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For the Record with Greta, Transcript 4/17/2017

Guests: Ron Allen, Ted Williams, Bill Kristol, Lawrence Wilkerson, Bob Scales, Jim Galloway, Rosie Grey, Karen Tumulty, Kevin Cirilli, Katie Phang

Show: For the Record with Greta  Date: April 17, 2017 Guest: Ron Allen, Ted Williams, Bill Kristol, Lawrence Wilkerson, Bob Scales, Jim Galloway, Rosie Grey, Karen Tumulty, Kevin Cirilli, Katie Phang

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOR THE RECORD HOST: And I`m from Wisconsin, so I appreciate anything with cheese. Thank you, Katie. Well, a nationwide manhunt is on right now for a cold-blooded killer who executed an innocent 74-year-old man in broad daylight and posted the video of that vicious cruel act on Facebook. There is now a $50,000 reward for the arrest of Steve Stephens. And late today police made a plea directly to him.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNINDENTIFIED MALE: Steve, if you`re out there listening, call someone whether it`s a friend or family member or pastor. Give them a call because they`re waiting on you to call them.

(END VIDEO CLIP) VAN SUSTEREN: And as we speak the FBI, the U.S. marshals and police in five states are hunting for Stephens after he allegedly stalked this innocent 74-year-old grandfather, forced him to say the name of a woman, then killed him and posted that video on Facebook. A warning, this video is disturbing.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNINDENTIFIED MALE: I`m finding somebody I`m about to kill. I will kill this guy right here, this old dude. Can you do me a favor. Can you say (BLEEP)




UNINDENTIFIED MALE: Yeah. She`s the reason why this is about to happen to you.

UNINDENTIFIED MALE: I don`t know nobody.

(END VIDEO CLIP) VAN SUSTEREN: The intense manhunt under way from Indiana to New York State. Police say Stephens may be in this car with temporary Ohio tags. Earlier today, we learned detectives actually talked to the suspect after the murder.


UNINDENTIFIED MALE: Early in this investigation we did have contact with him, direct contact with our detectives. They tried to of course convince him to turn himself in and, of course, that hasn`t happened to date. We talked to him via cell phone.

(END VIDEO CLIP) VAN SUSTEREN: Police also briefly talked about the woman mentioned in the Facebook video.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNINDENTIFIED MALE: We don`t know if she`s a girlfriend or not, but there are several people in this investigation that we`ve talked to including the female that was mentioned and they all cooperated so far.


UNINDENTIFIED MALE: Well, we can`t tell you where she`s at but she`s safe.

(END VIDEO CLIP) VAN SUSTEREN: And it`s unthinkable but Stephens bragged about committing other murders, but so far no evidence of other murders. But this is a fact, Stephens is armed and dangerous. Investigators are confident they will get him, but will it be before he kills again.


UNINDENTIFIED MALE: This individual is armed and dangerous. And quite frankly at this point, he could be a lot of places. He could be nearby. He could be far away, anywhere in between.

UNINDENTIFIED MALE: We`re going to make this individual`s world very, very, very small.


VAN SUSTEREN: NBC`s Ron Allen is live outside Cleveland City Hall, and Ted Williams is lawyer and former homicide detective here in Washington. First to you, Ron, tell me the facts of this murder.

RON ALLEN, NBC NEWS: The facts of the murder are that it happened Easter Sunday afternoon. The suspect, Steve Stephens, apparently got out of his car and taunted this man, Mr. Godwin. And then, apparently shot him point- blank. The video was then uploaded to Facebook, and then after that a live confession happened on Facebook. And Facebook went through some detail just a little while ago about how long it took them to take this account down because they faced some criticism about that. Essentially, it took about an hour and 45 minutes. But they say it took 23 minutes from the time that they were first notified that in fact the murder had happened. And they say that they`re working on their reporting processes and basically relying on thousands of people around the world who are looking at millions of uploads and pieces of postings every week. So it`s a very difficult job. But to the issue here, what`s striking is that in the press conference the police seemed to indicate that they really don`t have a clue where this individual is, and it`s been over 24 hours now. There was some reporting earlier today, the Philadelphia police confirmed that they have gotten some reports on 911 of sightings that turned out to be a false lead. There was reporting very early in the day suggest that he might have been in Erie, Pennsylvania, where his cell phone might have pinged but that also apparently turn out to not be the case. So there`s been a couple of little things along the way but nothing substantive. That`s why they are merely making a very forceful plea to friend, neighbors, relatives to turn this individual in. He can`t just disappear off the face of the earth. There`s also no indication that he tried to rent another car or buy an airplane ticket, they`re obviously looking at his credit card. No electronic transaction. But again, it`s just an extensive manhunt. They describe it as a nationwide manhunt, even though -- maybe focused on a couple of states near here. They say he could be anywhere in this country. That`s why he`s on the FBI`s 10 most wanted list. That`s why the reward is now $50,000. That`s what people here are still very afraid of what might happen. He has not been linked to any other murders. He said, Steven said on Facebook that he has killed as many as 15 people but that apparently is not true. The police have searched Cleveland and everywhere else they could think of and they have not find any victims or any bodies that were related to this individual. So it`s the one man, Mr. Godwin, 74-year-old grandfather. We hope to hear from his family today. They`re obviously trying to work out funeral arrangements and grieving deeply and trying to understand how this happened because there seemed to be no relationship between the victim and the shooter. It just seems to be a random thing. And the shooter -- Stephens explained that it has something to do with his girlfriend, Joy Lane. One of our producers in the neighborhood outside of Cleveland was able to determine by talking to some neighbors that if fact they seemed to be a couple living together for the past several months described as quiet. And you heard the police say that she was in a safe place now. And police also say that friends and neighbors are cooperating. But that`s where we are, just a dead-end at this point it would seems.

