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Package bomb suspect arrested. TRANSCRIPT: 10/26/2018, The 11th Hour w Brian Williams.

Guests: Jim Cavanaugh, Arianna Berg, Steve Schmidt, Daniel Dale, Tamara Keith

Show: 11TH HOUR WITH BRIAN WILLIAMS Date: October 26, 2018 Guest: Jim Cavanaugh, Arianna Berg, Steve Schmidt, Daniel Dale, Tamara Keith

BRIAN WILLIAMS, MSNBC HOST: The breaking news tonight, he`s been caught, the feds got their man, arresting a suspect for sending over a dozen bombs to prominent Americans including two of our former presidents. And this is the van he drove rolling propaganda, pro-Trump, anti-CNN, target super imposed over Clinton and Obama and Michael Moore and others in the cross hairs.

The FBI director making it clear nothing about this was a hoax.

The President tonight praises law enforcement right before blasting the media as his rally crowd jeered CNN and booed at the mention of two o the Democrats who were targets of the bomb.

Steve Schmidt is here with us tonight to talk about what we`re witnessing and we`re this episode leaves us as a country as THE 11TH HOUR gets busy underway on a busy Friday night.

Well, good evening once again from our NBC News headquarters here in New York. Day 645 of the Trump administration and it brought further proof that you should never bet against the feds. A Florida man suspected of mailing bombs to high-profiled Democrats including the homes of two former Presidents` have been arrested.

Earlier today, 56-year-old Cesar Sayoc was charged with five federal counts including of mailing of explosives, threats against former President, and assault of current or former officials. His first court appearance will be on Monday. He faces up to 48 years in prison if convicted on all counts.

The break in the case came thankfully after a fingerprint was lifted off the outside of one of the packages. One of the bombs was mailed to Congresswoman Maxine Waters. According to officials DNA evidence was further found on some of the devices.

This morning the FBI seizes this white van owned by Sayoc that was covered with pro-Trump stickers. As you might imagine, it was well-known and instantly recognizable vehicle in the local area where he live. Of the visible and colorful imagery on the side anti-CNN propaganda targets and cross hairs aimed at Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and Michael Moore and others.

As our own Kerry Sanders reported earlier tonight of the suspect very active social media profile paints a picture of an art Trump`s supporter.


KERRY SANDERS, MSNBC CORRESPONDENT: His Twitter feed showing him going to Trump rallies, hosting crowd chains (ph), attacking CNN. Cheering the President on in the selfie video. Another recorded as the President spoke.

Online Sayoc would go after many of the Democrats who received devices saying at George Sorrells, "You will vanish." And attacking Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


WILLIAMS: NBC News is reporting that Sayoc has an extensive criminal pass, "He was arrested in 2002 for threatening to throw a bomb. He pleaded guilty and was given a special sentence in which probation is ordered but a formal conviction was not made. He was arrested for theft in 1992 and 2014."

Earlier tonight, an attorney for Sayoc`s family told CNN that his former client was very sick.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I interacted with Cesar and if I would say apples, he would say card board. He didn`t react like a normal individual. He wasn`t working on all cylinders. And this is a sad result of someone who`s very sick, didn`t get a help, became a loaner and found a cause that adopted and accepted these types of people.

He never seems sophisticated enough to do something like he`s accused of. I wouldn`t be surprise to find out that there were others who helped prod or encouraged him to do this. Or that the bombs in fact were so crudely made, they never could have worked.


WILLIAMS: We also learned today that four additional explosive devices have been found, they were mailed to Democratic Senators Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, former director of National Intelligence James Clapper and Trump critic and impeachment advocate Tom Steyer. This brings the total number of devices to 14.

Tonight at a rally in North Carolina President Trump praised law enforcement for the arrest and called for unity right before he again went after the news media.


DONALD TRUMP, (R) PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: The media is constant unfair coverage, deep hostility, and negative attacks, you know that. Only serves to drive people apart and to undermine healthy debate. For example, we have seen an effort by the media in recent hours to use the semester actions of one individual to score a political points against me and the Republican party.

