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Trump to speak at Montana Rally. TRANSCRIPT: 7/5/2018, The Beat with Ari Melber

Guests: Clarence Page, Sam Seder, Megan Twohey, Seth Waxman, Sinbad

Show: THE BEAT WITH ARI MELBER Date: July 5, 2018 Guest: Clarence Page, Sam Seder, Megan Twohey, Seth Waxman, Sinbad

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That`s all for tonight. We will be back tomorrow with more MTP DAILY.

THE BEAT WITH ARI MELBER starts right now.

Good evening, Ari.

ARI MELBER, MSNBC HOST: Good evening. Thank you, Chris. I am back on THE BEAT. I also want to express my thanks to Ayman Mohyeldin for anchoring while I was out.

Now tonight, we have a lot going on including Scott Pruitt out. Trump`s environmental chief was of course played by scandals raging from ethics to Moisturegate. That ends tonight. We have a report on that.

Meanwhile, Trump is doing a midterm campaign rally in Montana tonight, and we will let you know if any actual news is made there.

But we begin with some very big developing news. Donald Trump`s lawyer hiring Clinton`s lawyer. This is significant. Donald Trump`s former personal lawyer, who of course you know about, Michael Cohen, tonight I can tell you has hired Lanny Davis, a name you may recognize. He was a former top lawyer in the Clinton White House, a long-time friend and adviser to Hillary Clinton. You see there one of many times they have come together. And he was a public surrogate for her campaign.

So this move is the latest in Michael Cohen`s very public evolution from a die-hard Trump loyalist who kept all secrets and fixed all problems to what he has done lately, telling George Stephanopoulos this week that his quote "first loyalty is now to his family."

And tonight, David is confirming to us at NBC News that he has been following this case, that he read Michael Cohen`s words in that Stephanopoulos interview and quote "recognized Cohen`s sincerity. Michael Cohen deserves to tell his side of the story."

And in a moment I can tell you we will have an exclusive live interview with Donald Trump`s long-time personal lawyer Jay Goldberg who had Michael Cohen`s job before Michael Cohen. But first, let`s get into what this all means.

Daniel Goldman is a former federal prosecutor who worked in the actual office, the southern district of New York that is investigating Cohen. And David Corn was of course Washington bureau chief for "Mother Jones" and an expert on all things Russia-gate, including some of the original leads on the Mueller probe that were farmed out to this federal probe in Manhattan.

David, when you look at this, when you look at Michael Cohen`s evolution, and when you look at Lanny Davis, someone you and I have crossed paths with, as a lawyer and a politico, what does it mean to you tonight?

DAVID CORN, WASHINGTON BUREAU CHIEF, MOTHER JONES: Listen, Lanny Davis worked for the woman of whom the Trump crowd used to shout "lock her up." In fact, they may shout it tonight at that rally he is holding out west. So to bring Lanny Davis into Michael Cohen`s inner circle, inner sanctum, I mean, if you care about Donald Trump, you ought to be really worried because, yes, Lanny Davis is a lawyer. He will serve his client`s needs. He is also a political player, a spinmeister (ph) who has written books on how to spin, who has an agenda here which is to avenge Hillary Clinton. So if it ever comes to his advice to Cohen on what to do, you can`t separate his loyalty, his fierce loyalty to the Clintons and wanting to set things straight after the 2016 election with what he is going to be doing with Michael Cohen.

MELBER: Right. You use the word loyalty, David, you know, to put a little bit of a Kendrick Lamar test on it.

CORN: You go.

MELBER: Can you think of anyone who is more loyal over more years to the Clintons publicly and privately than Lanny Davis?

CORN: Nobody. I remember going back to the `90s when they had the whole Senate investigation, the Clinton campaign fund raising. And he -- Lanny would come out every day and spin the media, spin the reporters there, like myself, covering this, and he would say the most ridiculous, ludicrous things that no one would buy. But he was out there doing the best he could to save his friends and serve his agenda. And now he`s giving advice to Michael Cohen. I`m sure there`s a good godfather reference here. Give me a few moments, and I`ll come up with it. But it`s stunning.

MELBER: Well, I mean, you need to know your five families well.

And Daniel Goldman, your office has prosecuted some of those over the years. But it is beyond switching families. It is beyond switching families. It is going against the Trump family in no uncertain terms. And again, this is a very different message than we heard from Michael Cohen who once said his links to Trump would be as personal lawyer, not for four years, but for eight. Take a listen to Trump describing the relationship and then Cohen describing it.


MICHAEL COHEN, TRUMP PERSONAL ATTORNEY: I`m going to be the personal attorney to Mr. Trump.