VAN SUSTEREN: Ted, as a former homicide detective, you investigated this case. And I should add if anyone is listening on satellite radio keep your eyes open for a white Ford Fusion, temporary Ohio tag, E63636, because this is the kind of case where tips are everything. Don`t approach this man. He`s armed and dangerous. That`s what so important tonight.

TED WILLIAMS, FORMER HOMICIDE DETECTIVE: Well, absolutely. Greta, this is such a horrific senseless cold-blooded killing. And what law enforcement now is trying to put together a puzzle. What they`re trying to determine is who his friends are, his relatives, and they`re trying to make a determination as to whether any of those people are sheltering him or whether he`s actually been in contact with them.

VAN SUSTEREN: And if he`s on the run he needs money. He`s got to eat. He`s got to get money. Anyone who gives him money is now part of this crime. Anybody who aids him and helps him knowing he did this is part of this crime.

WILLIAMS: Well, absolutely. And it`s like a needle in a haystack. We know he was in a white Toyota Camry at the time that he committed.

VAN SUSTEREN: I thought it was a Ford Fusion.

WILLIAMS: I`m sorry, stand to be corrected, Ford Fusion. And they are looking for that automobile right now.

VAN SUSTEREN: He could have ditched it.

WILLIAMS: He -- very well could have. The big question there I actually try to find out also and I heard Ron mention it, but they`re trying to determine if he`s actually a serial killer. That`s very significant in this investigation.

VAN SUSTEREN: Ron, in the press conference the police said they had contact with him after the murder. What was the contact and how did they happen to have contact with him?

ALLEN: Apparently they contacted him by phone, as they describe it, early in the investigation. So I would assume that means sometime Sunday afternoon, evening, since the murder happened around 2 or 3:00 in the afternoon. They didn`t give a lot of detail about it. And they say that they -- his last known location to them is the murder scene, nowhere else. They don`t know where he could have gone. And the other thing about this that`s really fascinating is that this is an individual who seems to have a lot of ties to this community. He had what appears to be a relatively stable job. That work side closed down today because they were concerned about whether this has something to do with employees at their facility. So it`s not like he`s some guy who doesn`t have a history here. He`s known. He has family. He has friends, apparently. He has fraternity brothers who have come out and talked to me. He`s a college graduate we understand. So that`s what`s really amazing and baffling about this is that an individual with so many ties could just disappear.

VAN SUSTEREN: And the fact -- I mean, this murder, Ted, broad daylight in Cleveland, 74-year-old grandfather walking down the street and this evil man just came up and killed him.

WILLIAMS: On Easter Sunday, a 74-year-old grandfather walking on the street, minding his own business, and to be shot by this man. And while he`s filming it he`s actually talking to his girlfriend because on the final end he says something in a profanity that M.F. is dead because of you, meaning the girlfriend, and this is something that he put out there.

VAN SUSTEREN: And a reminder to the viewers or listeners if you`re listening on radio, this man is armed and dangerous. It`s a nationwide manhunt. He is suspected in a murder. Suspected, I use loosely because he put it on Facebook that he did this. Ron and Ted, thank you. And as Ron mentioned just moments ago, Facebook released a timeline showing that the suspect account was still active for nearly two hours after the shooting video was posted. Facebook has issued a statement saying, quote, we are viewing our reporting flows to be sure people can report videos and other material that violates our standards as easily and quickly as possible. We know we need to do better. And let`s not forget the victim of this heinous crime, Robert Godwin Sr., 74-years-old, retired foundry worker. Friends and family describe him as a good, generous and selfless man. His son spoke to reporters earlier today about his father.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNINDENTIFIED MALE: I mean he`s a good guy. I mean, he`d give you the shirt off his back. I`m not just saying that for these cameras.


