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The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 10/10/2016

Guests: Maria Teresa Kumar, Rick Tyler, Charlie Cook, Elise Jordan, Joshua Manning, Khizr Khan

Show: THE LAST WORD WITH LAWRENCE O`DONNELL Date: October 10, 2016 Guest: Maria Teresa Kumar, Rick Tyler, Charlie Cook, Elise Jordan, Joshua Manning, Khizr Khan

  RACHEL MADDOW, MSNBC HOST:   That does it for us tonight, we will see you again, tomorrow, now, it`s time for THE LAST WORD with Lawrence O`Donnell, good evening, Lawrence.

LAWRENCE O`DONNELL, MSNBC HOST:  Rachel, that`s so unfair.

MADDOW:  I know.

O`DONNELL:  You know as I sit here, I can only hear your audio, I can`t see what`s happening on your screen.  It`s so unfair tonight --

MADDOW:  It was --

O`DONNELL:  So unfair -- 

MADDOW:  It was a very serious thing, I have to tell you.  If you`d seen the visuals, it would be just very sober, sorry.

O`DONNELL:  It was a wicked funny without the visuals.


Thank you, Rachel --

MADDOW:  Thank you, Lawrence, thanks, man --

O`DONNELL:  Well, last night, Donald Trump was offered yet another chance to apologize to the parents of Captain Humayun Khan who was killed in Iraq.

And once again, Donald Trump didn`t do it, instead, he said Captain Khan would be alive today if Donald Trump had been president then.  Captain Khan`s father will join us with his response.

And we will also be joined by an army veteran who served with Captain Khan in Iraq.  But first, the biggest thing that the political media chose to pretty much ignore about last night`s debate, and it was also the single strangest, most inexplicable thing that we have ever seen or heard in a presidential debate.


HILLARY CLINTON (D), PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE:  Did anybody see that debate last night?! You never saw anything like that before.

DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE:  She was flabbergasted, I can tell you.


CLINTON:  When he was pressed about how he behaves, he just doubled-down on his excuse.

TRUMP:  This was locker-room talk.

CLINTON:  A really weak excuse.


CLINTON:  It`s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country.

TRUMP:  Because you`d be in jail.


AUDIENCE:  Lock her up! Lock her up!

TRUMP:  Special prosecutor, here we come, right? 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Winning candidates don`t threaten their opponents with jail time.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  House Speaker Paul Ryan telling his colleagues on a conference call he won`t defend Donald Trump anymore.

JOHN OLIVER, COMEDIAN & TELEVISION HOST:  He alone did not make himself your party`s nominee. 


All of you have consistently supported him, who`s been absolutely hanging a --

TRUMP:  You knew damn well, I was a snake before you took me in.



O`DONNELL:  Nothing brings out the west in the political news media quite like a presidential debate.  Now, I`d like to say that the political news media`s dirty little secret is that most of them don`t care about policy.

But that`s just too obvious, and it`s been too obvious for too long, so it isn`t really any kind of secret at all.  Most of the media covering campaigns do not care about candidates` positions on the issues.

They only care about polls and performance, on-stage performance.  And they care about those things more than policy for a very simple human reason, something we`re all guilty of.

It`s much easier to care about polls and performance.  It doesn`t require any homework at all.  No studying the intricacies of tax policy or international trade or the exact locations of possible no-fly zones in Syria.

You can just sit back and watch the debate and judge it on performance skills, not content.  That is, of course, not fair to whatever percentage of voters care more about policy than performance.

And it`s not fair to candidates who care more about policy than performance.  But the media in favor of judging -- the media bias in favor of judging performance over policy was worse than ever last night, because the media rigged the judging standards for the debate.

The performance judging standards, they rigged them, even at the most superficial level.  They rigged them at the performance level. 

The media spent 48 hours since Friday night when Donald Trump was heard on videotape admitting to sexual assault, lowering expectations for Donald Trump`s debate performance.

And by the time the debate started, the media had set their expectations for Donald Trump so low that the only way he could possibly have met those low expectations would be to greet Hillary Clinton the way he told Billy Bush he greets women.


TRUMP:  And when you`re a star, they let you do it, you can do anything.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Whatever you want.

TRUMP:  Grab them by the --


You can do anything.