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: You have to ask Michael Cohen. Michael is my attorney, and you`ll have to ask Michael.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Can I assume in that role, not being a government role, that you would have attorney/client privilege with President Trump?

COHEN: Yes, of course, and that relationship, hopefully, will last, you know, for not four years, but eight years.


MELBER: The attorney/client privilege that`s being suggested tonight is not between Cohen and Trump, but between Cohen and Hillary loyalist Lanny Davis.

DANIEL GOLDMAN, FORMER FEDERAL PROSECUTOR: For sure. There are many different facets of this now, one for certain that this is a continuation of Michael Cohen`s separation from Donald Trump. Donald Trump used the past tense for Michael Cohen`s representation of him a couple weeks ago. Now Michael Cohen has changed his twitter profile to remove his title as personal attorney to Donald Trump. And it`s a further continuation of Cohen going out on his own.

MELBER: You`re talking about right here on the screen, he went from personal attorney to Donald Trump on twitter, which we know is a medium the President cares about to right after independence day just a link, and removing that. Go ahead.

GOLDMAN: Yes, absolutely. And it`s the continuation of what he was saying, and to George Stephanopoulos, and it is the assertion that he is making that I`m going to figure out what is best for me, not what`s best for Donald Trump.

From a legal standpoint, there`s an interesting angle to this as well which is you have Guy Petrollo (ph) who is a former southern district of New York, chief of the criminal division. He ran all the prosecutors in that office. He is representing him. And now you have Lanny Davis who was an incredibly experienced Washington insider.

And what it tells me is that Michael Cohen is trying to gather as good a legal team as he can to fight a battle on two fronts, not necessarily fight, but to deal with a battle on two fronts. You have the southern district. But we also know that Mueller is still looking into Cohen in connection with some of Cohen`s activities with regard to Russians, either the Trump tower Moscow or January 2017, delivering that Ukrainian peace plan to Michael Flynn`s desk. And Lanny Davis is someone who may be able to deal with that Washington side of things with Mueller.

MELBER: Right. What you are suggesting is a road to potential cooperation where guy and people in New York can handle that deal?

GOLDMAN: Well, what I`m suggesting is that the first step, and Michael Cohen indicated that in his weekend interview, is he has to figure out what his jeopardy is, what his criminal exposure is, and then he`s got to make a decision what to do.

MELBER: Right.

GOLDMAN: I think what is clear from that interview is that Michael Cohen is going to do what`s best for Michael Cohen, not what`s best for Donald Trump.

MELBER: And that`s why the public way that he is identifying himself is so significant. And as you say, any real lawyer strategy is not going to fore close options. It is going to try to develop multiple options.

GOLDMAN: Right. And he needs now to understand both sides.

MELBER: With that in mind, David, take a listen to the man who held the job that Michael Cohen had before him. Viewers of the beat may remember jay Goldberg is someone we`ve found interesting to talk to because he knows of with a he speaks, as a former federal prosecutor and a former Trump attorney. I would spoken with him and he said things that seemed negative about Cohen. Take a listen.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You have to ask yourself, nobody`s mentioned this, why is a New York attorney in the southern district investigating Michael Cohen? Why? Is it Russia? No. Is it racketeering? Yes.

MELBER: Do you think the feds may have evidence that Michael Cohen fixed things, as you say, for Trump, for the mob?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think that Michael Cohen regaled the people with the fact that he was connected to mob influence.


MELBER: Mob influence. That made a lot of headway at the time.

I`m now joined exclusively and live as I mentioned, Jay Goldberg who as I mentioned worked for 15 years as Donald Trump`s lawyer. And says he maintains attorney/client confidentiality with the President as he continues to advise him.

Thank you for taking time on a night when this is the number one story going on, Jay, which is what is Michael Cohen, former Trump lawyer, up to? How do you view his hiring of these lawyers, including Lanny Davis?

JAY GOLDBERG, TRUMP`S LONGTIME LAWYER (on the phone): Well, I don`t think it means anything other than that he`s in a cooperation mode. But you have to distinguish between cooperation and the reliability of the information that he imports to the prosecutors. He is savvy enough to know the kinds of information that the government is looking for. And the cases are replete with instances where people have shaded the facts in an effort to win the cooperation from the government that will enable the judge to give them a lesser sentence. So the fact that he`s, quote, cooperating, doesn`t ensure that he will be telling the truth in an effort to win the cooperation whether from the government that are enable to judge, give then a lesser sense to the fact that he . But I don`t think there`s any question that cooperation is the order of the day.