VAN SUSTEREN: Mr. Godwin was quiet, always respectful. He enjoyed spending his retirement with his family and frequently went out fishing. He leaves behind nine children and 14 grandchildren. Well, now to a not so sweet home coming for many Republicans, some are taking heat at local town halls, moments ago Senator Tom Cotton in his state of Arkansas.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) TOM COTTON, U.S. SENATOR: As far as I`m aware the president says he`s still under audit and.

UNINDENTIFIED MALE: If you don`t, I think it`s time to repeal and replace you in 2020.

UNINDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m just curious why as a farmer and as a woman and as a person on the LGBT spectrum you continue to vote against everything that is in my personal interest.

COTTON: On all of the things he is delivering results. I would say.

UNINDENTIFIED MALE: I want to congratulate you and Senator Boozman. I think you read the Art of the Deal because you got more contributions from the telecommunications industry. Therefore, you sold us out when you canceled the SCC regulation that insured my privacy, keeping my ISP from selling my browsing history.

COTTON: Business activities.

UNINDENTIFIED MALE: Do your job. Do your job.

(END VIDEO CLIP) VAN SUSTEREN: With me, Bill Kristol, founder and editor of the Weekly Standard. Nice to see you, Bill.


VAN SUSTEREN: Well, Republicans are getting an earful going home to these town halls.

KRISTOL: Yeah, I talked to Tom Cotton in that regard, curious how that went. He told me, look, I`m happy to have done it. You know, he got more critical -- I mean he learned something about from some of his constituents. A lot of them were just obviously Democrats who would never going to vote for him in the first place, making arguments they wanted to make and that`s fine. It`s a free country. But as he said, at least, you know, I did it with Congressman Hill, and I guess they did it together. I think he`s done three town halls this recess.

VAN SUSTEREN: And he`s taken a beating at the others one, and yet he still stands up and talks to his constituents.

KRISTOL: Yeah. I think voters prefer that obviously. I think the worst thing you could do is just hide -- you still have the same votes. If the votes ultimately will do you in, voting for -- you know, whatever, votes -- people won`t like in 2018 or 2020. The votes will be used in the advertisements against you. But at least defend yourself and make your case.

VAN SUSTEREN: 2018, is it way too early for Republicans to start thinking about whether or not they`re going to take a beating or not?

KRISTOL: No, it`s never too early. Look, history is pretty suggestive here. When a new president comes in and his party controls congress there are expectation. They usually -- or disappointed voters are there who thought they might get more. Clinton took a big victory in `92 in Democratic congress. They got clobbered in `94, lost both house. Obama (INAUDIBLE) Democratic congress, they lost the house in 2010. Trump had a little much lesser victory with a Republican congress. I think they`re at great risk. I think there`s been much too much complacency among Republicans to think, oh, the house is gerrymandered or the playing field in the senate is good. If you get a wave going against you which you could get in that first off-year election, it does happen pretty often historically, you could be in trouble.

VAN SUSTEREN: What`s going on in the Republican Party? I mean, they could pass Obamacare -- no, healthcare. KRISTOL: They didn`t pass healthcare. I just saw today that it looks like they`re pulling the tax reform bill back. They`re not saying if they`re going to get it out by August, let alone through congress by August. So that gives them -- that takes away this short term accomplishments. They could have done more I think in the short term to get a few things done, smaller things done. President Obama did that in 2009, pay equity bill, expansion of the children`s health plan. You know Obamacare took 15 months. And those things got some Republican votes. So I think if you were a Democratic congressman they didn`t ultimately they were in trouble anyway, so it shows that these things don`t really matter as much as we think in the very short term, but they were able to go home and say, no, we did some things here. President Obama was able to say I`m trying to be bipartisan. I think Trump for his sake did something I`m surprised by -- not a big fan of his. Nonetheless, I think he did have a sense that people were sick of the partisan politics and sick of politics as usual. He does agree with Democrats on some issues.

VAN SUSTEREN: And he`s pulling back on NAFTA.

KRISTOL: Why attacking Democrats all the time on twitter and elsewhere. His rhetoric is the most partisan Republican rhetoric, right? He`s just blasting Democrats all the time. I think that`s a little foolish. There are some Democrats out there, swing voters, who would probably like it if President Trump tried to reach across the aisle. Conservatives like me might be worried about some of the policies, but from a political point of view it would be in his interest I think.

VAN SUSTEREN: How`s Speaker Ryan doing?

KRISTOL: You know I just saw today his numbers are slightly worse than Donald Trump`s. Isn`t that amazing? I mean, Paul Ryan who I`ve known and long time and respect a lot, like a lot, that`s really the kind of golden hope of the Republican Party. If you had told me that Trump would win and Ryan would do his thing, and Ryan`s approval-disapproval would be worse than Trump among the general public I would have been shocked. I think that`s a warning sign too.

VAN SUSTEREN: And the Democrat Party is going on what direction? Is this Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders?