O`DONNELL:  Donald Trump exceeded most of the political media`s expectations by sounding better than that.  By not using any slang terms for the female anatomy and not describing any methods he would use to assault women.

And so, for the political theater critics, Donald Trump, "did what he had to do".  That`s their favorite values-free judgment of a candidate. 

That kind of language allows them to feel dispassionate about their analysis, that the candidate who on Friday was heard bragging about sexual assault had a good night at the debate.

And here is the truly, deeply weird thing about that last night.  Something we have never seen or heard before at a presidential debate happened last night, and it was virtually ignored by the political theater reviewers.

And what is so profoundly weird about that is that it was not a policy item.  It was not something complicated.  It was something purely superficial.  It was something perfectly suited to their analysis of atmospherics and performance skills.

It was simply the worst failure in the performance skills category that we have ever seen at a presidential political debate. 

And remember, this is the same political media that got hysterical in 1992 when President George H.W. Bush checked his watch at a town hall.

They all agree that moment alone meant that President Bush lost that debate.  If that`s enough to lose a presidential debate, what is this?




O`DONNELL:  What is it? Now, I`ve never heard a rhino up close, but maybe they sound like that when they`re napping.  I`ve heard farm animals that make noises like that.

Pigs sound like that sometimes, but not exactly like that.  Those are sounds I`ve never heard before from a human or animal source.  I`ve never heard those sounds anywhere.  And no one has ever heard those sounds in a presidential debate until last night.




O`DONNELL:  And that is but a tiny fraction of the number of times Donald Trump made those noises during the debate.  Everyone who said Donald Trump did well in the debate based that judgment not on policy, remember, they based it entirely on performance.

And everyone who says Donald Trump performed well in the debate ignored the strangest sound we have ever heard in a debate, ever. 

Now, I know everything I`ve said about the debate so far is superficial, but if we`re going to judge a debate on the superficial stuff, on the performance stuff, how can you possibly ignore this?




O`DONNELL:  Imagine, once again, just imagine if Hillary Clinton had made a sound like that once, just once.  The Trump campaign would be insisting today that she`s dying of emphysema or that she`s a cokehead.

The political media would be wondering what`s wrong with her.  Imagine if Barack Obama had ever made those noises or Mitt Romney or anyone who`s ever been on the presidential debate stage.

That`s all the political theater critics would have been talking about.  But the deviancy of the Trump candidacy is so extreme that the news media has twisted its own analytical tools to conform to this twisted candidacy.

And so they actually found a way of saying Donald Trump performed well.  Exceeded expectations.  America didn`t see it that way. 

A real scientific poll found that 57 percent of debate watchers said Hillary Clinton won the debate, and 34 percent said Donald Trump won the debate.

A new Nbc News-"Wall Street Journal" poll shows that Hillary Clinton went into the debate last night with a commanding lead over Donald Trump. 

This poll was taken over the weekend between the time that video emerged of Donald Trump on the bus in Hollywood and the debate, between those two events.

It shows the Trump campaign in free fall.  It shows Donald Trump as a candidate with nothing to lose when he took the debate stage last night, because he already lost.

So, Donald Trump had nothing at stake last night, Hillary Clinton did, the presidency.  The presidency is hers tonight, assuming she can run out the clock between now and November 8th without Trump scoring any points against her.

And so she did what a professional would do, she played it safe in the debate last night, realizing that she didn`t have to reach for a knockout punch against a candidate who was already knocked out.

Joining us now with their perspectives, Rick Tyler, Msnbc political analyst and former national spokesperson for the Cruz campaign. 

Also with us, Maria Teresa Kumar; president and CEO of Voto Latino and an Msnbc contributor.  Maria Teresa, the theater critic aspect of debate stuff obviously drives me a little crazy. 


But I was stunned that in all the theatrical analysis, very few words spoken about the one thing that seemed to have been left out of Trump debate prep, and that is how to breathe.

MARIA TERESA KUMAR, PRESIDENT, VOTO LATINO:  Well, not only how to breathe, but also this idea that the moment Hillary got into space, he almost then seemed like a caged animal and he started pacing back and forth.

It was interesting that for whatever reason, Twitter has been an incredible avenue of bringing in new voices.  And last night after Trump was telling Muslim Americans to see what -- to basically -- to basically say what they see, a hash tag was created and it literally said Muslims see this.