MELBER: And if that`s the case, Jay, I`m going to ask you, if cooperation, as you put it, as someone who is intimately involved with some of the players here, if Michael Cohen is moving towards cooperation, how do you think Donald Trump should view Michael Cohen hiring someone so bound up with Hillary Clinton? You and I both know, and I think our viewers know, there are plenty of qualified lawyers to handle this case who are not deep Hillary Clinton loyalists.

GOLDBERG: Well, I think, without speaking to Donald, I could safely say that he`d be disappointed in the way in which Michael has so clearly broken from the pact. Somebody has brought him in from the cold. And I would expect that it`s the chief of the criminal division.

And the question now is not simply whether he`ll cooperate, but whether we could be assured that he`ll be telling the truth. And after he decides to cooperate, he`ll have to enter into what`s known as a witness cooperation agreement. That`s the kind of agreement that would require him to tell the truth. But it also bolsters his testimony because it indicates that the FBI has checked out what it is that he says. And found it to be so. And this goes into evidence during his trial, and it`s very harmful to the defense. But if the defendant is convicted, and there happens to be a lie told by the government witnesses, sort of winked away and not pursued. But I want to assure you --

MELBER: Jay, I understand that. I have one final question for you. And I take your point and our viewers take your point in fairness, which is you, of course, have been loyal to Donald Trump. And you are saying it is possible there could be a scenario where people are being induced to cooperate and they may provide material that`s harmful to Donald Trump, but may not ultimately be 100 percent accurate. You have the right to make that point. Let me close by asking you, is there anything else you think Donald Trump can do to limit his exposure here, vis-a-vis his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, or has that train left the station, sir?

GOLDBERG: No, I don`t think the train has left the station. I was very impressed in an article carried by "the Washington Post" which indicates how shabbily Trump treated Michael Cohen. We want to build up at this point a basis to believe that there`s hostility on the part of Michael Cohen towards Trump that would cause Michael Cohen to shade the truth. Anything that would support the credibility of Michael Cohen, any statement by Trump that would support the credibility of Michael Cohen as a good person or as a loyal person would be counterproductive to the Trump camp.

MELBER: I understand what you`re saying. And, Jay, I always appreciate you coming on lawyer to lawyer.

Jay Goldberg, making time for us on a night when lawyers are in the news. Thank you.

Daniel and David Corn are still with me.

David Corn, our viewers are I think fairly sophisticated and they probably know that we sometimes get guests on this show who are speaking not only to me and the viewers, but to the President, which I think thing informs some of what we just heard, your analysis, sir?

CORN: Well, I think he`s right. I think, you know, Trump certainly can`t come out and say Michael Cohen is a great guy because it seems like he`s cooperating. The only thing that Michael Cohen has to cooperate with, you know, to leverage, to bargain with, is information on either Trump or other members of the family, other members of the organization, and other enterprises.

I mean, the list is very long. We don`t have the time to go through all the possible things that Michael Cohen`s being investigated for. But yet, there are years of business deals in the Trump organization, separate from what might or might not have happened with the Russia scandal that they could be interested in the southern district of New York.

(INAUDIBLE) nearly prosecuted Trump and his kids for fraud with the Trump Soho project, something that was done with Felix Saider and Michael Cohen would have known information like that. I mean, Michael Cohen knows a lot. The only thing worse than having someone investigate you is having someone investigate your lawyer. And you know, if it`s telling all, I imagine it is only works for him if he tells the truth. If he doesn`t tell stuff truthful, then that whole agreement falls apart -- so.

MELBER: Let me go to Daniel on that.

CORN: People who care about Trump should be worried about this.

MELBER: In that office, Daniel. Jay Goldberg raising two core points there. One, maybe you don`t believe a guy who`s desperate and needs to shade the truth. And two, Donald Trump has no interest in resuscitating Michael Cohen`s credibility right now.

GOLDMAN: Well, the second I think is absolutely right now that he`s broken from him. And whatever the reasons are that he broke from him may be because of Trump`s activity himself, his conduct. But Jay brings up a good point, that`s why this process will take some time. In order for Michael Cohen to cooperate, he is going to have to meet with prosecutors and FBI agents for hours and hours and hours. And they are going to have to go through the four million documents they got from the searches of his apartment home and hotel, plus whatever other information they have gotten over the past several months. And they will confront him with those.

GOLDMAN: And they will have them to check what he is saying to make sure it matches up. And ultimately all of that other information, including other witness statements, will be what we call corroborating evidence. And they will not sign him up to a cooperation agreement unless that other evidence matches up with what he`s saying. So they are going to vet this and check this --

MELBER: Unless they can land it. It`s almost like you`re suggesting they`ve done this before.

GOLDMAN: Once or twice.

MELBER: Daniel Goldman and David Corn on a very interesting set of developments. We did not expect Lanny Davis` name to come up like this. We don`t predict the news. We just report it. Thanks to both of you.

