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Transcript: The ReidOut, 1/27/2021

Guest: Steve Schmidt, Nikole Hannah-Jones, Harry Reid, Daniella Levine Cava, Bernard Ashby, Luther Campbell, Gina McCarthy


DHS issues warning about domestic violent extremists. Republicans slam impeachment, say country should move on. GOP Senator Hawley complains about being silenced. Representative Greene embraces extreme right-wing conspiracy theories. Marjorie Taylor Greene harasses Parkland survivor. GOP leaders apparently unconcerned by extremists in their ranks. GOP Representative McCarthy is said to meet with Trump in Florida. Fox News hosts defend conspiracy theories and Trump. Rupert Murdoch slams awful woke orthodoxy. Miami-Dade`s wealthiest zip codes are also the most vaccinated for COVID-19. Only a few neighborhoods have vaccination rates above 10 percent, and each of them were among the county`s 20 wealthiest zip codes. Today, President Joe Biden signed multiple actions as part of his plan to combat climate change, a plan he pitched Eisenhower or FDR style, tying it directly to the goal of creating new jobs.



JOY REID, MSNBC HOST: Good evening, everyone. We begin tonight`s THE REIDOUT with a Republican Party that is increasingly divorced from reality. They claim they`re being silenced but won`t condemn dangerous conspiracy theories when they appear on national cable T.V. They call for healing but harbor extremists within their ranks and cover for them. And when it comes to the deadly attack on our Capitol, they just want to forgive and forget. Really?

Unbelievably, the Republican message as we go to air tonight is that the Capitol insurrection that left five people dead, including a cop who was beaten to death by the MAGA crowd who chanted, hang Mike Pence, and brought a noose in case they caught him, all fueled by the former president of the United States is still -- it`s not worthy of an impeachment trial.

Indeed, given the chance to vote yesterday, all but five Republican senators affirmed that they are ready to absolve the Florida retiree who apparently is still their boss of his role of provoking that deadly siege, never mind that their own lives and the lives of their young staffers were put at risk by the MAGA lynch mob. They and their right-wing allies say, don`t worry about it, we should all just move on.


SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KY): Democrats are wasting the nation`s time on a partisan vendetta against a man no longer in office.

NIKKI HALEY, FORMER U.S AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED NATIONS: I mean, they beat him up before he got into office. They`re beating him up after he leaves office. I mean, at some point, I mean, give the man a break. I mean, move on.

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM (R-SC): How easy would it be, Sean, for Joe Biden to say it is bad to impeach a president after they leave office, enough already with Donald Trump, let`s look forward?

SEN. RON JOHNSON (R-WI): It will divide. It is like opening up a wound and throwing salt in it. That is not a healing process.

SEN. TED CRUZ (R-TX): I think it is retribution, I think it is vindictive and I think it`s a waste of time. And so to coin a phrase, I think it`s time to move on.


REID: But as we`re learning today, these domestic terrorists, well, they`re not moving on, far from it. Today, the Department of Homeland Security issued an updated threat bulletin that warns of the growing risk from ideologically-motivated violent extremists who objects to the presidential transition and other perceived grievances fueled by false narrative. It says that they could continue to mobilize, to incite or commit violence. In other words, what happened just three short weeks ago on January 6th could happen again and Republicans still want to, quote, move on.

And yet, remember Benghazi? There were ten highly politicized investigations into that tragedy, in which four people died which spanned more than four years and found zero evidence of any actual scandal, even after 11 hours of testimony from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In fact, the final Benghazi probe took longer than the investigation into 9/11, which cost 3,000 Americans their lives.

Then there were the Republicans like House members Moe Brooks and Jim Jordan and Senator Ron Johnson and Ted Cruz, they sound familiar, who vowed to immediately impeach Hillary Clinton if she won the 2016 election over -- wait for it -- her emails.

And, of course, there`s the blinding hypocrisy of the old guard Republican senators who voted to let Trump off the hook yesterday. Among them, 12 were in the House or the Senate in the late 1990s and voted to either impeach or to convict Bill Clinton for lying about a sexual affair. And there`s insurrection co-ringleader Senator Josh Hawley, who led the charge to de- certify the results of the Electoral College, literally trying to cancel millions of ballots cast for Joe Biden, with his fist up there in front of that crowd.

Well, he has been complaining that his voice is being silenced, that he is being canceled by a liberal mob. But he`s been delivering that message on national television.


SEN. JOSH HAWLEY (R-MO): Sean, we`ve got to stand up and say, we will not bow down to the mob. I`m not going to be intimidated by the liberal mob.