And then the kicker was someone is watching you, Hillary.  And it was -- really tore through the internet because it was one, very funny.  But two, it was this idea of -- is anybody else watching how close his proximity is?

He looks like a caged bull.  And you`re right, there was very little analysis on that point.

O`DONNELL:  Let`s listen to what Donald Trump said today about the possibility of more damaging video coming out against him.


TRUMP:  I was getting beaten up for 72 hours on all the networks for inappropriate works 12 years ago.  Locker-room talk, whatever you want to call it.  But I said to myself, wait a minute, and I just saw very inappropriate words.

But Bill Clinton sexually assaulted innocent women, and Hillary Clinton attacked those women viciously.  One of them said more viciously than he attacked them.


If they want to release more tapes, saying inappropriate things, we`ll continue to talk about Bill and Hillary Clinton doing inappropriate things. There are so many of them, folks, you -- 


O`DONNELL:  Rick Tyler, when the candidate is up there saying in effect, predicting by saying if they want to release more tapes -- that sounds like someone who knows more tapes are coming.

RICK TYLER, POLITICAL ANALYST:  It seems like they are.  I mean, as you know, Lawrence, usually the worst tapes come closer to the election. 

And it`s hard to imagine there`d be a worse tape than the -- than the Billy Bush tape that was released on Friday.

And yet here we are.  What`s interesting about what Trump is saying is, on the one hand he`s saying what happened -- what I said 11 years ago, it doesn`t matter.

But he wants to go back 22 years and say what happened with Bill Clinton does matter.  So, I mean, there`s a little bit of a rhetorical cul-de- sac that are in there.

O`DONNELL:  And Rick, I was offering the view that Donald Trump was going into this debate last night, just trying to prove that he was not as bad as Bill Clinton.

That was the only objective he had in the debate.  I heard you earlier today offering a theory of the post-election Trump objectives --

TYLER:  Yes --

O`DONNELL:  Here which I find absolutely fascinating, so, give us that.

TYLER:  Well, look, I think the Trump candidacy is over, effectively.  I think they know it.  Kellyanne knows it, she`s their pollster. 

And now you have a group of people who`ve made an enormous amount of money being anti-Democrat, but particularly anti-Hillary.

And a Hillary presidency would be a very lucrative business for the group that captures the anti-Hillary movement. 

And so last night seemed to me to be more about setting up or coalescing, that`s why he was retrenching with his base a group that would be a very lucrative business proposition to -- you know, for a Clinton administration.

O`DONNELL:  So, Maria Teresa, if it -- if it can`t get you elected, it might be able to make you a lot of money starting November 9th.

KUMAR:  Well, and the thing is that we -- if we thought President Obama had a problem with the tea partiers, we have seen nothing yet with the trumpets, folks going after Hillary Clinton.

And the difference between them is that they`re just really nasty, they`re mean, and they`re all about trying to break government. 

Lawrence, the fact that we weren`t, you know, sounding bells yesterday when he basically threatened to jail a political opponent.

He did the same thing when he went after a federal judge, Judge Curiel, saying that if he was in the Oval Office, he was going to make sure that he was going to -- that the judge would get investigated.

He also started saying that if the media -- the -- he was going to investigate the media.  So, he is very clear what kind of thug he is. 

And he says, well, if I can`t have the White House, I`m going to make sure that I`m going to make the person at the White House, Hillary Clinton, almost impossible for her to govern in this country.

And that for me is something that we should all be very clear of that at the end of the day when it comes to the sanctity of the voting booth, that when they vote, that makes sure that no one is intimidating an individual to vote, number one.

But number two, the day after, his concession has to be clear that he cares about America as much as everybody else.

O`DONNELL:  Sorry, Kellyanne Conway said that today, she said that it was just a quip, that was her word, it was just a quip when Donald Trump said if he was president, he would put Hillary Clinton in jail.

Let`s listen to the way Donald Trump talked about it today.  Let`s listen to this.


TRUMP:  Crooked Hillary Clinton, oh, she`s crooked, folks.  She`s crooked as a $3 bill.


OK, here`s one.  Just came out, lock her up is right --

AUDIENCE:  No!! --

TRUMP:  No. 


O`DONNELL:  So, Rick, this quip thing is getting harder to pretend is a quip.  I mean, it didn`t look like a quip there, he`s saying yes, it`s right.