KRISTOL: I think a little bit. But I think the truth is -- it`s kind of interesting to think about the future of the Democratic Party. The Democrats are just not interest in it. But all they have to do is oppose Donald Trump and oppose the Republican congress and hope there`s a big swing against them for 2018. But, again, the lesson of Obama you can win a big congressional victory in 2010 and still lose the presidential election in 2012. You need a positive agenda for the presidential election.

VAN SUSTEREN: It`s not enough just to be against?

KRISTOL: No, not in the presidential. In the off-year election, you can say give us the majority in the house, we will stop.

VAN SUSTEREN: We`ll fix everything.

KRISTOL: No, all you have to say is, we`ll stop Donald Trump from doing all these horrible things. So off-year election you can be fine with an oppositional agenda, presidential election you need a positive agenda.

VAN SUSTEREN: Bill, thank you.

KRISTOL: Thanks, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN: President Trump telling North Korea they`ve got to behave, but what if they do not behave? And what is the foreign policy strategy other than this campaign promise.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: I would bomb the -- out of them. I would just bomb those suckers.

TRUMP: I`m going to bomb the -- out of them. It`s true. I don`t care.

Trump: We`re going to knock the -- out of these people. We`ve got to do it.


VAN SUSTEREN: Also, is this Democrat about to shack the GOP establishment and show what is ahead for Republicans in Trump era? We`re live in Atlanta just hours before the vote starts in a critical special election. Plus, what I learned from my trip to Iraq, I was there this weekend. I saw the victims of ISIS. Not only will I tell you but I will show you.


VAN SUSTEREN: Is the U.S. going to war with North Korea? North Korea`s ambassador to the United Nations warning that we are on the brink of a nuclear war.


UNINDENTIFIED MALE: It has been created a dangerous situation in which a nuclear war may break out at any moment on the peninsula and oppose a serious threat for the world peace and security.

(END VIDEO CLIP) VAN SUSTEREN: Also today, a North Korean official telling the BBC that a, quote, all-out war will be coming if the U.S. decides to use military force. President Trump was asked today about what our next move will be.




VAN SUSTEREN: This coming just after North Korea showed off its weaponry with a military parade and then tested a missile that failed almost immediately. Vice President Pence today in South Korea at the demilitarized zone just steps away from North Korea`s border.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) MIKE PENCE, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: All options are on the table as we continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of South Korea. The United States of America, the people of South Korea, our allies across the region are resolved to achieve our objectives through feasible means or ultimately by whatever means are necessary.

(END VIDEO CLIP) VAN SUSTEREN: With me former chief-of-staff to secretary of state Colin Powell, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, and retired U.S. army major General Bob Scales, the author of Scales on War, the future of America`s military at risk. First, to you general, do you think it`s very likely we could be going to war with North Korea?

BOB SCALES, MAJOR GENERAL U.S. ARMY: No. Remember, the North Koreans have been talking about this for 70 years. When I was first assigned to Korea in 1976, the Koreans were constantly badgering us over the DMZ about we`re coming south, we`re coming south, be prepared for us. And after a while, at least for the U.S. forces, you get tone deaf to this. You get to the point where, oh, boy, here they are again. And the propaganda was unending in the `70s and it`s only gotten worse over the years. No, we`re not going to war any time soon.

VAN SUSTEREN: Colonel, they say that they`re going to be testing missiles weekly, but I don`t know where they`re going to get the cash from that. They simply have no money. The people are starving. And the only money they gotten recently is from China. And if China shuts off that spigot, where will they get the money for these missiles?

LAWRENCE WILKERSON, FORMER CHIEF OF STAFF TO SECRETARY OF STATE COLIN POWELL: That`s a good question, Greta. And let me just say along with the general my first shot at the peninsula was in 1977. I agree with everything that he said. But I would point out that the kind of high stakes poker that Pence, Trump and others seem to be playing, even Rex Tillerson, and talking about the failure of the policy of strategic patience somewhat concerns me. I understand they may be seeking leverage for talks that might come up. But this is not a group to play high stakes poker with in that sense. Strategic patience has kept war from that peninsula for 64 years. That`s a pretty good success story. I`d like to see that success continue.

VAN SUSTEREN: The only thing, colonel -- and I agree with you, the only thing that concerns me is that North Korea has been inching in one direction only. They have been testing missiles. They had five nuclear tests so far, and they`re just inching in the wrong direction. And Kim Jong-un is so prideful in such a bad way and wants to show off and beat the big bad Americans. There`s a part of me that wonders if maybe this is escalating.