I`m not going to be silenced. I`m not going to be canceled. I refuse to bow down to the mob and they are just literally losing their minds because I won`t do as I`m told to do.

I don`t answer to the left-wing mob and it`s time we had more people in this country who stood up and said, I`m not going to take my directions from the mob.


REID: I too have been canceled and silenced by the liberal mob and now I will continue to talk on my primetime television show.

That brings us to what is both a political problem and, frankly, a media problem. There are extremist voices inside today`s Republican Party that, as a media matter, we`d actually like to ignore. I mean, why give them any oxygen, right?

But these are no longer just fringe movements and fringe people. They have fused with the normal politics of the Republican Party. And at this point, they are coming to define the politics of the GOP itself.

That even includes people like Marjorie Taylor Greene, the newest QAnon curious Republican congresswoman from Georgia, who has embraced the same kinds of false claims that are fueling right-wing extremists. Yesterday, CNN dug up social media posts that show her support for, get this, assassinating the speaker of the House and other Democrats.

A newly uncovered post from 2018 also revealed that Greene embraced the ludicrous conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton sexually assaulted a child, filleted her face, wore her face like a mask and then drank her blood. I can`t believe I just said that.

Another video to emerge shows her harassing David Hogg, the high school survivor of the Parkland shooting, who was just 18 years old at the time of this confrontation.


REP. MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE (R-GA): If school zones were protected with security guards with guns, there would be no mass shootings at schools.

He is a coward. He can`t say one word because he can`t defend his stance, because there is no defense for taking away guns.


REID: It`s a child that she`s screaming at in the street.

Joining me now is Steve Schmidt, co-Founder of the Lincoln Project, and Nikole Hannah Jones, Pulitzer Prize-winning report for The New York Times Magazine and creator of the brilliant 1619 Project, which also sends the right into apoplectic rage every time I mention it, which is why I love mentioning.

Steve, I have to -- so what occurs to me, Steve, is that the problem with the Republican Party, your now former party, is not that whatever it is that is in their ideas base attract extremists, it`s an extremists now composed a significant portion of their ordinary voting base, right? If they cut off white nationalists and white supremacists and extremists and people who might be violent, they`re already a minority party.

So, in their mind, these people are constituents, the Proud Boys, these are constituents to wit, Kevin McCarthy who is leader of this House minority isn`t trying to rebuke Marjorie Taylor Greene, he`s putting her on committees and saying I`ll talk to her about the fruit loop stuff that she`s saying. I`ll talk to her about that. He said, I`ll talk to her about those last post. And he is on his way to go meet with his old boss, the former president in Florida, instead of tending to the needs of his constituents who need COVID relief. Am I wrong about this? The extremists are the base.

STEVE SCHMIDT, FORMER REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST: Indeed, you are not wrong. Let`s look at this. We have an autocratic cult of personality in this country that if there is an election tomorrow, its floor would be 40 percent. The leader of that movement is Donald Trump.

We saw an incited mass storm the Capitol, rip down the American flag, raised a MAGA flag, murder a policeman, kill five people, we watched that happen. But that`s not enough. You need the propagandas, the liars for prophet on Fox News, Newsmax, OAN that have poisoned these people with their lies and conspiracy theories for power, for profit.

But that`s not enough. You need the cynical elites, the people that had the country`s greatest privileges extended to them, Josh Hawley, Stanford Univesrity, Yale Law School, professor at Oxford, a clerk to the Chief Justice of the United States, Ted Cruz, Harvard University, Kevin McCarthy, who told his members it was an easy vote, it was easy to vote to disenfranchise after the votes of millions of black Americans had been certified in the states, that they would be nullified for the purposes of installing the loser into the executive branch as the president against the popular will of the people of the United States, which would have ended the American republic and its 244th year.

So, all of these elements, the financiers of it, the people that have written the checks that have grown this movement, it takes all of it. But what it is in its totally is an autocratic fascistic movement. The Proud Boys, the fascistic Proud Boys, the white supremacists, the white nationalists, the people that the neo-Nazis celebrate, wearing the Camp Auschwitz shirts, wearing the 6 Million Weren`t Enough, all of this, storming the Capitol, they are now in open alliance with them. It`s part of the coalition. They accept them as having a seat at the table. They have fused this noxious conservatism and it doesn`t believe in democracy.