TYLER:  No, he`s absolutely playing to his base.  And there are a lot of people, and you heard him even last night in the audience who don`t like Hillary Clinton.

And so he`s playing -- he`s definitely playing to his base.  But Lawrence, don`t misunderstand it.  This is not just anti-Hillary, I think this same group intends to try to split the Republican Party.

And we are doing --

KUMAR:  That`s right --

TYLER:  You`re actually literally seeing it right now.  All the people who peeled off of Donald Trump over the weekend, that represents one side of the party.

It`s the establishment, it`s a lot of conservatives like me, and against the "Breitbart" wing of the party, and they intend to organize, and they intend to be the most influential part of the GOP.

I think they will go around the country and try to win over counties, committees, state committees and then ultimately the RNC.  And so, they`re going to try to organize top down.

And I think, you know, what you`re witnessing is really historic.  It will be the split of the Republican Party.

KUMAR:  And I think what -- 

O`DONNELL:  Go ahead, Maria.

KUMAR:  No, and I think actually what Rick is saying is absolutely right.  The biggest concern I think the Republicans have is that, all of a sudden they`re going to have a whole bunch of mini Trumps running for local office.

And that`s one of the reasons why you don`t see the RNC chairman completely alienating Donald Trump right now. 

And while Paul Ryan is basically trying to say, look, yes, I`m not going to unendorse him, but at the same time, I`m trying to keep my party as close that I can.

So, that basically you don`t have a complete revolt from the base.  But let`s be clear, the split in the Republican Party doesn`t mean that they are ever going to create the White House.

Right now, they are fighting against the demographics of this country. There is no way that they will be able to get higher office than possibly the Congress, but definitely not the Senate or the White House.

O`DONNELL:  Maria Teresa Kumar and Rick Tyler, thank you both for joining us tonight.

KUMAR:  Thank you --

TYLER:  Thanks, Lawrence -- 

O`DONNELL:  Thank you.  A new Nbc News poll shows very bad news for Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress.  Charlie Cook will give us the read of all of it.

And Khizr Khan will join us to respond to comments Donald Trump made about his son last night. 


O`DONNELL:  We`re going to take a close look at the new polls showing Hillary Clinton polling into a big lead over Donald Trump, and these polls were completed before last night`s debate.  Those polls are next.


O`DONNELL:  The Nbc News-"Wall Street Journal" poll taken after the release of the Donald Trump video on Friday, but before last night`s debate has ominous news for the Republican Party beyond the collapsing support for Donald Trump.

It shows that more Americans now say they would prefer Congress to be controlled by Democrats than at any time since the 2013 government shutdown.

Forty nine percent favor Democratic control to 42 percent who say they want Republicans to retain their majority.  Here is how Democrats are attaching Donald Trump to Republican Senate candidates.


TRUMP:  You know, I`m automatically attracted to beautiful, I just start kissing them.  It`s like a magnet.  I did try -- I moved on her like a bitch. Grab them by the -- 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  We have to make sure Donald wins this election --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  I intend to support the Republican nominee.  And make sure that once President Trump takes over, things are going to be fine.  So, it`s going to be great.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Would you tell a child to aspire to be like Donald Trump?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  No, absolutely, I would do it.

TRUMP:  And when you`re a star, they`ll let you do it, you can do anything.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Whatever you want.


O`DONNELL:  Joining us now, Charlie Cook, Nbc News political analyst and editor and publisher of the "Cook Political Report".

Charlie, just let`s take a look first of all of the big numbers in the Nbc poll.  First of all, the one-on-one, Clinton versus Trump version of the poll shows Hillary Clinton at 52, Donald Trump at 38.

And then the four-way version of that poll has Hillary Clinton at 46, Donald Trump at 35 and Gary Johnson 9, Jill Stein 2. 

Charlie, this is -- if this poll gets confirmation with other polls coming up, this is -- this is a really big lead that`s opened up.

CHARLIE COOK, POLITICAL ANALYST & EDITOR, COOK POLITICAL REPORT:  Well, it sure is, Lawrence.  I mean, but the thing is, coming out of that first debate, this thing was starting to head south for Trump, and then the tapes were just the tip of the iceberg.

And I don`t think the second debate undid any of that.  So, you know, it`s bad luck a month out to say something is over, and it`s bad luck and poor taste.