Yet when a Bernie Sanders supporter tried to murder Congressional Republicans and severely wounded a great man named Steve Scalise and others, we did not use that heinous attempt, that mass murder for political gains because that would have been wrong.


WILLIAMS: Later in the broadcast we`ll have more on this sudden injection of Bernie Sanders` name into this event.

Before leaving for North Carolina while still at the White House, President Trump was asked if he`d seen the suspect`s van and if he reached out to anyone targeted with these devices.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Did you see your face on that van, sir? Did you see your face on that van?

TRUMP: I did not. I did not see my face on the van. I don`t know. I heard he was a person that preferred me over others, but I did not see that.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Will you call President Obama or any of those targets to update them?

TRUMP: If they wanted me to but I think we`ll probably pass.


WILLIAMS: We should point out that very early this morning, technically, in the middle of the night, 3:14 a.m. East Coast time, the President turned to Twitter and said "Funny how lowly rated CNN and others can criticize me at will even blaming me for the current spate of bombs and ridiculously comparing this to September 11th and the Oklahoma City bombing. Yet, when I criticize them they go wild and scream. It`s just not presidential."

Later in the morning the President added this, "Republicans are doing so well in early voting at the polls and now this bomb," he sets of "bomb". "This bomb stuff happens in the momentum greatly slows. News not talking politics. Very unfortunate, what is going on? Republicans go out and vote."

This afternoon officials including the Attorney General and the FBI Director briefed the media on today`s arrest. At one point the FBI Director added that the pipe bombs are not a hoax.


CHRIS WRAY, FBI DIRECTOR: Each device consisted of roughly six inches of PVC pipe, a small clock, a battery, some wiring and what is known as energetic material which is essentially, potential explosives in material that gives off heat and energy through a reaction to heat shock or friction. Though we`re still analyzing the devices in our laboratory. These are not hoax devices.


WILLIAMS: With that let`s bring in our lead off panel on a Friday night. And while there`s plenty of time to talk about the politics of right now, first, let`s talk about this investigation and this lightning fast arrest.

Jim Cavanaugh is back with us, a Retired Special Agent in Charge for the ATF, the explosive experts at the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Fire Arms. Malcolm Nance is back with us, a veteran of Naval Intelligence Special Op. Homeland Security 35 years on the job working on Counter Terrorism and Intelligence. And Arianna Berg is back with us, a Former Assistant for the Southern District of New York.

Well, Jim, any time you`ve been on I`ve listen carefully and you taught me over the years that every criminal eventually makes a mistake. We are thankful that this criminal made apparently more than one. And if there is a strange blessing to any of this he left us with so much to go on. They had over a dozen pieces of hardware spread out in the lab to go over with a fine tooth comb, correct?

JIM CAVANAUGH, FMR. ATF SPECIAL AGENT INTERVIEWER CHARGE: That`s right, Brian. I mean he was better at leaving evidence than he was in making bombs. And you know, looking at that van, I mean, I`m reminded of Churchill`s quote, you know, fanatic is a guy who can`t stop talking and won`t change a subject. You can just see inside the mind of this guy, he`s a fanatic about this topic and he wanted to go after his targets.

So, yes, a treasure-trove of evidence, lots of fingerprints. It was a fingerprint really that broke the case. They were able to get a late lift off for them below likely read it through the automated system, got a hit on his arrest, DNA of a couple of IED parts inside the envelope. Checked with FDLE, the Florida state agents got a pretty good match, you know, it`s not a total, it`s a pretty close match of under two parts. That`s in the probable cause of affidavit.

And some of the miss spellings, of course he live near the mailing center. And of course when you see his van the motive so -- they had a pretty good criminal complaints, some good initial charges. There `s going to be more, they`re going to flash that all out. But, you know, it`s -- there`s going to be plenty of evidence.

The question is did he have any help, Brian? Was anybody else with him? DNA inside the bombs, on IED parts, he`s integral to it. But was he totally alone? So that`s got to be flashed out.

WILLIAMS: Malcolm Nance, we`re obviously celebrating good news here tonight. And as I said, a lightning fast investigation, a lightning fast arrest. What worries you further beyond this case?