Liz Cheney at this hour is the conservative leader of the House of Representatives in the Republican minority of the House conference, that`s the democratic caucus, that`s what she leads. Kevin McCarthy leads the autocracy caucus, and he`s going to Mar-a-Lago to kiss the ring of the leader of the movement. Obedience and loyalty is all that`s required. He remains in charge.

Matt Gaetz, a key McCarthy lieutenant, has declared Trump the forever leader of the Republican Party and the leader of the America First movement, like it`s antecedent, like the America First movement that preceded it 80 years ago. That movement is a fascist movement. That is an enemy of American democracy. We need to wake up and understand that.

REID: Well, and the thing is, Nikole, I mean, look, Poland has this, this sort of regurgitating fascism, Italy has had to deal with it, you have the Marine Le Pen party in France, England has had to deal with it. They were behind Brexit. South Africa has remnants of this, a lot of the white nationalists who ran that country, fled the country when Mandela was elected, but there`s still remnants of that party there, the National Party.

So it`s not like this is that unusual. But what is interesting here is that this -- and it might be true in other countries as well -- there is a clack of very wealthy people who benefit from keeping that movement alive. I want to just quickly for your -- here is Tucker Carlson, real quick, defending QAnon believers. Here he is.


TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS HOST: No Democratic government can ever tell you what to think. Your mind belongs to you. It is yours and yours alone.


REID: Now, it belongs to people who manipulate people on Facebook.

Here is Lou Dobbs, who used to be sort of a normal economics commentator. Here he is also on a Fox affiliate.


LOU DOBBS, FOX NEWS HOST: Think about it. They lost in 2008. They lost in 2012. They would have lost in 2016 and they did lose this year because the Republican Party forgot who was the true leader.


REID: Who the real leader is, the true leader, the true leader. You Have Rupert Murdoch who has a whole industry built around this saying -- calling rigidly enforced conformity, aided and abetted by so-called social media, is a straight jacket on sensibility. Too many people have fought too hard, too many places, blah, blah, blah, freedom of speech, freedom of speech. I mean, you have an industry, the mercers who are funding Parler.

I could go on and on. Nancy MacLean writes about this in Democracy in Chains. Aren`t we trapped in this vicious cycle, Nikole, because there are people who truly believe it and there are people who make money off of it?

NIKOLE HANNAH-JONES, REPORTER, THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE: Absolutely. And I just have to say, this is not new in the Republican Party. I have only ever known in my entire life this Republican Party. Ronald Reagan starts his campaign in Neshoba County on states` rights. Neshoba County, of course, is where three civil rights workers were murdered fighting for black people to have voting rights and democracy in Mississippi. This is the party of (INAUDIBLE). This is the party of Mitch McConnell posing in front of a confederate flag. It`s a party of birtherism, of the Muslim ban, of accusing Barack Obama of being a Muslim. It`s the party of voter suppression.

So I`m somewhat -- I won`t say shocked. But it is interesting to watch all the people trying to now separate themselves from that element of the Republican Party that`s been the only Republican Party I have ever known and I`m 44 years old. There`s always been an acceptance of that fringe element, of that white resentment politics, as necessary. And that`s not saying every Republican is racist but they certainly were willing to overlook racism or get in bed with racist to pass whatever larger agenda that they were interested in.

So we shouldn`t be surprised about being here. If you look at back in the 1960s, the KKK and the White Citizen`s Council were after the same thing. The White Citizen`s Council, however, got upset when the KKK would get so violent that it would bring down heat and kind of no longer allow that plausible deniability. That`s where we are right now.

What we saw on January 6th, what Donald Trump has done, is he has removed that veneer respectability from a party that has long been the party of white resentment, that has long signaled white resentment. So this is what we have now.

And this is a party that has not sought to expand democracy, that, again, I`m 44 years old, as long as I can remember, sought to restrict democracy, sought to pass voter suppression laws, sought to make voting more difficult for black people, brown people. So what we saw with this election now this distancing and saying, oh, now we see this party trying to overturn black voters, that happened under Obama, that happened in 2016, that happened with Shelby. This is not new.

REID: And the thing is -- and, first of all, it`s fake news. You`re not 44. I don`t believe you. Black don`t crack, the other thing we will disclose the end of this evening. But, Stew -- I mean, I`m sorry, I called you Stewart because I want to mention Stewart. Steve, we`ve had this conversation back and forth. I have with Republicans. This is the creep, right?