But, you know, when you see the -- you know, Nate Silvers putting it at 79 to 82 or 83 percent and the "New York Times" up shot and it was at 86 percent chance. 

I mean, I don`t -- you know, I don`t get into that.  But those big numbers I think do reflect that this thing looks -- you can almost put a fork in it.

O`DONNELL:  Let`s talk about what it means for the so-called down-ballot races, Senate and house.  And I want to listen to what representative Charlie Cook in Pennsylvania says what -- about what it might mean to the Senate race in Pennsylvania.

Let`s listen to this.

COOK:  You mean, Pat Toomey?

O`DONNELL:  Yes, but it`s Charlie Cook talking about the race, go.  

COOK:  Oh, OK --

O`DONNELL:  Here we go --

COOK:  OK, I got you, sorry, because I have a --


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  If Donald Trump were to lose the state by say five or six points, if he keeps it competitive within that range, and I think Pat Toomey can win that.

He`s run a very good campaign.  If Donald Trump is beaten by more than six points, then I suspect it would be very difficult for the senator to win.


O`DONNELL:  OK, of course we meant Charlie Dent, and I believe I said Charlie Cook because that`s what it says on this piece of paper here. 

So, what do you make of that math about -- you know, yes, we can get away with this if Trump only loses by five.

If he loses by more than five then maybe we`re in trouble.  They`re making that calculation in each state.

COOK:  Well, yes, I mean, it`s not necessarily a calculation, it`s just as an educated guess of how many votes do you have to -- you know, how many -- how many Clinton voters does Pat Toomey need to pull over --

O`DONNELL:  Yes --

COOK:  In order to beat Katie McGinty? And the bigger that number is, it`s just the harder -- the harder -- the harder it`s going to be.  That`s -- you know, it`s just a simple laws of arithmetic.

I mean, the thing is that the Republican majority in the Senate was teetering on the edge without Donald Trump. 

You know, it`s -- it was more one of exposure of Republicans just having so many seats up, so many seats up in states that Obamacare -- you know, these are seats that Republicans were able to win in a mid-term election when President Obama`s numbers in 2010 were in the toilet and the Affordable Care Act was radioactive.

Well, 2016 is a world apart from 2010.  So, even without Trump, the Senate would be teetering -- really teetering on the edge.

O`DONNELL:  All right, we`re going to have to leave it there for tonight.  Really wanted to get your calculations on the house, we`ll have to do that another night.

Charlie Cook, thank you very much for joining us tonight, really appreciate it.

COOK:  Thank you. 

O`DONNELL:  Coming up, what do you do if you`re an actor and you`ve just completed a publicity tour for your latest movie? Well, if you`re Shailene Woodley, you get arrested as she did today, that`s coming up.

Next, gold star father Khizr Khan is here to respond to what Donald Trump said last night about his son, Captain Humayun Khan, that`s next.



DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE, 2016:  Captain Khan is an American hero.  And if I were President at that time, he would be alive today because unlike her who voted for the war, without knowing what she was doing.  I would not have had our people in Iraq.  Iraq was a disaster.  So he would have been alive today.


O`DONNELL:  Joining us now for an  exclusive interview, Khizr Khan whose son Army Captain Humayun was killed in Iraq in 2004.  Also joining us, Joshua Manning, a former Army Staff Sergeant who served with Captain Khan in Iraq and was there the day that Captain Khan was killed.  Mr. Khan, I wanted to get your reaction to what Donald trump said last night.

  KHIZR KHAN, FATHER OF ARMY CAPTAIN HUMAYUN KHAN:  Lawrence, thank you, but before I say anything, I want to salute the bravery of Josh Manning and young men and women that have served this country and have given their life.  And have sacrificed their life in defense of this country.

The comments from Donald Trump were so disingenuous like before.  He continues to use sacrifices of our young men and women for political expediency.  And I reject it.  And rest of the veterans and the people that serve this country reject this political expediency.

O`DONNELL:  And John Manning, I just wanted to read a Tweet that actually brought you to our attention last night. You said Muslim soldiers like Captain Khan gave their lives to save me, a Jew.  That is America.  We are not at war with Islam.

Josh, what was your reaction when you heard Donald Trump say that last night?