MALCOLM NANCE, MSNBC TERRORISM ANALYST: Well, first for this suspect, you know, you really got to reevaluate your life choices. When you wake up to the FBI hostage with the rescue team surrounding you and bringing you in as a terrorist because that`s what he is.

And what we need to consider right now is as Jim said the key part of this investigation is, did he act alone? Did he assemble all of these devices? Was he apart of a team that assemble these devices?

And most worrisome for me, you know, is where is the bomb factory? Where did he actually assemble these devices? Is there an entire pile of them left unmailed? and were other devices mailed and are now inside the mail stream, still enroute to targets, waiting to be sorted and waiting for postal inspectors to find them.

So, this terrorist campaign is not over by any stretch of the imagination until we get those things answered.

WILLIAMS: Counselor, Arianna Berg, I want to play for you an interview that took place tonight. This is the suspect`s former boss, a restaurant`s manager. A brief part of the conversation she had on live T.V. that opens a whole door to the kind of mind where we are talking about it here. We`ll talk about it on the other side.


DEBRA GUREGHIAN, FMR. BOSS OF CESAR SAYOC: He definitely beats to the beat of his own drum. He was anti-gay, anti-black ,and anti-Jewish, you name it. Everybody that really wasn`t white and wasn`t a white supremacist didn`t belong in the world. That`s what he used to say to me all the time.

But I really was shell shocked when I found out it was him. I really couldn`t believe it because as far as an employee he was on time, he was cordial, he was articulate, I never had any problems with him. There was no theft. My customers liked him. But it was just his political views that scared me.


GUREGHIAN : Not at all. There was no violence at all.

I mean, he made it a point, he knew I was lesbian, and a very proud lesbian, and he made it a point to tell me that, you know, God had made a mistake with me and that I should burn in hell and along with my other best friends --

BULDOAN: He would just say that to you, just straight to your face?

GUREGHIAN: Absolutely. Absolutely.


WILLIAMS: So Counselor, if I appointed you prosecutor of this case, I think you`d probably put her on the stand and I think you`d probably make special arrangement to drive that van right into the courtroom or get the jury all of them to go out on the field trip and see it in the parking lot, what else?

ARIANNA BERG, FMR. ASSISTANT U.S. ATTY. SOUTHEREN DISTRICT OF N.Y.: Yes, absolutely. That van is a roving playbook for the crimes that Sayoc was attempting to commit and did commit. And all of that evidence is something that prosecutors and law enforcement are pouring over and looking at to get inside the mind of Sayoc. What was motivating, what was animating him behind these crimes?

If we look at the complaint which was the charging document that the Southern District of New York filed, you`ll notice that remarkably what is very not present in that complaint is about his political motivations, his ideologies, which are literally advertised right on his van, on his Twitter account, and clearly in his statements to his former boss and other people that know him.

But those are the kinds of things that potentially could be charged. There are crimes that would increase his maximum penalties to life imprisonment or more years than he has left alive. Those crimes absolutely look into those political motivations. He could be charged potentially down the road with attempted murder against a U.S. officials in retaliation for the performance of their duties or attempted murder against the former U.S. official or a family member of a former U.S. official. Again, to intimidate or retaliate against them for their political ideologies.

This is the clear definition of domestic terrorism, when someone does something in pursuit of a particular political, social, or religious agenda.

WILLIAMS: And Counselor, it`s being tried by your former shop, the Southern District of New York, given that these devices went all over the place and he was arrested in Florida. Why the Southern District of New York as a jurisdiction?

BERG: Well, a lot of times for federal crimes, you need an interstate commerce or interstate nexus because the mails were used. Really that means that most any federal district could charge it. Southern District of New York is uniquely situated to deal with these types of cases and terrorism bombings, things like that. The Joint Terrorism Task Force with the FBI is really second to none in pursuing these cases.

And we have to remember that even though these packages were mailed from Florida and the initial bombs were sent to New York target, that`s enough for New York to take the case.