Coming up, pressure does work on Donald Trump because Scott Pruitt after the scandals of phone booths, (INAUDIBLE). of is out, after all his scandals. And Donald Trump making a big hire to bring FOX News deeper into running the White House. Who is moving in?

And later, Bob Mueller tapping new prosecutors on the Russia probe.

Plus, this is a story near and dear to my heart, the Trump baby blimp cleared for takeoff during his visit to London. Tell you why it happens. And that`s not all, the comedian Sinbad makes his first appearance on THE BEAT tonight.

I`m Ari Melber. And we will be right back.


MELBER: -- he has resigned from the EPA, this was announced by President Trump on twitter. Pruitt leaves office amid, count them up, 15 open federal probes plagued by scandals like over the top spending on travel, weird phone booths he didn`t need, as well as basically bizarre behavior, like ordering aides to track down a special scented moisturizer from the Ritz Hotel as well as his pursuit of a discount, used Trump hotel mattress. These are real things I`m saying.

Now, just moments ago Donald Trump responding to all this in discussions with reporters on air force one. He said if there was anything about the accusations against Pruitt that troubled him, asked that, Trump just said no.

I`m joined by Congressman Ruben Gallego, a Democrat from Arizona. He has been outspoken critic Pruitt, gave a speech on the House floor displaying a photo of that infamous Trump hotel mattress.

Congressman, you have spoken out about this. This may be the swamp scandal to end all swamp scandals. Obviously the first question for you, given the discussion of what`s going to happen at the EPA, and given the amount of lotion that`s been raised, is do you expect this to be a smooth transition?

REP. RUBEN GALLEGO (D), ARIZONA: Well, let`s begin. This was in private pick to being with. You know, Donald Trump should never have picked him. He was too close to the polluting lobby and you can`t have the FOX watching the head house.

But I think is its more dangerous the fact that President Trump still doesn`t see anything wrong with this. It tells you that people within his administration are taking cues from him. If this is the same man that can go down to Mar-a-Lago and bill the government millions of dollars, why can`t you be sending your security guards to look for lotion or used mattresses. As where it is. So this is problems that will continue to happen.

MELBER: Well, but let`s be clear about what worked here. I mean, Democrats have struggled with a lot of big soft targets. You went after the soft target, if you will, on the used mattress on the house floor. This seems to have worked. In other words, you may have a long list of problems with him, including environmental issues, but there was something about the bizarre behavior that was exposed in the swampiness that seems to end this person`s time in government in a way that others have not.

GALLEGO: Well, certainly, this should have happened months ago. And I think that`s what really scares most of us the fact that, you know, the threshold for this President to hold his men and women in his cabinet accountable is very, very large. I mean, when we discover that he was renting at such a low rate, a room from an energy lobbyist that actually is lobbying the EPA, that would have been scandalous, and that would have been a whole week or months of news under the Obama administration. From this administration it`s just a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

MELBER: Take a listen to the teacher, of course, who confronted him, Kristin Mink who was also on THE BEAT, but made waves with this appearance.


KRISTIN MINK, PROTESTER: Hi, I just wanted to urge you to resign because of what you`re doing to the environment in our country. This is my son who loves animals, he loves good air. We deserve to have somebody at the EPA who cares about her environment, who believes in climate change and takes it seriously for the benefit of all of us, including our children. I would urge you to resign before your scandals push you out.


MELBER: As a member of Congress, do you think that kind of direct action or activism also helped to keep this thing going? Because, you know, well, the question was, will this stay in the news in a way that puts enough heat on the administration?

GALLEGO: Well, the fact that she did it in such a respectful manner is important. Number two, the reason people are doing this is because they feel the administration is not actually listening to the American people. So yes, I do think actions like that made a difference. I think actions by other members of Congress and the press especially as the President calls the enemy of the state made the biggest difference in terms of getting this person out.

MELBER: Congressman Gallego, thank you very much. And it has been to see that the President`s respond as you say today not admitting the problem, but addressing the problem under pressure.

Still to come tonight, the massive Trump baby blimp that troll Trump, and why it will get under his skin in London. DA major new hire, getting into that when we are back in 60 seconds.


MELBER: Other top story tonight, news about a controversial news executive moving into the White House. Trump tapping former FOX News executive and Roger Ailes` ally Bill Shine to be the new deputy chief of staff. Many politicos talk about how Trump who spent his life as a well, a Manhattan media personality and an apparent Democrat had taken of the Republican Party in 2016.

Now, he did that by squaring off against and ultimately coopting the GOP`s most powerful megaphone FOX News, famously battling then FOX anchor Megyn Kelly. He was also willing to clash with Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch, something that actually scared most of establishment Republicans.