I mean, Nikole is actually right. 12 years after the death of MLK, that`s when Reagan did his states` right speech. That was a dozen years after King was dead. And the Democrats have had this too in the past, full disclosure. Democrats used to have them in their party. And this white interests party politics has jumped from the Dixiecrats into the GOP. And someone like Reagan who was smart about politics was like, I need those people, right? There are moments when the parties have each said I need those people. Isn`t this just sort of the natural outgrowth of saying, we`re not going to cut those people off, because even the QAnoners, they get us to a plurality, we`re keeping them.

SCHMIDT: Well, I think it`s unfair to compare Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump and impose Ronald Reagan into this moment in time. I think that that announcement in Mississippi and I think that other aspects are a shame on his legacy when it comes to race relations. But the fact of the matter is, in this moment in time, it is not the case that it has ever happened before what happened on the night of January 6th.

Even at the height of Jim Crow, there was never an action by the United States Congress to assert a power that, after the fact, after votes were counted in a certified election, and those were largely black votes, that those votes can be discarded, that they could be nullified by vote of the Congress. That`s the principle that 147 white members rose in defense of. And that`s the question that --

REID: We`re -- no, you`re absolutely right. We`re out of time. It`s a great debate. But I would argue that we`ve had moments like that in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we`ve had moments like that in North Carolina. For black folks, we`ve had moments like that going all the way back to when we finally struggled and got the right to vote. But I do think that it is fair to say that Donald Trump took it to a different level and turned it into a cult. I don`t think there`s ever been a cult personality like Trump. I think we can all agree on that. But it`s a great conversation. I think we need to keep having it.

Steve Schmidt, Nikole Hannah-Jones, thank you both, I really appreciate you.

Up next, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell -- speaking of the guy who stood in front of the confederate flag and said, I love Dr. King, at some point, he took a long, long time to admit that Joe Biden won the election, a long time. Now, he`s doing his level best to block everything that 81 million Americans voted for. So what does that mean for the Biden agenda?

Former Senate Majority Leader, I`m so excited about this, Harry Reid himself joins me next.

Plus, Florida`s COVID disaster, its vaccine rollout infested with inequity and incompetence. We will ask what (INAUDIBLE) when the Miami-Dade mayor, Dr. Ashby and Uncle Luke (ph) himself join THE REIDOUT. Don`t go anywhere.


J. REID: The Democrats control both houses of Congress, as well as the White House, which should, in theory, allow President Biden to advance his legislative priorities of getting another $1,400 into your bank account, as the pandemic rages on.

Well, not so fast. For the Democrats to enact their agenda on, say, the economy or health care or climate change, they have to get the Republicans to limit their use of the filibuster, the 60-vote supermajority requirement to move most legislation.

One Grim Reaper stands in their way, proving that a slow-walker never changes his shell.


SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL (R-KY): If the Democratic majority were to attack the filibuster, they would guarantee themselves immediate chaos. Destroying the filibuster would drain comity and consent from this body to a degree that would be unparalleled in living memory.


J. REID: Joining me now is former Senator and former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, who I would argue -- I`m not biased because of his last name -- is one of the greatest Senate majority leaders that we have ever had.

Senator, thank you so much for being here.

FMR. SEN. HARRY REID (D-NV): My pleasure.

J. REID: So, your former deputy chief of staff Adam Jentleson, of whom I`m a big fan, he wrote in "The New York Times" that: "The supermajority threshold now associated with the filibuster emerged in the Jim Crow era, when Southern senators used it to stop civil rights, and only civil rights legislation."

That happens to be true.

The clinging to the filibuster by this particular Southern senator, Mitch McConnell, in your view, is there anything about it that is honestly about moderating legislation? Or is he just playing games? You dealt with him. Is he just playing games to try to destroy the presidency of whatever Democrat is in office?

H. REID: Mitch McConnell got the name Grim Reaper because he deserved it.

He is somebody who has killed so much legislation. He`s turned the Senate into a manufacturing site for judges. That`s all he did during the time that he was in power.

It is too bad. I think it is -- and I have written op-ed pieces. I let anyone who will listen to me, I tell them that -- not a question if the filibuster is going to go away. It`s only a question when it`s going to go away.

You cannot have a democracy and it takes 60 percent of the vote to get anything done.

J. REID: Yes.

H. REID: The filibuster is going to go away. It is nothing that helps the country. It doesn`t help states. It doesn`t help individuals. It is on its way out. It`s a question of when it goes.

J. REID: And you did take action as senator majority leader to nuke the filibuster at least for the Cabinet -- I mean, the Cabinet nominees for President Obama were being held up. They were holding up judges at the federal level. They were holding up everything.