WILLIAMS: Jim, in your old job, you had to know that the pieces of a bomb as well as you did, the makeup of the human mind and having said that, what about this guy? What we know about him so far, what he looks like? He`s rumored to have been supporting himself as a dancer for a time, other people said a truck driver. What`s familiar about this guy to you?

CAVANAUGH: Well, he`s living in a van down by the river.

WILLIAMS: Yes. Thank you.

CAVANAUGH: For years, I mean, for years.

WIILIAMS: Thank you, (INAUDIBLE) wherever you are.

WILLIAMS: Yes. And I mean, really that`s what strikes you to start with. And like Malcolm said and this is the great intelligence mind that he has and where these intelligence officers and law enforcement in the government will be spinning up, buy the way, going forward. And Malcolm can talk about that.

But, look, he`s living in a van down by the river, yet he made 14 bombs. Those bombs have a lot of tapes wire components, glass, explosive materials, you know, the timers has to be wired up, you`re attaching everything. There is a place, Brian, there is place some where.

You know we called a bomb factory in my experience, it`s a kitchen, a basement, a garage, a closet, it could be the van, but likely it`s probably some where else. And he had acquires these materials that maybe in mom`s condo, you know, the back closet or the condo, it could be the strip club.

And there is also a computer. There`s a computer and his iPhone. And he`s Googling the addresses of all these targets.

Look Brian, you have been in the news business for a long time. If the other day I asked you Joe Biden`s middle name, I bet you couldn`t tell me.

WILLIAMS: I now know, it`s Robinette.

CAVANAUGH: It`s on that bomb. And James Clapper`s middle name is on that bomb.

Well, you know, you don`t come up with those names living in the van at the river. You know you got to search that. And all those searches came from somewhere. So is it a computer at a strip club, is it the computer at the local library, is it the computer at his mom`s house, somewhere he`s doing the search, and maybe on his phone. He`s looking these stuff up, he`s printing this stuff out. We got to find those locations.

Now, is there another accomplice? And Malcolm mentioned that. I don`t think we can really tell right now. He could have done it alone.

But you know, when you go to these rallies, I mean there`s a bonding with folks. Everybody is in there with red hat, everybody is charged up. Everybody is sort of getting all worked up for supporting the President and all this. You could make a connection even if you are a loaner generally. You can male a connection.

So, could he have made a connection of a like-minded person? We don`t know the answer. But the agents will fair it out. And that will be a big answer going forward. Was he acted alone? Was he the bomb maker in the courier? Or was he a bomb maker with someone else and maybe they both carried the envelopes to the post office.

WILLIAMS: Hey, Malcolm, financial question to you. And I hope you understand the meaning, did we down play this? It felt in the moment, hyperbolic to call this an assassination attempt basically in the leadership structure of the last government. But you start to add this up, you`ve got two presidents, you`ve got a former vice president, Secretary of State, attorney general, first lady, sitting members of Congress, there they all are and a billionaire for good measure and an actor. One of these devices went to CNN across town. Was this in your mind a full on assassination attempt?

NANCE: Well assassination is just one o f the techniques that terrorists, you know, that encompass with terrorism. I immediately call it what it was which was a terrorist male bomb campaign. We don`t know what the objectives are at time. We didn`t know whether these devices were real or not. We have to assume that they`re real and then work back and let the bomb techs carry out their work and establish whether they`re viable or not.

But when you see that large expands of his target set which, by the way, is in his head. There`s no way to read that. You know, I still - that`s why I still think there are bombs out there. There are some prominent people who really should have been targeted early on. But you don`t know what`s in the mind of the bomber.

But this was a broad campaign to intimidate not just these individuals but the nation. You can arguably say 60 percent of the nation who sees these people as their champions. So by targeting them you intended to really go after a large portion of the population which is the definition of terrorism.

WILLIAMS: Three of the very best in the business, we`re fortunate to be able to ask the three of you to start off our conversation in our coverage tonight. Jim Cavanaugh, Malcolm Nance, Arianna Berg, out thanks to all three of you.

And coming up for us, we moved inevitably to the politics of the day. Steve Schmidt is here to help us digest everything including what some Trump supporters have to say about these bombs even after the suspect was arrested.