WILKERSON: Well, it could be. But I think one of the things that Bill Perry said today, and Bill Perry is really knowledgeable about the peninsula and coming very close to war in `94 when he was there. I did the Pyongyang exercises with Bill Perry last time we were in Korea together. And he said it`s absolutely absurd to think of this state as being irrational. It is a very rational state. Yes, it plays brinksmanship. Yes, it plays high stakes poker. That`s about the only hand it has. But it`s not going to start something that we`re going to finish because I will guarantee you and I`ll guarantee North Korea if we finish it there will be no Pyongyang left. So we need to get to talking again. We need to get in to the talks like we were in my administration with Vice President Cheney tying Jim Kelly`s hands. We couldn`t even talk to our North Korean counterparts. We had to talk through them through the Chinese. We need to talk directly to our North Korean counterpoints. We need to bring the temper down a little bit and we need to talk. There are ways -- he`s not going to give up his nuclear weapons. No way he`s going to give them up. But there`s way we can make his possessions of those weapons less threatening than they are right now.


SCALES: I disagree. I don`t think we should talk to the North Koreans at all. This is a (INAUDIBLE). Their whole regime is simply shakedown the west to gain advantage over us. And I said to you before on your show, my fear is not the nuclear weapons, my fear.

VAN SUSTEREN: The artillery.

SCALES: . the conventional weapons. And if he is dumb enough to start dropping artillery on Seoul, not only will Pyongyang disappear, but millions of Koreans will be put at risk. This is serious business and the nuclear threat is maybe four or five years down the road. But the conventional threat from this guy who is completely insane is here and now, and that`s the great danger.

VAN SUSTEREN: Colonel, when I was there.

WILKERSON: Greta, I don`t disagree with that at all. But I don`t think it leads you to the same conclusion, what do we do? Do we start military action ourselves in which case Seoul will suffer greatly? We keep forgetting we have an ally on that peninsula. We have the republic of Korea, a good ally, a firm ally, and we don`t need to think so much about us right now as we do about them and what the impact on them might be.

VAN SUSTEREN: And it`s sort of interesting, they have a new acting president in South Korea who is not as conservative as the former president who is in big trouble. And he`s more interested in talking to North Korea.

SCALES: He`s willing to talk and reopen the six party talks, which is a good thing. Look, there is no military solution in the peninsula. It would be Armageddon for both sides. It makes no sense to do anything about.

VAN SUSTEREN: I think -- I mean, I hope both of you are right. But the one thing that sort of sits in the back of my mind is that we`re not dealing with someone who is -- Kim Jong-un, someone who sort of think like we do. I don`t see him having a survival -- he may have a personal survival interest but not so sure for his people.

SCALES: He`s not his grandfather.

VAN SUSTEREN: Anyway, thank you, gentlemen. Just hours before a high profile special election in Georgia, President Trump goes on the attack. Is he worried about a possible wave coming? And a new wave of voter anger over President Trump`s tax returns. A rough crowd at a GOP town hall, we`ll show you that tape ahead.


VAN SUSTEREN: The eyes of the political world all on Georgia, in a test for President Trump`s Republican Party. Tomorrow, now HHS secretary Tom Price`s red seat in the sixth congressional district is up for grabs. This is a special election with national implications. Thirty-year-old Democrat John Ossoff is leading, but needs 50 percent of the vote to avoid a runoff in June. The young Democrat has tried to make the race about President Trump.


JOHN OSSOFF, Democrat: When President Trump embarrasses our country or acts recklessly, I`ll hold him accountable.

UNINDENTIFIED MALE: Donald Trump doesn`t represent our values. That`s why I`m supporting John Ossoff.

(END VIDEO CLIP) VAN SUSTEREN: But President Trump tweeting today firing right back calling Democratic candidate Ossoff, a super liberal Democrat who wants to protect criminals, allow illegal immigration and raise taxes. Jim Galloway is an expert on Georgia politics with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, joins me, nice to see you, Jim.


VAN SUSTEREN: Tell me what is the odds look like for the Republicans and Democrats going into tomorrow`s vote?

GALLOWAY: I would say we`re probably headed toward a June 20 runoff. Ossoff finally hit the 45 percent mark in a single poll late last week. I don`t think the weekend was enough for him to push beyond that 50 percent barrier. I think the real race is for that second berth among the Republicans.

VAN SUSTEREN: How much is an anti-Trump vote in a really strong Republican district, but I assume there are Democrats there, how strong is that to get out the passionate voters to come out and vote for Ossoff.

GALLOWAY: Look, all the passion is on that side. The Republicans have had a hard time. You`ve had quite a few super PACS and even the congressional leadership fund dip into this race with nothing but attack ads, attacking Jon Ossoff, because they can`t endorse any Republican in the race and haven`t done what the Democrats have done. Even though they`re attacking Jon Ossoff they`re also raising his name id. I think that kind of momentum builds on itself.

VAN SUSTEREN: How solid is this district Republican? I know this was former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich`s district. Is it historically going back decades? Is this a Republican seat?