H. REID: Joy, we -- they...

J. REID: You nuked it for everything except Supreme Court justices, and then -- go on.

H. REID: They filibustered for the first time in the history of the country the secretary of defense. The secretary of defense was a Republican senator, Chuck Hagel from Nebraska.

They filibustered everything they could, including -- they couldn`t go after unions head on, so they went after the National Labor Relations Board.

So, the reason I changed the rules, with help of my Democratic Caucus, is because it`s the only way we could get it done. As a result of that, Obama`s first term as president during one of the Congresses -- his first Congress, it is the most successful Congress in the history of the country.

Had we not done that, we would not have Obamacare. We would not have the most important and clear-cut change in Wall Street in the history of the country, the Dodd-Frank bill, to get Lilly Ledbetter to put women pay -- being paid the same as men. We did wetlands bill.

So, I -- people said, Reid shouldn`t have done that.

I did that because it was good for the country, and, as I look back, one of the best things I ever did.

J. REID: Yes.

H. REID: And to show how shallow the Republicans are, what did they do the first -- I had it so that it took a supermajority to approve a Supreme Court justice. First chance they get, they reduced it to a simple majority. So, they are insincere.

J. REID: Yes.

H. REID: And the Grim Reaper has his name that he deserves.

J. REID: Would you recommend that Democrats push to add two more states so that they have more voting power, meaning Puerto Rico, if they vote for it, and the District of Columbia?

H. REID: Joy, I have been -- when I first came to the Senate those many, many decades ago, I was -- I stated publicly that I was in favor of D.C. becoming a state.

And, as years went on, I said, I have no problem with Puerto Rico being a state. But I have been for statehood for D.C. forever. And how can we, as a country, have the federal enclave treated differently than the other 50 states? It`s not -- it`s not right.

J. REID: Yes.

You -- when you presided over the United States Senate, there was a Tea Party that came along as a result, in my view, of the black president being in the White House. And there was a lot of race mixed up in that.

Now it`s QAnon and really bizarre people that the Republican Party is beholden to. What would you do? How would you deal with a Republican Party that`s got that and insurrectionists in it, if you were majority leader now?

H. REID: Well, the -- when Obama was elected, McConnell and his Republicans met together, and they came up with two things. Number one, Obama would never serve a second term. They failed miserably at that.

The second thing they decided to do is oppose everything that he tried to do. And they stuck with that. That`s for sure. And, as a result of that, we had to change the rules. I`m so happy we did. As a result of that, Barack Obama will go down as having the most successful Congress in the history of the country. Barack Obama changed the world. And I`m glad that I had a little bit to do -- help him do that.

J. REID: I think you had more than a little bit to do with it, Senator.

My final question, so, if you had a vote, you would say nuke the whole filibuster right now?

H. REID: The filibuster is going away. It`s not a question if. It`s a question of when.

The filibuster is nondemocratic. It has been used to the disarray of the Congress. And, certainly, it hasn`t been anything that has helped -- been helpful to the American people. It`s got to go.

J. REID: Former Senator Harry Reid making it plain, as always.

We miss you out here in public life, sir. Thank you very much. We really, really appreciate your time tonight.

Thank you. OK. Bye-bye.

And still ahead, that was a -- that`s a great man right there.

Still ahead: The state of Florida provides a chilling example of how the COVID crisis should not be handled. Oh, you`re going to want to see this. We`re talking Florida.

Don`t go anywhere.


J. REID: In a reversal from the previous administration, Americans are once again hearing from the country`s top health experts on the fight against the pandemic.

The White House COVID response team held its first public briefing this morning, promoting their efforts to expedite vaccinations, while warning that the crisis could get worse before it gets better.


DR. ROCHELLE WALENSKY, CDC DIRECTOR: Our case rates remain extraordinarily high. And now is the time to remain vigilant.

If we continue on the current trajectory, the CDC`s most recent national ensemble forecast predicts that 479,000 to 514,000 COVID-19 deaths will be recorded by February 20, 2021.

ANDY SLAVITT, SENIOR WHITE HOUSE ADVISER FOR COVID RESPONSE: We are taking action to increase supply and increase capacity. But, even so, it will be months before everyone who wants a vaccine will be able to get one.


J. REID: And with no prior national strategy, the vaccine rollout has proven to be a challenge across the country.

And, of course, if you are Florida`s governor, Ron DeSantis, well, then, according to him, you have done everything perfect, everything right, and the only problem is coming to the federal government, at least now that it`s in the hands of Democrats.