We know, of course, that Trump`s triumph. 2016 began with FOX a king maker but ended with Roger Ailes out, and he was advising Trump`s campaign, and Trump commanding loyalty at that channel.

And Donald Trump knows transactional relationships, he went on to hire or talk about hiring numerous FOX personalities, and some of those whom Trump has not hired are actually the most influential, consider Sean Hannity often called a shadow chief of staff who first recommended this news tonight, first pushing the hiring of bill shine, Hannity arranging private meetings for them at Mar-A-Lago. And then he used his own show to push this idea forward.

Ex-FOX News boss bill shine in talks to become next White House communications director. If that`s true, I think it would be great because he`s great a ever known and one of the nicest people I`ve ever known. As far as what I know about it, it`s -- if I did know anything, it`s none of your business anyway.


SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Ex-Fox News boss, Bill Shein in talks to become White House communications director. If that true, I think it would be great because he has created this job. And he is one of the smartest people I have ever known. What? It`s none of your business. That`s Sean Hannity telling his own audience that his inside information isn`t theirs to hear, a confession that he will literally keep secrets for his political allies out of an apparent loyalty against the interests of his audience, just like he kept it a secret that he was retaining Trump lawyer Michael Cohen as his own lawyer.

Now Shein clearly in better graces with Trump than Michael Cohen tonight, even though the hire is also controversial given significant criticism that bill shine did not do enough to address sexual harassment claims against FOX hosts, issues that led to the ousting of Bill O`Reilly, Roger Ailes and then Shein himself.

No we are going to cover this from a couple important angles.

First, joined by MSNBC contributor Sam Seder and "Chicago Tribune" columnist Clarence Page to look at the politics. Sam, why does it matter if a President is hiring an executive like this?

MELBER: Sam, why does it matter if a President is hiring and executive like this?

SAM SEDER, MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR: Well, I mean, aside from his record in terms of dealing with sexual harassment --.

MELBER: Right, which we`ll get to in a moment.

SEDER: The relationship he`s had with FOX, and the way that FOX has been responding -- look, Tony Snow came and worked for the Bush administration. But there was some daylight between FOX and the Bush administration at that time. Not -- they were more focused on Republicans. But in this instance, it seems like the entire network is there to push Donald Trump`s line and perspective. And, I mean, frankly, it`s disturbing, too, because, you know, Sean Hannity, the second most powerful guy in the country, we are not talking exactly brain trust here.

And so I think, you know, what we have is Donald Trump increasingly speaking only to his base. And creating a second sort of narrative of what has been going on. You watch FOX for a day, you will hear none of what the rest of the world essentially is reporting about the Trump administration.

MELBER: Clarence, building on Sam`s points, and given your role as a student of American politics, there`s an argument that this goes -- say again?


MELBER: And television -- well, and we`re on television right now, if you want to get into it. There`s a larger argument, right, that the blurring between the campaign season and the governing season predates Donald Trump, famous books like "the permanent campaign" argue that, but Donald Trump has played it forward to the degree that in the hiring of Bill Shein and all these other people from FOX, it`s almost like the lack of interest in governing has dropped to zero and the interest in content is somewhere near 100 percent of his focus. Do you view that as part of why this is different or worse?

PAGE: Well, I view this as a continuation of something you touched on a moment ago. And that is that Donald Trump is not the TV president, he is a medium in himself. He has enough clout there at Fox. Now the relationship is so close that they instruct him as far as information goes and he instructs them at the same time. This is similar to what Masha Gessen, famous Russian journalist who has written a lot about Vladimir Putin points out that people thought Putin wanted to control the Russian press and he wound up controlling major Russian media in less than two years. And this is what Donald Trump is following, the model of yes, the media is our enemy except for those who we have an association with, in other words our medium and that`s Fox News. It`s really that close of a relationship.

ARI MELBER, MSNBC HOST: When you hit that point, it`s very important because you`re talking not just about battling the press which has been going on since the founding that`s why it was the first amendment. There was an awareness that this would happen. But you`re talking about something much more theocratic or authoritarian which is trying to actually replace the entire press or the part of the press that`s most heard. Take a listen on that point to Donald Trump in one of his bromance interviews if you want to call it that with Hannity.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I will say this. You have been so great and I`m very proud of you and you know I`m a ratings person. You notice I always talk. OK, has anyone see his ratings?

I`m very proud of you and it`s an honor to be in your show. I have to tell you that.


MELBER: Clarence?