And later, the one record Donald Trump broke this month, THE 11TH HOUR back after this.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Barack Obama probably saying (INAUDIBLE). And Hillary Clinton probably saying hers to her say off (ph).

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, you don`t think this guy actually sent these bombs?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, probably not.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They probably had it. they may have begging do it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think I heard something about it being Bernie Sanders supporter. You know, there`s so much news going on right now that people don`t know what to believe.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So they stick with what they know.


WILLIAMS: Those were Trump supporters outside that rally in North Carolina tonight. And where did that idea of some vague connection to Bernie Sanders come from? How did that get in to the mind of Trump`s supporters? Well, you can start right here of White House drive way just yesterday.


SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: The President is certainly not responsible for sending suspicious packages to someone no more than Bernie Sanders who was responsible for a supporter of his shooting of Republican baseball field practice last year. The idea that this is at the hands of the President is absolutely ridiculous.


WILLIAMS: So that`s how it gets into the bloodstream. And as we showed you, it continued tonight when the President mentioned Bernie Sanders from the podium at his rally, on this day, they arrested the bombing suspect. You`d be for given right about now for thinking something is wrong with your television or perhaps with our national politics.

And here with us tonight to talk about all of it, Steve Schmidt, a Political Veteran of the Bush White House and to McCain Presidential Campaign.

So, Steve you heard the theories that maybe Hillary or Obama went down to the post office and maybe Bernie Sanders is with them. Maybe they mail themselves the bombs. We also heard Roslyn Bell this afternoon talking about how the stickers were too symmetrical on the van. And the word fated enough in the Florida Sun, he was intimating that this was all a set-up.

And then, after all the investigation was carried out by the FBI which was been diminished by this President since his first day in office, so where does today leaves us Steve as a country?

STEVE SCHMIDT, FMR. MCCAIN CAMPAIGN PRESIDENTIAL STRATEGIST: It leaves us in a very depressing situation Brian. And there`s a number of different aspects to it.

First, when we look at Roselyn Ball, one of the avatars of the billion dollar anger industry, the billion dollar conspiracy industry in this country that has infested 35 to 40 percent of the American people who have in ascent in large numbers not all of them but a large numbers. And this terrorist is certainly amongst them. They have become fanatics. They have joined a cult of personality and a cult of shared victim hood.

I think it`s important to understand the connection between conspiracy and victimization and the constancy of Trump`s assault on objective truth.

For these people, what`s true is what the leader believes it`s true or says it`s true or directs them to believe it`s true. And this is not just fundamentally a liberal. It`s in compatible with a healthy functioning Democratic society.

We have arrived at this historic hour because of Donald Trump. He didn`t mail the bomb. And he didn`t put the stickers in the envelopes. But he created the atmosphere where a sick person, a criminal, somebody like this terrorist would actualize Trump`s clear intent.

Trump goes out everyday as the triable chief of a faction that`s declared war on the majority of the country. He has called journalists enemies of the people.

He has labeled opponents enemies of the state. He has made a former president, a former opponent, enemies of his movement. And this sick person or evil person or maybe a little bit of both, decided to become a soldier in Trump`s army to kill the enemies. And what we saw was the largest mass assassination plot in American history.

We haven`t seen something like this since the day that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. This Trump rallies brim with meanest. He makes violent intimations all the times. He was celebrating the violent assault by congressman on a journalist just days ago. Anybody who doesn`t see the clear connection between the atmosphere and what occurred here has suspended disbelief or is complicit and dishonest or simply is so brainwashed that they stopped being able to think for themselves.

Donald Trump presidency in the cost, the degradations to our civility, our country are coming home to roost. And we averted a tragedy of epic dimensions by good luck, maybe a little bit of providential intervention and the fact that all of the security protocols worked. And that`s the only reason.

WILLIAM: Steve Schmidt, don`t move a muscle. Hold that thought. We`re just going to get a quick break in. Our conversation continues on the other side.



DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: In recent days we had a broader conversation about the tone and civility of our national dialogue. Everyone will benefit if we can end the politics of personal destruction.