Well, that doesn`t explain why the rollout there included hundreds of senior citizens sleeping outside overnight in lines, hoping for a vaccine, thousands of Floridians across the state finding their vaccine appointments canceled, and at least one Florida nursing home choosing to give doses meant for its residents to wealthy donors instead.

And while Florida has administered nearly 1.5 million vaccinations, when you break down the numbers of who has actually been vaccinated, it shows the cruel truth of the racial inequity that DeSantis has allowed in that state.

And that is next.


J. REID: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is calling his state`s vaccination efforts a big success, with almost 1.5 million doses administered.

What he fails to acknowledge is that only 73,000 of those doses were administered to black Floridians. That`s less than 5 percent of vaccines going to a demographic that makes up 17 percent of the state population.

DeSantis has also applauded his partnership with supermarket chain Publix. But of the 20 counties with Publix stores that are administering the vaccine, 16 of them have a larger percentage of white population compare today the state as a whole. And only three of those counties is the black population larger.

Joining me now is Mayor Daniella Levine Cava of Miami-Dade County, Dr. Bernard Ashby, friend of the show and Miami-Dade`s vascular cardiologist, and Florida state`s lead for the Committee to Protect Medicare, and Luther Campbell, legendary hip-hop icon and entrepreneur and founder of Luke records who gave us the incomparable rap group, the two live crew.

Thank you all for being here.

I want to start with you Madam Mayor, Miami-Dade County has had nearly 162,000 vaccinations but only 10,620 of those have been black Miami-Dade residents. I want to alert you to this "Miami Herald" headline, Miami- Dade`s wealthiest zip codes are also the most vaccinated for COVID-19. Only a few neighborhoods have vaccination rates above 10 percent, and each of them were among the county`s 20 wealthiest zip codes.

What`s going on?

MAYOR DANIELLA LEVINE CAVA (D), MIAMI-DADE COUNTY: So, the majority of this vaccination is going on at state-run sites. Only a small percentage has come directly to the county. And Jackson Memorial Hospital has launched a specific effort to eradicate that difference. And they moved up to 11 percent of the vaccinated people and they`re heading to 17 percent, which is our countywide population.

So, we`ve been working with them and identifying community organizations, church groups, others that can sign people up directly to make sure that we have a more equitable -- but the early stages of this rollout were all about just speed and, you know, that speed doesn`t cut it. When you go for speed, you`re going to get people who have better access to the Internet, better access to the hospitals and, obviously, this is not the way to build an equitable rollout.

REID: But is it -- was it originally based on speed? Because it seems to me that I`ve heard stories, you know, on local networks and on some other cable networks about senior citizens in Palm Beach driving down to go to Jackson Memorial to get vaccinated, people skipping the line yet, leaving their counties to come to Miami-Dade.

And I`ve also heard some disturbing stories about wealthy people being able to jump the line ahead of even people who are in nursing homes. Is this a case where in Florida, you can buy the vaccine easier than you can get it if you are poor or underserved?

CAVA: Yeah, I can only tell you, Joy, that at the county sites, nothing like that was going on. We had a small portion of the vaccine. It was highly, highly, you know, regulated to be fair.

Now, there`s rules, only Florida residents. We had also vaccine tourism going on. People promoting it in foreign countries to fly in for a special package before we were allowed to ask for residency. So, now, we`re looking at do people actually live in Florida and that`s an important part of the equation, too.

REID: Let me go to you -- to the doctor here, Dr. Ashby. Just as a clinician, how severe is -- let`s just be honest -- the screw-up in the state of Florida and whose fault is it?

DR. BERNARD ASHBY, CARDIOLOGIST: Hello, Joy. As a proud Florida boy, it`s an honor to be on with Uncle Luke who grew up on dancing at the packed jam. Yeah, I`ll leave it there.

But listen, the entire pandemic from start to finish has been mishandled and Governor DeSantis has shown a clear pattern of choosing the big business and profits over people`s lives. And Mayor Cava mentioned the issue of vaccine tourism. I mean, that was incredibly disrespectable to the Floridians who live here, because you had tourists actually coming here, skipping the line, above -- before actual Floridians.

And so, that issue among others indicates a pattern where our leaders were choosing profits over the people. And basically, you know, this is a time for us to have a fundamental reckoning with the health care system and our country where we need to understand that folks who are marginalized, folks who are dying at the highest rates need to get resources allocated to them. And, you know, we talk about black lives matter in the context of criminal justice. And if folks only knew what goes on in the health care system, they will understand that black lives don`t matter in the health care system and that needs to change.