PAGE: Well, it`s honor for him to be on Hannity`s show on Trump`s network, I mean, this is that close of a relationship. And both sides benefit, Fox and Trump both benefit from this close relationship with the sorts of stories that`s kind of part of Sean`s snarky reference to you know, none of your business. I got my secrets, ha ha ha. But the fact is that they are very close in terms of setting policy as well as setting the public image. Trump, one of the great legends, (INAUDIBLE) Donald Trump hates the media. As we`ve seen, he loves the media that he can manipulate and the only hates them when we don`t cooperate in the way that he would like. So it`s going to be interesting to see how effective Bill Shine is and helping implement that.

MELBER: Well, he loves -- yes, he loves the media because he loves attention and content. What he hates his journalism because by his own standing, by his own statements he doesn`t believe in public accountability. Clarence Page, thank you for joining this part of the conversation. Sam, stay with me because we want to turn to the other thing that is as big a deal, Shines history at Fox. Now, he stepped down from the big title of co-president amid these accusations that he`d been enabling alleged sexual misconduct by others at the network. He was named in multiple lawsuits and allegations related to both sexual harassment and racial discrimination allegations at Fox. Now Shine denies these allegations. NBC`s Megyn Kelly who of course was previously there has said specifically that she tried to complain to Shine about Bill O`Reilly`s alleged misconduct.


MEGYN KELLY, NBC NEWS HOST: O`Reilly suggestion that no one ever complained about his behavior is false. I know because I complained. Bill Shine called me in response to my e-mail promising to deal with O`Reilly. By 8:00 p.m. that night O`Reilly had apparently been dealt with. And by that I mean he was permitted with management`s advance notice and blessing to go on the air and attack the company`s harassment victims yet again.


MELBER: For more on this I`m joined by New York Times Investigative Reporter Megan Twohey, she`s part of the team at the Times investigating many of these stories, spent four months working on exposing Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. When you look at that part of this, put aside the political debate over how White House has communicate, what does it tell you that today this is the person being hired by U.S. tax dollars at the White House to take on such a big role.

MEGAN TWOHEY, INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER, NEW YORK TIMES: I think they`re significant symbolism here. I mean, the past year has seen this #MeToo Movement take off where powerful men have been held accountable for sexual misconduct, Bill O`Reilly, Roger Ailes, Harvey Weinstein, and you know, it`s worth noting that Trump himself faces more than ten allegations of sexual misconduct. And while other people have been forced to resign and have taken other steps to you know, either apologize or put in place changes that their companies or in their operations to make sure that they are basically friendly to female employees, you know, Trump is today you know, made official that he is hiring somebody who is known you know, who has been accused of being an actual enabler of the sexual -- the rampant sexual harassment at Fox. And yes shine denies it but that there have been allegations not just from one person but from multiple women.

MELBER: Well then he was ousted from Fox over this but now is getting promoted to a plump position in the federal government.

TWOHEY: Yes, that`s exactly right. And it`s also coming at a time where these allegations against Trump aren`t just in his past. He is currently being sued by one of his accusers here in New York Court, you know Summer Zervos who was who was on the Apprentice and says that she suffered severe sexual harassment by him, suing him for defamation here. That`s the case that`s moving forward. The judge has allowed it to move forward. It has - -, it has the potential to continue to basically keep this issue of the sexual misconduct allegations against him very much alive. And you know, we`ve also -- he`s also dealing with the ongoing issues of Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. And so it`s just interesting that this is -- this is a live issue for Trump, this isn`t just in his past and he`s bringing in somebody who has been known to help basically powerful men cover up and deal with these allegations.

SAM SEDER, HOST, MAJORITY REPORT: Yes, I mean, I think -- I think Megan is right too in terms of it being not only symbolic but it`s a signal too. I mean, I think it`s -- it is again and I think you the point that you made earlier about Trump is more interested in the show than he is in any real agenda, all right. I mean, he has a couple of points that he`s hit in terms of immigration and whatnot, but beyond that, I think really being able to lay claim to certain wins is more important than actually getting them. I mean, I think that even when you look at like I what happened with North Korea, I think if you know going there, if getting peace with North Korea was actually getting in the way of being able to declare that he had gotten peace with North Korea right, because it involves a lot of work that actually is painstaking, I think he would opt for the latter. And I think Bill Shine both signals and they both has that expertise but also signals that he is with those people.

MELBER: Let me give -- let me give Megan breath the final word. I mean, you`re talking about basically you have a head chef who`s only interested in the menu, the words on the menu and not what the actual food tastes like.