WILLIAMS: We heard a new tone from the President that rally tonight, but then a few minutes later he returned to normal.


TRUMP: Nancy Pelosi and crying Chuck Schumer, can you imagine -- Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, I don`t think so?

Maxine Waters? Maxine Waters -- but I`m going to be nice tonight so I won`t say it. I won`t say it.


WILLIAMS: His attacks this evening included crooked Hillary and of course the news media our friend, Steve Schmidt, remains with us.

Steve, I was asked to ask you tonight by someone who`s quite concern about where we are right now. If in your view, we are in an emergency. Because in previous emergencies, even as I recall after Hurricane Harvey in Texas, all of our living president and we are fortunate to live in a time when we have so many living president and members of the small exclusive club, all of our living presidents came together to fund raise. They made a television spot and public service announcement.

In your view in terms of prominent Americans speaking up and saying this is a moment here, folks. Are we in any sort of emergency?

STEVE SCHMIDT, FORMER MCCAIN CAMPAIGN CHIEF STRATEGIST: We are in an emergency because we have a president of the United States who is not the commander-in-chief as much as he is insider in chief.

He is stoking a cold civil war in the United States and the consequence of it with regards to the sick mind of this terrorist was nearly the assassination of two former presidents, to secretary of state and vice president, and many other prominent leaders of the democratic party.

The violence, the menace, Trump is the singularly greatest demagogue in America`s history and he degraded our culture and civility in it faster than any person in American history. It wasn`t terrific to begin with.

There is a crisis of cowardness, crisis of leadership. We see few Republicans speaking out on what is clearly causation between this sick person and the cult to which he pledge of total owe obedience.

When we listen to those people in the earlier segment, opting out of reality, believing in the conspiracies, being stoked by the billion dollar propaganda industry, we`re in trouble.

WILLIAMS: Steve Schmidt, at the end of another long day and at the end of another eventful week, tonight I also note the President once again declared himself a nationalist at a rally.

Steve, thank you very much for coming on this Friday night.

Coming up for us, Donald Trump broke a record of sorts this month. Though, it`s not one of those, we are likely to hear him talk about, we`ll have that when we come right back.



TRUMP: There`s a town in California where they tried to take over the town`s council. All illegal aliens running the town council.

The worst thing that ever happened to Russia is when I won the election. The Democrat plan -- I would just obliterate Medicare.

And we started the wall and we`ll finish the wall Asian-Americans unemployment have reached their lowest rates. Visa lottery. Boom, who is this? When they turned out to be not so good, we wonder why? Well, maybe the country is giving us their worse.


WILLIAMS: President Trump back on the campaign trail again tonight trying to rally his base before the midterm. The thing is none of what you heard is entirely true. In fact Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star who joins us in just a moment reports, "Trump obliterated his one-week record for dishonesty in this wave of pre-midterm appearances".

Also in the course of this day, continuing into tonight`s rally. The President painted himself as a victim of unfair media coverage that is behind the anger of our country.

Well, here to talk about the for mentioned Daniel Dale, Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star and Tamara Keith is back with us as well, White House correspondent for NPR.

Daniel, we like having you on because you are now famous as the cataloger of misstatement and mistruth. But someone else has been following along in your footstep. I give you our former president tonight in Wisconsin. We`ll talk about this on the other side.


BARACK OBAMA, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: What we have not seen before in our public life -- is politicians just blatantly, repeatedly, boldly, shamelessly lying -- just making stuff up and calling black white. But that is what`s happening.


WILLIAMS: See how I buried a mistruth in their eye said Wisconsin, he was in Detroit.

So Daniel, I want to put on the air a chart you have prepared and a disturbing trend line towards the last bar on the graphic. Explain what our viewers are seeing and why it exists.

DANIEL DALE, WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT, TORONTO STAR: So that`s a chart of President Trump false claims by week and that includes everything from big lies to little exaggerations that are still incorrect. And what you`re seeing is a dramatic increase from the beginning of his presidency to the present.

It started really sharply escalating around the end of 2017. But in the last four months or so, he has set monthly record, after monthly record, after monthly record and in my view, it`s gotten worst even further in the last few weeks. And we can quantify that in the second week of October, ending October 14th.