JOSHUA MANNING, FORMER ARMY STAFF SERGEANT:  Well, Lawrence, first of all thanks for having me on.  It`s an honor to be here.  And so I would say, when he first said it, I didn`t quite hear it.

So there was so much going on and he was saying so much nonsense that I kind of got overwhelmed by it.  And I thought to myself, did he just make a comment that I thought he made?  And it turned out he did.

And I was furious when I heard it.  I mean that`s just the most callous thing you can say to us who served.  And especially to Mr. Khan, to say that, you know, if it would have been him, his son would be alive.  That`s just an awful thing to say.

  O`DONNELL:  And Josh, you were there that day.  And you heard the explosion and I know you haven`t met Mr. Khan or had a chance to speak to him.  I just want you to --  if you could take a minute to just tell us what it was like there that day.  And what the feeling was about the heroism that was displayed that day.

MANNING:  You bet, so it was -- and my dates might be off. It`s been 12 years.  But it was June 8th, 2004.  So it was just as the insurgency was really getting - boiling.  And we were used to mortar attack and rocket attacks.  But we hadn`t yet I don`t believe had any sort of car bombing at our base.  So this was the morning of our E-5 Sergeant Promotion Board.  So I was taking a step towards leadership.

And we were eating breakfast before the board.  And then there was this massive explosion.  I`ve never heard anything so loud before.  The Air Force used to drop bombs on the date palms that were outside of our base.  And you could just hear that echoing across.

But this was even louder than that.  And we thought it was outside the tent.  We didn`t know what was going on.  Everybody hit the ground which we usually didn`t do by that point and time.  And so when we got back up and we just tried to sort through what was going on and saw that nothing had blown up outside.

We heard that there was a car bombing at the front gate.  This was about a quarter to half-mile away.  And so I mean we heard this explosion, like it was right next to us.

And so we tried to sort through what was going on.  One of the specialists who was there.  She walked by and said a piece of engine block went flying over her head as she was walking.  And so that`s when we found out that Captain Khan who was not on dutythat day.  He didn`t need to be there.  He stepped forward, when enlisted soldier the should have stepped forward and done that.

That`s what`s most - I`m not going to say all officers would have done that.  But officers would have said hey, enlisted soldier, you know, go fort and check.  But because he was a real soldiers officer he took that step instead. 

And if he hadn`t gone forward on his own, they would have killed friends of mine who were at the gate that day.  It would have killed Iraq civilians who were at the gate that day.  And that act of bravery, that act of leadership the day that I took my step towards leadership just taught me so much about what it means when the army talks about selfless service.

O`DONNEL:  Mr. Khan, I know you have heard from others who were there that day about what it meant to them.  But I just wanted you to hear yet again from someone who was there that day.  Donald Trump had a chance once again to apologize to you last night.  Were you at all surprised that he didn`t?

KHAN:  No, I was not surprised at all.  I had said that, that this person lacks empathy to be the leader of this country, unsuitable, temperamentally and otherwise to be even a candidate for the Presidency of United States, to be the candidate for Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States.  I have said that before, and I repeat again.  And he had displayed exactly same character that he had displayed from the beginning.

I am just surprised that why Republicans.  Republicans are as patriotic as anyone else in United States have not discovered his fakery, have not discovered his misleading, misguiding behavior for political expediency.  I watched the debate last night. I was appalled him trying to intimidate Hillary Clinton by saying that he will appoint a prosecutor

And then he`s saying so unconstitutionally and so illegally that she should be in jail.  I remind these nation of 1973, October 1973.  When then President Nixon tried to interfere in the independent investigation by the then prosecutor.  Look what happened then.  The Attorney General of Nixon resigned in disgust.

Deputy Attorney General resigned in disgust.  And we know what happened thereafter.  Those memories are not too far and this candidate has already laid the foundation for that kind of behavior.that has taken this nation to a shameful past.

This is not Congo.  This is United States of America.  Country of laws but this candidate has no regard for the truth.  No regard for the laws of this country.  I am surprised that our Republican patriots, how would they rebuild this party?

How will they rebuild Republican Party?  They used to be the banner bearer of the family values.  Is this their representative?  Why haven`t they all repudiated him and distanced so they can rebuild the Republican Party to be the family value party as it used to be?