TWOHEY: Yes, I think it`s also worth noting that the symbolism is not lost on the women who did come forward with allegations of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct against these figures at Fox. Today Gretchen Carlson who you know, it was two years ago I think today that she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Roger Ailes. And she said the fact that you know Shine who you know, was seen as being you know, one of these top enablers at Fox for the sexual harassment that was going on there, the fact that his -- that the announcement of his hiring was made today two years later, you know, the world works in mysterious ways. I think it`s a generous way. I think a lot of these accusers you`ve seen the symbolism but it`s a real sort of slap in the face.

MELBER: Well, it goes -- it goes to the undercurrents of the social movement that you`ve been reporting on which is finding different places for pressure in the culture. The federal government, the Trump administration not responsive and yet corporate America including even Rupert Murdoch`s Fox News more responsive than the federal government. So I think if you want change, there`s both positive and negative notes within that. Megan, we`ll be having you back I`m sure. Megan Twohey and Sam Seder, thank you both. Up ahead Bob Mueller`s bringing in new prosecutors (AUDIO GAP) this baby blimp will greet President Trump when he goes to London. Why will that upset him? What evidence do we have and what did he say to Paul Manafort about being a baby? My breakdown later is a show.


MELBER: Bob Mueller`s investigation growing and using more resources with help from the DOJ, career prosecutors as well as additional FBI agents. Experts saying Mueller is busy but what`s the endgame? Well, I`m joined by former federal prosecutor Seth Waxman to talk about this. As you know, Seth, there is a tendency to over-interpret Bob Mueller as he`s become something of America`s Batman. This report here tonight has gotten a lot of people talking because it looks like he`s using more resources and prosecutors around the nation. What does it mean?

SETH WAXMAN, FORMER FEDERAL PROSECUTOR: Well, in the first instance, anytime you`re being investigated you don`t want to hear there`s been whole new teams of prosecutors being brought in in different U.S. Attorneys` offices, you know different departments in the Department of Justice. But in this particular case this may have a lot more to do with just his workload, that he`s got 50 things on his plate at any given time and there`s issues 51, 52, and 53 that come up and he is farming those out to other prosecutors` offices that are perfectly capable of handling those sorts of things. And in fact, by farming them out, you know, those items may get more attention by those prosecutors because those matters will be number one priority on their list while Bob Mueller focuses and his team focus on the first 50 things that are on their agenda.

MELBER: What about the idea that he could initiate cases but basically close up shop when he`s done, his Russia focus piece. What does that mean to you when you look at other cases including potentially Cohen in New York.

WAXMAN: Well, sure. I mean, those prosecutions can continue on and that the people are that are in legal jeopardy can still face those issues. But of course, the Russian investigations at the top of the list, I think a lot of Bob Mueller`s efforts right now are to get people to flip, to keep the pressure on Paul Manafort, to keep the pressure on Michael Cohen and anyone else that can contribute to his ultimate target and goal which is determining whether there was collusion or a conspiracy prior to the 2016 election.

MELBER: Former Federal Prosecutor Seth Waxman with more precision than hype, thanks for helping explain some of this.


MELBER: And we`re going to be right back with a very special guest, Comedian Sinbad on why Trump is a con-artist and what he learned being around him. And then some very big news about the baby Trump blimp.


MELBER: Pressure works on Donald Trump. He`s weighing the pressure in his Supreme Court picks this week. Tonight, he buckled the critics and ousted his environmental chief Scott Pruitt so it`s no surprise how often Trump tries to change the subject under pressure and bring up culture wars from the NFL to attacking liberal artists like Robert De Niro and Samantha Bee. My next guest is a comedian making his debut on THE BEAT, Sinbad, known for his social commentary whose cross paths was Trump doing hiss tint on Celebrity Apprentice. Joining me now is the one and only Sinbad. Thanks for being here and I got to say you look you look good out there.

SINBAD, COMEDIAN: Man you know, it`s the sun, it`s that California sun, man. When it hits you, it makes everything right brother.

MELBER: Weather goes a long way and with these -- with these politics in the culture world we`ve been talking about, a good weather I think anyone could use. Let`s start there. You`re a figure in the culture. Donald Trump seems to obsess over a lot of people who come out of the culture who have either success, fame, or credibility. Why do you think he`s picking some of these fights with everyone from the NFL to De Niro.

SINBAD: You know what man, this what I feel. This I really feel about that. First of all, you remember there`s two different Donald Trump`s. There`s a Donald Trump in the 90s. They did all the fights and always doing Trump`s casinos where you know, where you had Mike Tyson there, you had you know, you had Don -- you know Don King promoting the fights. He`s hanging out with hip-hop cats and now you`ve got this other one I think the post dementia Donald Trump who just loves picking fights. I think he`s a lonely man. I think this man never really had a lot of friends. He wants to be popular. He wants to be a celebrity and he loves being able to Twitter slam people because you`d have to see him face-to-face. He`s not good with that.