GALLOWAY: Since 1978, that is when Newt won it and took it away from Jack Flint, the Democrat. Normally it originated on the south side of metro Atlanta and it has been over the years was pushed up north. It is affluent, very well-heeled, very well educated. You`re Republicans -- this isn`t the brand of conservatives Donald Trump won on. He just barely squeaked through with 48 percent of the vote in this district to Hillary Clinton`s 47 percent.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. If neither -- if no Republican candidate gets 50 percent and Ossoff, the sole Democrat, doesn`t get 50 percent there will be a June 20th runoff. Assuming there is a runoff and this is June 19th, you and I are having this conversation, who`s going to win, the Republican or Democrat?

GALLOWAY: You`d have to favor the Republican, if they can reunite. I think every effort will be made to do that. Look, this is still -- we don`t know what President Trump is going to be doing in June. A lot, as your segment on North Korea just showed, a lot can happen between now and June to changing the dynamics of this race.

VAN SUSTEREN: Jim, I suspect that on June 19th you and I will be talking again. I hope you join us.

GALLOWAY: I plan to, thanks.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right thank you. Angry crowds at GOP town halls demanding President Trump release his tax returns. We will show you the tape. New revelations about the death of music icon, Prince, pills found at the estate raising new questions about possible criminal charges.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m wondering if you`ll take the initiative to have him release those returns so we can see what connections he has with countries around the world.



TOM COTTON, ARKANSAS SENATOR: As far as I`m aware the president says he is still under audit.



VAN SUSTEREN: Republican Senator, Tom Cotton, getting an earful from voters today. They were angry about President Trump and his refusal to release his tax returns one day before the annual IRS deadline. This weekend dozens of rallies took place nationwide with protesters were calling up President Trump to release his taxes. The president responded by tweeting someone should look into who paid for the small organized rallies yesterday. The election is over. And today, Press Secretary Sean Spicer, facing some tough questions about the taxes and about the decision on Friday to not release the logs of who is coming and going into the White House.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is it time to say once and for all the president is never going to release his tax returns?

SEAN SPICER, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: I have to get back to you on that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: On both the taxes and visitor logs there are now ethics experts on both sides of the aisle who say this is the least transparent administration in decades.

SPICER: I would respectfully disagree with that.


VAN SUSTEREN: Back in 2012, Mr. Trump was attacking President Obama on issue of transparency tweeting quote, why is Barack Obama spending millions to try and hide his records. He is the least transparent president ever and he ran on transparency. Rosie Grey reporter from the Atlantic, Karen Tumulty is a national political correspondent for the Washington post and Kevin Cirilli is a political reporter from Bloomberg News.

Kevin, I guess his response would be he didn`t run on transparency, I don`t think.


VAN SUSTEREN: Wasn`t that a good answer?

CIRILLI: He is going to have to continue to face questions about these tax returns. It really does remind me of Hillary Clinton and the paid speeches, at some point there will be an insurmountable amount of pressure or these visitor logs an equal measure of transparency that will continue to dig this transparency.

VAN SUSTEREN: Karen, it is in such a grudge match over them. I don`t think if there`s nothing in them he won`t release them.

KAREN TUMULTY, NATIONAL POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT FOR THE WASHINGTON POST: He is not going to release them. An overwhelming majority in our poll think he is going to release them. I think he is making a calculation and I think it is a correct one that releasing them is not going -- seeing his tax returns isn`t going to make anybody who wasn`t going vote for him vote for him or vice-versa. It`s an issue, a legitimate concern, but it is not something that is going to change people`s minds about Donald Trump.

ROSIE GREY, THE ATLANTIC: He is gotten this far without releasing them and got elected president and I think he doesn`t see much reason to release for them at this point.

VAN SUSTEREN: Karen, does he file for an extension tomorrow which he is entitled to and he files for an extension because of the corporate consideration.

TUMULTY: It`s all the other years.

VAN SUSTEREN: I know, I am just saying, he can`t claim audit for tomorrow. Nobody`s in audit for tomorrows.

TUMULTY: The standard is every president and presidential candidate I think just about for the last 40 years has released not just one tax return but a whole series of them. Again, he is made the calculation that it`s not hurting him. There is nobody out there whose vote on whether they`re going to re-elect Donald Trump or not is based on seeing his tax return.

VAN SUSTEREN: What`s in them, Kevin, you`d be interested in seeing?

CIRILLI: I think in terms of this is financial wrangling all throughout the world, that is when things get interesting or whether or not his own foreign policy has influence in terms of his financial dealings throughout the world, particularly Europe and he is facing questions on Capitol Hill, bipartisan questions, mind you, about Russia. I think there are several questions that remain to be unanswered. Clearly again, most recently in the past couple of weeks, we`ve see him go head-to-head with Moscow.

TUMULTY: I`d like to see if he is as rich as he says he is?

VAN SUSTEREN: It wouldn`t show his net worth necessarily.

TUMULTY: And give you a sense of debt.

VAN SUSTEREN: He is admitted to writing off a lot of debt over the years. Rosie, why doesn`t he want to release the logs of the people coming and going?