REID: You know, and, Uncle Luke, thanks for being on.

We`re hearing stories outside of Florida and has somebody who lived there for 14 years, it`s alarming to me, because I hear from friends of mine that the vaccine is being targeted to places like palm beach, where the former president lives, where a lot of wealthy former New Yorkers have moved, it`s being targeted toward rich counties that are very white counties, and that the governor is basically using the vaccine as sort of political patronage.

What are you hearing on the ground and what concerns you the most?

LUTHER CAMPBELL, RAPPER, PRODUCER & RECORD EXECUTIVE: What concerns me the most is just like I said, it`s a failed system. They had no plan in place. They -- I mean, when you have commissioners and you have mayors and you have the governor just -- let`s use Publix, for example, what you just rolled out.

There`s no Publix in the black community. When you roll out a plan, you have no intentions of targeting African-Americans. And if there`s any kind of rollout in Miami-Dade County, you can`t have 2 percent of African- Americans in on African-Americans being vaccinated when you have over 51 percent of whites getting the vaccination.

It is an overall problem. If the governor gives Miami-Dade County a hundred vaccines, what do you do with them? What do you make sure you do with them?

You go into the hardest-hit areas. You don`t go and put out a fire, you don`t go and put out and fire, and put water around the fire. You go directly to the fire.

And where is the most hardest hit people? Our people, our seniors.

These elected officials, they can get on -- they can get on the phone and do robocalls to our seniors, they know where they`re at, when it`s time to get the new vote. But all of a sudden, nobody can find the seniors, which is -- which is a travesty right now that is going on in Miami.

It`s everybody. It`s Miami, the state of Florida. And there are systems that work. Nobody wants to hear the system.

In Maryland, there`s a system called myVax, they`re using it. In St. Louis, they`re using myVax. It works.

I mean, the problem is, is that government don`t want to come together and everybody don`t want to face the facts that they just screwed it up.

REID: And, you know, Madam Mayor, it`s a good question, there`s a limited number of vaccines that are given out. Why aren`t those vaccines being targeted directly through black churches, to senior citizens. I could name half a dozen of them in Miami-Dade County alone?

CAVA: So, actually, the state has started doing that as well as Jackson. That`s not how it started and we have to make up for lost time. Clearly this was done in a way that was not conscious of the needs for equity. But we -- that`s what we need to do. And that is in fact what is happening.

We`re working through non-profit organizations. We`re working through the churches and we added the telephone. Everybody has got the telephone now so you don`t have to rely on the computer.

But really, we started in Miami-Dade County with our public housing senior residents. We have a mobile service, we went to them. These are people that were not going online or making calls. These are the most vulnerable, the poor residents of Miami-Dade County that were under our supervision. With the limited supply we had, we prioritized them.

REID: Sure.

Is that -- is that the way you`ve seen it, Dr. Ashby? Is that how it feels to you?

ASHBY: Well, I can actually attest to that. In my practice in particular, my black patients, the only ones that actually got the vaccines were through the church because if you called Jackson, if you call any of the hotlines, they cannot get through at all. And so, you know, we have to get past the fact that there`s vaccine hesitancy. Once I educate them, we deal with the issue of access. And that`s a real travesty.

But I appreciate Mayor Cava for targeting those populations and getting the vaccine to them, but we have to do better.

REID: We have to go.

Uncle Luke, can you call the governor? He does talk to famous people even if they`re people of color. So, I hope you give him a call and maybe he`ll take your call since you`re a famous person.

Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava --


REID: He won`t take your call. Dr. Bernard Ashby, Luther Campbell, thank you all. Appreciate you all.

Up next, adults who actually believe in science are finally back in charge of America`s climate response. The first White House national climate adviser ever, Gina McCarthy, joins us next.



JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Today is climate day at the White House, and which means that today is jobs day at the White House. In my view, we`ve already waited too long to deal with this climate crisis and we can`t wait any longer. That`s why I`m signing today an executive order to super charge our administration`s ambitious plan to confront the existential threat of climate change. It is an existential threat.


REID: Today, President Joe Biden signed multiple actions as part of his plan to combat climate change, a plan he pitched Eisenhower or FDR style, tying it directly to the goal of creating new jobs.

The actions include elevating climate change to a national security priority, suspending new leases for natural gas and oil development on federal lands and water, and directing the government to rely on science -- think about that -- in their decision making. It`s a 180 degree turn from the science-denying previous administration which rolled back more than 100 environmental protections directly damaging the planet.

