wall Street Journal" is released this

afternoon, a December call between him and the Georgia secretary of state,

state investigator, where he was urging basically them to find him more

votes. Take a look.


DONALD TRUMP, FORMER PRESIDENT: I won Georgia, I know that, by a lot, and

the people know it and, you know, something`s happened there. Something bad

happened there.

If you can get to Fulton, you are going to find things that are going to

unbelievable, the dishonesty that we have heard from them.


TRUMP: Just good sources.

WATSON: Right.

TRUMP: Really good sources. But Fulton is the motherload as the expression


Hopefully, you know, I will -- when the right answer comes out, you`ll be



REID: So, he goes right to Fulton which, of course, where black folks live

outside of Atlanta. What do you make of that as a former impeachment

manager, him begging her to go back to Fulton, go back two years and find

alleged fraud so that he could overturn the results?

PLASKETT: Sure. I think this is just an example of what we`re going to see

trickling out over a period of time moving forward. We`re hearing in

Georgia. I`m sure we`re going to get more information about what he

attempted to do in Pennsylvania, in Arizona. I`m sure that this is not

going to end.

And that`s one of the things that we were trying to speak to those senators

about was, listen, this is the evidence we have heard now but history is

going to unfold even more. And where are you going to be at the end of that

unfolding, of that revealing of who this man really was and the assault

that he was attempting to make on our democracy and on our election system?

In the same tape, you will hear him talk of course, he has to mention

Stacey Abrams.

The fact that black people organized, that they exerted their

constitutional right to vote is just something that he cannot withstand.

REID: Yeah. Well, bad news for him is that a black woman in Georgia and a

black woman in New York are both investigating him and that might not go

too well for him.

Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett, thank you so much and thank you for always

serving. We appreciate you. Serving and serving when it needs to be done.

That is tonight`s REIDOIUT.

Nicolle Wallace is next with an MSNBC special, "Lives Well Lived", which is

dedicated to remembering and honoring COVID-19 victims and their families.

It`s going to be so good. It`s going to be so cathartic. It`s so important.

We had a president who for four years ignored all of those deaths and now

we are going to get really experience the catharsis.

I am ready for it, I`m excited and it starts right now.




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