GREY: If you believe Sean Spicer it`s to protect the privacy of the people coming to the White House.

VAN SUSTEREN: We could stand out and look.

GREY: And suggesting at all the entrances there should be a pool reporter to see whose coming and going.

VAN SUSTEREN: Usually people want to brag about going to the White House and not trying to keep it secret.

CIRILLI: This one I think. The tax returns stick as well, but these matters. This is the president of the United States and the people`s White House and people deserve to know who is visiting the president of the United States.

TUMULTY: The public need to know on this, I think that visitor logs first sort of came into the news during the Clinton years, campaign finance scandals of `96 and `97. Because the White House was pressured to release those logs, we learned a lot about who was showing up and we learn a lot about how they are raising money.

VAN SUSTEREN: How about Mar-a-Lago? Do we get those logs? Do they fall under the same?

TUMULTY: Mar-a-Lago is not a government building.

VAN SUSTEREN: He is seeing people, the president of China.

GREY: They call it the southern White House also.

VAN SUSTEREN: Right and the Prime Minister of Japan.

TUMULTY: All you have to do, Greta is join Mar-a-Lago. Apparently all the club members get to see everything.

VAN SUSTEREN: Kevin, is he feeling -- the White House feeling any of this heat or like Karen says he is so secure in his position no one will change it?

CIRILLI: We haven`t heard 100 days yet. This talk of special elections might be a little premature but I do think that it`s planting seeds heading into the 2018 in terms about questions of Democrats, we going to consistently raise and again I think just ahead of this visitor logs, I mean at the central bank, you can file a freedom of information request to see who their government affairs office is meeting on Capitol Hill.

VAN SUSTEREN: While I was gone this Trump tweet I read today. The fake media, not real media has gotten even worse since the election. Every story is badly slanted. We have to hold them to the truth.

GREY: Was that this morning he tweeted that?

VAN SUSTEREN: I think so. I downloaded all his tweets.

You read the "Washington post" and "New York times" and the tweets.

GREY: I was watching Fox & Friends this morning and was doing a segment about media bias while he tweeted that. The show he watches.

VAN SUSTEREN: I`ll stay out of that one. I`ll stay out of that discussion. Thank you all very much and we`ll see if we get those visitor logs or tax returns. I would not suggest anyone hold his or her breath until we get them.

Ahead, will there be criminal charges in Prince`s death. New court documents reveal pills found all over his house, that story coming up.


VAN SUSTEREN: It`s been nearly a year since Prince was found dead inside his home. His cause of death was overdose from the powerful painkiller Fentanyl. A new court document showing investigators found prescription drugs all over his home even though Prince did not have a regular doctor or prescription. The investigation is wide open. NBC Miguel Almaguer has details.

MIGUEL ALMAGUER, NBC NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: The newly release search warrant reveals a troubling find inside Prince`s Paisley park. A sizeable stash of powerful drugs for which the musician did not have prescriptions discovered throughout his home some inside bottles labeled vitamins and aspirin, detectives also recovering a suitcase next to Prince`s bed with his alias, Peter Brave Strong, inside a powerful opioid and hand written lyrics for the hit song "you got the look." The megastar found unresponsive inside his mansion a year ago this week, killed by an accident at overdose by the powerful painkiller Fentanyl, a mystery where he obtained these drugs and many others found in their home.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Once they start mixing different types of medication that is when things go south.


ALMAGUER: With court documents claiming some medications were prescribed to Prince under the name of a long-time friend Kirk Johnson, the former drummer said he was unaware Prince was addicted to pain medication. But a drug rehab said Johnson contacted them because the star was struggling with opioid abuse. Today his attorney saying Johnson never supplied the drugs which later cause Prince`s death.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Authorities say there was prescription abuse and following the sourcing, where did that all come from?


ALMAGUER: Tonight, in the death that shocked the world, still no criminal charges and investigation that is far from over. Miguel Almaguer, NBC news, New York.

VAN SUSTEREN: Katie Phang is a former prosecutor and MSNBC legal analyst, Katie who should be looking to get a lawyer tonight?

KATIE PHANG, FORMER PROSECUTOR: Kirk Johnson, who`s already layered up from what we know and the family doctor met with Prince on two occasions and prescribed the Oxycodone knowingly in Kirk Johnson`s name and frankly anybody who might have enabled Prince in his opioid addiction. It was no secret those his handler, that were his friends, his close family on going to assume that he had a problem, he was looking for help and sadly, tragically he did it get it on time.

VAN SUSTEREN: You know many of this drugs and certainly for Fentanyl which is why it is listed on autopsy as the cause of death and overdose of Fentanyl, you have to actually take the piece of paper to the pharmacy, you can`t get this one over the phone, so someone had write that prescription and he had to take it to the pharmacy it written in his name so I guess, you know that is fair, assuming that he had a medical condition that he needed Fentanyl for, but everybody knows Prince is if he showed up with Kirk Johnson`s prescription, that would look weird unless Kirk Johnson self brought it in if it was Fentanyl, but there is so many people in this trail of mystery.