O`DONNEL:  Mr. Khan, I want to thank you very much again for joining us again tonight and Joshua Manning joining us.  And to both of you, I want to say I`m very sorry that we are having this discussion, because Captain Khan was killed the way he was.  Mr. Khan you know you have my sympathies.  I`m very, very sorry for your loss.  And Joshua Manning I`m sorry for all the friends you might have lost in Iraq also.  Thank you both very much for joining us.

KHAN:  Thank you Josh.  Good to see you.

MANNING:  Thank you Lawrence.  Good to see you too, Mr. Khan.

O`DONNEL:  We`ll be right back.


O`DONNEL:  Guess who doesn`t celebrate Columbus Day?  The people who were here long before Columbus.  That`s coming up.  But first here`s how it looked today on the campaign trail.


TRUMP:  If they want to release more tapes saying in appropriate things we`ll continue to talk about Bill and Hillary Clinton doing inappropriate things.

HILLARY CLINTON, U.S. PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  Donald Trump spend his time last night attacking me when he should have been apologizing.

TIM KAINE, U.S. VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE 2016:  Really vile behavior can be explained way by way.  That`s just locker room talk.  Folks it ain`t talk.  It`s action and more than action.  It`s a revelation of the way Donald Trump looks at woman.

MICHAEL RICHARD PENCE, U.S. VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE 2016:  It takes a big man to know when his wrong and to admit it.  And have the humility to apologize.  Donald Trump last night showed that he`s a big man.

CLINTON:  We have seen this kind of behavior throughout this entire campaign.  And it`s not just about women.  He has an equal opportunity insultor if there ever was one.

TRUMP:  Without the media Hillary Clinton couldn`t be elected dog catcher.  I mean that.  It`s true.  It`s true.

CLINTON:  Last night he admitted he hasn`t paid a dime in Federal Income Tax for years.  Somebody then said well that just shows what a genius he is.  Well it does take a certain kind of genius to loose a billion dollars in a single year.

TRUMP:  Hillary is highly overrated.  Highly. 



O`DONNELL:  Today`s a holiday for the federal government and something of a day of mourning for Native American tribes from coast-to-coast.  The tribes have renamed Columbus Day Indigenous People`s Day.  They don`t believe Columbus discovered them. 

They believed they discovered Columbus trespassing.  28 people were arrested for trespassing today in North Dakota where the largest uprising by tribes in history has taken place this year in protest of the construction of an oil pipe line across sacred tribal sites.  Actress Shailene Woodley who`s been active in that movement for months now brought extra attention to the protest today because she was one of the 28 arrested.  Her arrest was captured on her Facebook live. 


SHAILENE WOODLEY, ACTRESS:  All right, so everybody knows, we are going to our vehicle, which they had all surrounded and waiting for me, with giant guns and the giant truck behind them just so they could arrest me so they knew this would happen.  I hope you`re watching, mainstream media.  I hope you`re watching. 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  May I ask where she`s be being taken? 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That`s my mother.


O`DONNELL:  Shailene Woodley is admired by many for her commitment displayed today.  And she`ll be dismissed by some as just another Liberal Hollywood actor dabbling in her latest cause.  I`ve never met Shailene Woodley but I`m confident that like everyone else I met when I reported from the protest in North Dakota.  She doesn`t care what you think of her.  She cares what you think of the members of tribes who have been arrested on that land, arrested for trespassing. 

Tribes who were on that land thousands of years before we knew it existed.  And so once again today Native Americans were arrested for trespassing on land that was stolen from them through genocide and broken treaties.  And today those arrests occurred on the day that the United States of America officially celebrates the greatest trespasser in human history. 



DONALD TRUMP:  Bill Clinton was abusive to women.  Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously, four of them here tonight. 


O`DONNELL:  That was the stunt the Trump Campaign War Room came up with for last night`s debate.  And tonight the Trump presidential War Room is now facing a new announcement by John McCain in his campaign debate tonight that he will not vote for Donald Trump. 


JOHN MCCAIN, U.S. SENATOR:  When Mr. Trump attacks women and demeans the women in our nation and in our society, that is a point where I had just have to part company and say that I had to withdraw my support, just as I cannot support Hillary Clinton. 


O`DONNELL:  With 28 days left for the presidential campaign war rooms, joining us tonight in the Last Word War Room.  Elise Jordan a veteran of Rand Paul`s Presidential Campaign War Room.  Elise, so there`s John McCain saying, putting into words, in his debate something that we`re going to be hearing from other Republican Candidates in their debates. 