He made 170 false claims that is 37 more than his previous one-week record. So, by any measure quantitatively and I think quantitatively as well. His dishonesty is worsening as we proceed toward the midterms and to end of his term. How do you watch a rally like tonight, Daniel? Do you just try to keep tabs on illegal pat as he goes and get to the rest of it later?

DALE: So I`m on my laptop. And the thing is Brian, that it gets easier overtime because he repeats the same lies over and over. So, you can fact- check it in March of 2017 and literally you`re still fact-checking it today. So, the longer he talks the easier the lie fact-check it can get.

WILLIAMS: And Tamara, talk about the juxtaposition between this President on teleprompter. And then what can often be the next sentence, when his head turns to the middle of the room, you can tell he`s off script and sometimes the message varies 180 degrees and sometimes he becomes a different person or character.

TAMARA KEITH, WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT, NPR: Absolutely. It can between sentences or you saw this week earlier in the week, he did rallying in Wisconsin where he was teleprompter Trump for most of the rally. There were a couple of moments where he kind of look to side and read the stage direction out loud and said how good I`m being.

But he went from teleprompter Trump to full on rally Trump, giving the people of the rally the show that they came for tonight.

WILLIAMS: And Daniel when he is ad-libbing it can often mean anger, it can mean self-pity, and as you`ve shown hyperbole. He`s got an incredibly crowded schedule of rallies leading up to the midterms. Do you have any reason to think that the trend line you have recorded, the last bar graph you ended on isn`t going to keep going?

DALE: It`s going to keep going. I don`t know if a top 170 just because he spoke so many words that particular week that might have been a high point. But I think what we`re seeing now that to me sort of self-appointed Trump`s lie trackers are different.

Is that, these are not the usual exaggeration adding a few thousand here and there to his crowd sizes. What he`s been doing in the last few weeks is making big things up. These are complete fabrications about immigrations, about healthcare. He told the Wall Street Journal about publican on Tuesday that the tariffs that he is imposed and bragged about don`t exist. He was like, what tariffs, we don`t have tariffs. I don`t think there`s any word for this other than lying and I think brazen lying.

WILLAIMS: And Tamara, the west-wing staffs watched him make up a 10 percent middle class tax cut between now and the midterms. Congress is home. They are recessed until after the election. That is a physical impossibility. To your day job, Tamara, how are members of the west-wing staff reacting to just the verbiage this week?

KEITH: Well, on the 10 percent tax cuts that doesn`t exist. There are aids that were holding a briefing of background briefing where their names will not be on the record because it was background briefing. And they essentially said well, the President is the one in the administration who is talking about this.

There is only so much they could do and it`s really not a change overtime. The President has tweeted policies when the policy wasn`t in place yet. He teased things that are coming where apparently no one else knows that they`re coming.

This is pretty standard for the President. I think one thing we`re seeing is we`re just seeing so much of him. In the last month or so, he has done more interviews and the press conferences. Every time he comes, anywhere near a camera and a microphone, he answers questions. President Trump is just talking a lot more and when he talks often things he says are simply not true.

WILLIAMS: As I always tell people journalists are the only stars of our show hour after hour and night after night. Two of the journalists we depend on from time to time for just this very reporting. Daniel Dale and Tamara Keith, thank you both so much for joining us on a busier than average week on a Friday.

And coming up for us, the caravan in the midterms. It`s an issue that cuts both ways and it sounded to us like a job for Steve Cornacki when "The 11th Hour" continues.



TRUMP: The Democrats want to invite caravan after caravan of illegal aliens into our country, and they want to sign them up for free health care, free welfare, free education, and for the right to vote. They want to sign them for the right to vote.


WILLIAMS: President Trump is hoping the art form of misleading rhetoric on immigration will play into the Republicans` favor when people go to the polls just 11 days from now. But Democrats in competitive districts are hoping it drives more Latino voter on their side to the polls.

Our National Political correspondent Steve Kornacki, working the night shift on a Friday night, and we`re so glad he`s here. Hey, Steve.