PHANG: And frankly your right, if Prince showed up at your local wall greens, I think people would have known what the heck was going on. Prince didn`t like to use a cell phone. He used e-mail and so they have done an investigation with a search warrant with the assistance of DEA to look at the e-mails to see with whom was he communicating to further and assist him in his Opioid addiction, we all know and remember Conrad Murray, who was Michael Jackson`s doctor, he was prosecuted in California for voluntary manslaughter, Minnesota has the exact type of statute, Conrad Murray got four years in prison back in 2011 and I`m wonder whether or not they`re looking with that statute in mind to see if maybe somebody helped Prince basically kill himself by way of an overdose on Fentanyl.

VAN SUSTEREN: This has become such a nationwide crisis, not just Prince but so many people in this nation. Every time I look online, there`s some community that is poisoned by the amount of, you know, drug addiction for the opioid crisis.

PHANG: You have people and somebody like Prince who has the resources to be able to fuel a drug addiction and it`s clearly affecting everybody in the United States in certain pockets of the communities. I think it`s great this is bringing awareness that maybe this type of abuse has happening, again, it`s a tragedy, a very talented man who had been doing a concert when he had fallen ill and shortly thereafter he died.

VAN SUSTEREN: But there`s so many people that were addicted to these drugs, we were reading about it every single day in different communities. It`s destroying communities and families, their marriage is falling apart. It`s incredible.

PHANG: There`s an increased awareness now that is something that President Trump is actually trying to promote and we know that especially in Florida, we have our own problems as well and we`re trying to prosecute it and bring in the people that are feeding this problem.

VAN SUSTEREN: Anyone who touched this, having to do with Prince might want to get a lawyer tonight, because aiding and abetting is quite -- if there`s a criminal act and help in any way they`re in big trouble tonight. Katie, thank you.

PHANG: You`re welcome.

VAN SUSTEREN: Coming up, I was not here Thursday and Friday, but I have a very good explanation, that is next.


VAN SUSTEREN: I have something to say for the record, you may think I look tired tonight, well, I am. I have jet lag. Do not feel bad for me not for one second because I am so fortunate. I`m just tired I have jet lag. That is insignificant. But something else is not and it`s under reported the persecution of Christians in northern Iraq. Now, I took advantage of my Easter vacation to go to Iraq forever in Franklyn Graham and my husband John. We left Thursday and flew to war soon northern Iraq. We went to Mosul, a City Iraqi forces are still fighting to regain from ISIS. That war is far from over. In fact on Saturday we were in eastern Mosul, just a few hours ISIS were using chlorine gas in western Mosul. We learned that information after we left the area. Now, ISIS has slaughtered so many innocent people in around the Mosul area which use to have many Christian villages, some as large as 50,000, they`re now ghost town. ISIS killed or threatened the Christians for being Christians and those who survived fled while ISIS seized their homes and looted everything in sight, including copper wire in houses to make IED`s to name and kill. This is a catholic church that ISIS burned and destroyed. ISIS marked the church wall with its ugly symbol. They also burned all the catholic literature in the fire pit they created in church courtyard.

The Mosul area of Iraq remains extremely dangerous as ISIS continues to terrorize anyone still trapped there. In December in a short distance from Mosul, Samaritans first built a fuel hospital to treat victims of ISIS. That fuelled hospital has an E.R., an ICU and operating theater. The first medical team is not only extremely brave, but each is a big heart caring for victim after victim, many adults and children don`t even survive their catastrophic injuries, it`s not uncommon for ISIS to shoot children in the back of the head as they run for their lives. It`s not uncommon for with limbs blown off have stepped on IED or picked up an ISIS Booby trapped toy left in the street by ISIS, knowing that children will go for the toys.

More than a million Christians have fled the area since ISIS showed up, some to local refugee camps, their refugees are absolutely nothing. They`re about 50 miles from Mosul where they continue to practice their fate. Yesterday on eastern Sunday Reverend Graham took us to a Christian service on Irbil where we retreated to special Easter performance by these children, sweet, aren`t they. Why did I use my eastern vacation to go to war zone? From time to time, I think it`s important for me to get out of the comfort zone of my studio, it makes me a better journalist to see this with my own eyes. This is an important and neglected story. It`s important I use my platform to get you the news and there is nothing fake about what is going on in northern Iraq right now. Thank you for watching. I`ll see you back here tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. Eastern. If you can`t watch live, set your DVR and follow me on twitter @Greta or check out my Facebook page of photo and video behind the scene videos, I put a whole lot of video, I did a Facebook live from the field hospital in Iraq. It`s posted there. The video is posted there. Go check it out. It really is unimaginable what`s going on there.

Hardball with Chris Matthews starts right now.


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