ELISE JORDAN, AMERICAN JOURNALIST:  Well I wish that more Republican men would stand up and do what John McCain just did and say that this language and Trump`s attitudes toward women are simply unacceptable.  You know, we`ve talked so much as a party about family values and values of respect and respecting women.  And I think that it`s time for a lot Republican men to put their money where their mouth is. 

O`DONNELL:  What is the gap here between the whole notion of Republican family values and Donald Trump? 

JORDAN:  It is the worst phenomena of this entire election that even locals have just up and run.  And, you know, I grew up a Southern Baptist in Mississippi so I grew up in an evangelical household. 

O`DONNELL:  Explain to us the Southern Baptists who are sticking with Donald Trump? 

JORDAN:  I really honestly think that the Hillary hatred is so strong by this stage in the game.  And there`s been such an entrenched attack on the Clintons for so many years that they have benefited from politically because it has been so over the top and so over extreme.  So, at this point, you have a lot of evangelicals who detest the language and what Trump stands for.  And they think has no values whatsoever but they also feel the same way about the Clintons.  So everyone is left with no one to vote for this year. 

O`DONNELL:  Politically, morning consult poll is, has, you know re- polling on exactly this question that we saw at the beginning here.  And that is Donald Trump bringing up Bill Clinton`s past.  Is it appropriate?  33 percent say it`s appropriate.  56 percent say it`s inappropriate. 

That`s the kind of polling that was available to the Trump campaign before Sunday night.  But they still did this.  And it`s the kind of thing that in the face of the polling we have makes you wonder is Donald Trump really trying to win this election? It makes Rick Tyler`s theory, announced early in the show really powerful to me, that it is no longer about trying to win an election. 

It`s trying to build an anti-Hillary business for after the election. 

JORDAN:  And I think it`s all about Donald Trump`s ego at any given moment.  It`s certainly not about the Republican Party at all.  It`s not about trying to help othger Republicans get elected.  It`s about Donald Trump and whatever he is feeling at any given moment. 

O`DONNELL:  And reports coming from Trump tower indicating that the Trump campaign operatives in there are all just laughing about the problems this is causing for the Republican party? 

JORDAN:  It`s great that it`s so funny for them to watch the country implode.  It`s great that they stand for conservative principles.  And they actually care about pushing Republican platforms. 

O`DONNELL:  :  And if you`re really trying to be a Republican president who wants to do the biggest tax cut in history, you`re going to need Republican in the senate, you`re going to need Republicans in the house to do that, and they don`t seem to care about that. 

JORDAN:  He`s clearly doesn`t care about being president if this is how -- how is he going to feel, what is he going to do when he loses and is a loser?  What`s the reaction going to be then when he is defeated by Hillary Clinton, a woman, I just -- I really wonder what the next steps are?  How he`s going to handle life after (INAUDIBLE).

O`DONNELL:  Here`s his not going to do.  He`s not going to admit he`s a loser.  Somehow he will find a way.  Elise Jordan, thank you very much for joining us tonight.  Really appreciate it.  Coming up, the woman Donald Trump was talking about in that leaked access Hollywood audio and video finally responds. 


O`DONNELL:  On that video released Friday, Donald Trump talked about trying to have sex with a married woman named Nancy.  He was clearly referring to Nancy O`Dell of Entertainment Tonight.  And tonight she said this. 


NANCY O`DELL, TELEVISION HOST:  By now, I`m sure that most of you have heard the audiotape which became national news and part of the presidential race.  My name was mentioned and unfortunately the release has it has thrown me in the middle of the political arena of which I didn`t asked to be a part.  There is no room for objectification of women, or anyone for that matter, not even in the locker room.  The conversation has got to change because everybody deserves respect. 

No matter the gender or setting.  And, as a mom, I`ll have to add that our kids, especially our young girl need to know that their hard work, their achievements, their intelligence, their heart are most important and those things will not go unnoticed. 


O`DONNELL:  That was Nancy O`Dell tonight responding to what Donald Trump was heard saying about her on that video last Friday.  MSNBC`s coverage continues in to "THE 11TH HOUR" with Brian Williams.  The 11th Hour is now and it is live.