MELBER: Are you suggesting that not unlike Drake`s observation people with Twitter fingers sometimes aren`t as hardcore when you meet them in person.

SINBAD: Oh man, they`re keyboard gangsters. Man, most people are gangsters, man, that wouldn`t hurt a fly brother. That`s why they live behind the keyboard.

MELBER: Comedians obviously look for the punchline. Do you think the joke was on Trump when you say that all that this was not supposed to end in him winning in his own mind?

SINBAD: No the win for him was to get his show, to go almost to the gold mine not when pull up a hamstring move, pull the hamstring as they get your T.V. show because he could always said I could have won. I could have won, they didn`t want me to win. I`m too good, I`m too truthful, I`m too different. See it`s easy -- look it takes the perfect trifecta. You got to be rich, I mean, filthy rich where you don`t need the job. You can throw anything out then you really don`t care. And then you got a little bit of a mental deficiency.

MELBER: You`ve also as we point out been critical of other people in politics. It`s not exactly ideological for you. Can the Democrats win by running on just not being Trump?

SINBAD: You know what, this is the first time I don`t know. We have to have -- we`d have to have a candidate that we go hey man, this guy is real. And then if he`s real, we know we got to fight this other side. This other side has an army that s immobilizing right now. We have to find someone that we can get behind and say hey, this -- not just can he beat Trump, can he change America? Can he make America about a country? Can he be what`s best for everybody? I don`t think we`re ever going to go back to what two parties work together again. I think once Barack Obama won -- go ahead.

MELBER: When you say real, people might wonder what do you mean by real?

SINBAD: A person that has really cares about this country. When I say real, he cares about this country, understands politics, understands and cares about all people, whether it`s an immigrant who`s coming here, maybe it`s illegal they`re trying to get here but didn`t America -- wasn`t America created because somebody want better way of life?

MELBER: Sinbad, thank you for coming on the show. I should mention your new series The Real will air Sunday nights this fall on Fox. Thanks for being here.

SINBAD: Cool, my pleasure. Thank you so much.

MELBER: And as promised, trolling Trump. Baby Trump comes to the skies over London, next.



JON STEWART, COMEDIAN: Can you -- are you eligible to run if you are a man baby or a baby man? See, I don`t know what --


MELBER: Jon Stewart tweaking Donald Trump as a man baby in 2016. And after Trump`s many attacks on the city of London British activists now punching back with a campaign to fly this giant blimp of Donald Trump depicted as a baby over the city during Trump`s visit next week. And tonight we can report a British official confirms this baby Trump blimp is cleared to fly during Trump`s visit as a form of peaceful protest. The blimp portrays Trump as a giant diaper-clad baby clutching an iPhone. Protestors raised over $20,000 to fund its flight. This is indeed a dramatic way to troll Donald Trump and it plays on one of his documented insecurities. Trump deeply fears that people think he`s basically a baby and that even his most loyal advisors think of him as a walking, talking baby. Consider this remarkably bizarre report from journalist Josh Green who recounts that Trump was enraged over an article that reported his campaign aides tried to persuade him through their T.V. appearances "You think you`ve got to go on T.V. to talk to me?"

Trump shouted at Paul Manafort. "You treat me like a baby. Am I like a baby to you?" Trump yelled this according to Green`s account. And Trump continued yelling at Manafort saying, "I sit here like a little baby and watch T.V. and you talk to me? Am I an effing baby, Paul?" The room fell silent. Donald Trump`s primal anger over this baby reputation may be triggered by this giant baby Trump blimp. Organizers say that`s the whole point. Environmental activist Leo Murray says Trump is shameless but deeply insecure so trolling him is one way to reach him.


LEO MURRAY, ANTI-TRUMP PROTESTER: He really doesn`t care. The man has no shame so moral outrage is not an effective form of protest for Donald Trump. What he hates is when people take this out and you know, he`s got a really fragile ego. I would say that`s the only sort of real leverage that we have over this man.


MELBER: The effort hitting its mark. While the baby has not yet taken flight, it`s getting attention in the U.K. and the U.S. tonight headlines saying giant nappy-clad Trump baby blimp will fly over London, even Fox News reported tonight "Trump baby blimp gets OK to flyover London during Trump`s visit. Now some news stories raised big questions like what kind of nation do we want to be? Other stories raised smaller questions. You could even call them baby size like Trump`s question to Paul Manafort, am I an effing baby Paul? Well, that`s the question these protesters will raise next week. Does President Trump act like a baby? Does he govern like a baby? And when he believes people think he`s a baby, does he respond like a baby? That`s our show. Hardball with Chris Matthews is up next.




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