STEVE KORNACKI, NBC POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT: Hey, Brian. Yes, that`s right. Well, we`ve been talking about it. One of the sort of wild card factors here heading up to the midterms has been, what is the enthusiasm level going to be when it comes to Latino voters?

It`s so important for Democrats and their chances of trying to take back the House because there are number of districts, competitive district that Republicans now represent with large Latino population in midterm election.

Latino voters have typically lagged when it comes to turn out. So, with that in mid we`ll show you this. This what we had been seeing this year in our polling, people who say they have high enthusiasm for voting, among Latinos, we were seeing previous to our last poll about 47 percent, that number was lagging behind other groups, the interesting thing that happened.

Our new NBC News "Wall Street Journal" poll out, this week, 47 percent before, we took the poll again this week. Check this out, that number has skyrocketed. Latino voters saying they have high enthusiasm for voting in the midterms climbs to 24 points to 71 percent.

That was probably the single best piece of news for Democrats in our poll, because Democrats think that higher enthusiasm could translate into changing the game, the number of congressional districts. Now I`ll show an example because we`ve got a new poll that come out this week from exactly the kind of district Democrats have in mind.

This is the 10th district in California. This is the Central Valley, Republican incumbent -- excuse me, I thought it was the next slide. This in our poll, we showed Democrats the 40 point advantage among Latinos.

Here`s the district I`m talking about. Here it is, Jeff Denham. New poll out this week, Republican incumbent, large Latino population to district, you see the central valley of California and he is now trailing. Trailing his Democrat opponent by two points. It has a lot to do with this.

Josh Harder the Democrat in that district running up a 41-point margin over Jeff Denham. Denham is somebody a Republican who has tried to get to the middle of immigration, tried to distance himself from Trump on that, fought earlier in this cycle. He might be in good position in district.

But now, falling behind in that poll, not the only district where Democrats are hoping that`s a factor. Oh, that was not supposed to happen. Let me try that one more time. They hope they can get large Latino turnout and energy in the 10th district of California.

A couple in the Southern part, maybe the 23rd district in Texas, that one might have been slipping away, excuse me, that districts to the seventh in Texas, a couple in Florida as well. There are a number of districts where there are Republican incumbents, Republican seats, large Latino populations. And Democrats think if there`s a surge of energy among Latino voters. It could be the difference in those districts, Brian.

WILLIAMS: And the caution you and I will be voicing 12 days from now is 2016. We will keep it all top of mind as we look at the numbers coming that night.

Steve Kornacki, always a pleasure. It such a luxury to have you and your big board with us on our broadcast, thank you.

Coming up, an update on a story we covered live when it happened, yet not so much in the days since.


WILLIAMS: Last thing before we go tonight, with the pace of the news we cover now moving so fast, please spare a thought and perhaps even a donation in these coming days for the folks still suffering after a natural disaster that we in the news media covered live and extensively, right before we moved on.

The Guardian has posted a story after sending a reporter to the Florida Panhandle, where very little has changed since the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Michael. As they put it, "It`s been two weeks since a category 4 Hurricane Michael slammed into the Florida Panhandle, killing at least 39 and devastating most of the region with a major storm surge from the ocean and battering 150 mile an hour winds.

Despite the best efforts of recovery workers, life is still extremely precarious for the remaining residents of the hardest hit coastal towns, chiefly Panama City, Mexico Beach and Port St. Joe. Amid piles of debris, the landscape looks little different from the shattered state immediately after the hurricane that made it look like a bomb had hit.

Some folks are still living off FEMA government relief, military prepackaged meals, night times without power or suitable shelters, spotty phone service and even viewer contractor. There are fears it could be years before Tyndall Air Force Base, the big local employer is fully rebuilt and already complaints that that damage to homes inland is being ignored in favor of the more visible waterfront.

Many roads have yet to reopen and it`s just going to take a long while before things feel normal along a beautiful stretch of American coastline.

That will do it for our Friday night broadcast and for this week. Thank you so very much for being here with us. Have a good weekend and good night from NBC News headquarters here in New York.


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