And joining me now, Gina McCarthy, White House national climate adviser and former EPA administrator.

Congratulations on your new job. It`s very important for the planet. You know, I always feel like if aliens ever really exist and come and attack us, it`s because we destroyed the planet, that that would be our punishment, right?

So, talk about where we`re starting. How much damage was done over the last four years?

GINA MCCARTHY, WHITE HOUSE NATIONAL CLIMATE ADVISOR: Oh, it`s been -- it`s changing the way in which we live and we have to protect ourselves. We can all see it. It`s very easy to see from the hurricanes and the forest fires. But it doesn`t mean we stop there and say, well, this damage happened and let`s give it up.

I mean, this is about recognizing that climate change is the existential challenge. It is the public health challenge of our time. And right now, people are hurting so desperately from COVID-19, from all the economic devastation that that`s brought to us, and it`s also all about look at who is getting hurt the most.

So we have an opportunity here on climate if we start acting today, which is what that executive order was about, bringing the whole of the federal government to the table to say, we are going to do better. We are going to build back better. We`re going to invest in infrastructure that`s going to grow jobs.

We`re going to build a civilian climate -- what do we call it? Civilian climate corps so we can move and get youth out into our communities, making sure we`re adapting and being resilient, and making sure that our forests are managed and trying to cut back on those forest fires.

We are going to invest real money in environmental justice communities because if you`re a person who has been looking at managing pollution and cutting it all her life, you would see who is most at risk and it`s the same communities that are at risk of COVID-19, and now in the crosshairs of climate change.

It`s the marginalized, disinvested in, overburdened communities that have been systemically damaged by racism. And this is our moment, Joy. This is our moment to bring all those crises together and actually tackle it at the depth and breadth that science is telling us.

REID: Well, and you know, you look at the list of things that were included in this action today. You know, directing federal land and government to conserve at least 30 percent of federal lands, suspending new leases for gas and oil, directing federal agencies to rely on science, et cetera, it sounds a lot like the Green New Deal.

Our own Geoff Bennett reported today, he noted that, you know, it`s not the green new deal in name, but those like AOC who have been pushing for that, they said make it about jobs. Make it about employing people and finding people who dug for coal and saying we`ll switch you over into these great new paying jobs.

Isn`t this essentially kind of the next step of the Green New Deal?

MCCARTHY: Well, they both share an essential truth. They both focus on the science. They both look at the reality of the climate threat, and they both then turn and say, how do we turn this into an opportunity to build the kind of future we want to hand to our children.

So there is definitely a commonality. And the great thing about President Biden was during his campaign he brought unity task forces together. I was on one with AOC. And we worked together to find common ground.

That`s what he`s asking this country to do now. Let`s think big, let`s be bold.

REID: Yeah.

MCCARTHY: Let`s not think about the past. Let`s think about the future. Let`s be hopeful again. And for crying out loud, respect the science.

REID: And, you know, I don`t know if you`ve seen these ads where the Keystone XL people are trying to glom onto you all and they`re using Build Back Better as their slogan, too.

Do you expect a fight from companies like them? Or is there some way you`re going to try to incorporate them?

MCCARTHY: Well, I think the real trick here is to recognize that we are in a transition, but we really don`t want to leave workers behind. The whole idea is to grow jobs in communities where people need them and to grow clean energy jobs that are, that are both good-paying and union access jobs, so that we can bring everybody around.

It`s not just the environmental justice communities or the urban areas that we`re thinking about. It`s really about all those communities that are experiencing difficulties with the shift already from clean energy. And so we need to make sure that there`s a place for them. There`s a job for them. If you look in this, we don`t just do a core of program for young people.

We look at putting miners and others whose jobs may not any longer be there now because of shifts by nature, clean energy is great for us, it`s cheaper so it`s shifting. But they need a place to go and we`re looking at opportunities for them in oil and gas fields, to close the mines that have been left behind, to close the wells that were never closed.

REID: Sure, yeah.

MCCARTHY: They`re spewing pollution all the time. Use the skill sets. Keep them at home. Have their identity intact.

REID: Well, I wish, I wish we had lots more time.

Gina McCarthy, you`re great. I endorse that cool Rachel Maddow hair cut that you got there, too. Thank you so much for being here. Congrats on the new gig.

That is tonight`s REIDOUT.

Don`t go anywhere, though, because as we just mentioned, AOC will be on with Chris Hayes. She`s our first lead up guest. Let`s get right to it.

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