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Women's group pushes for woman on 20s

Women’s group pushes for woman on 20 dollar bills.

The non-profit organization Women on 20s has created a campaign that aims to put a woman on a 20 dollar bill. According to The Washington Post, the organization has nominated 15 women for their contributions to American society through a rigorous process led by leading academics. Susan Ades Stone, director of Women on 20s told The Post: "The goal is to get it done, but it's not only about that. It's about raising awareness and making sure people get to know these women.”

The year 2020 will also mark the centennial anniversary of women gaining the right to vote in America, another milestone the group is promoting. The entire list of candidates can be found on the Women on 20s web site

Our show producers narrowed down the full list of 15 to some of the more prominent women in history (although all the  candidates have made tremendous contributions). Out of the five listed below, who do you think should replace President Andrew Jackson on the 20 dollar bill? Or should he be replaced at all? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.