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Mayor Rob Ford stripped of key powers

Toronto's city council has voted to strip its embattled mayor of key executive powers.
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford walks toward the media on Nov. 15, 2013 in Toronto, Canada.
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford walks toward the media on Nov. 15, 2013 in Toronto, Canada.

The out-of-control Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has had his powers neutered.

The city council approved on Friday several measures to strip Toronto's truly fearless leader of key mayoral powers, including the ability to appoint committee chairs and manage the city in emergency situations. The council will debate on Monday a motion to shift all of Ford’s political power to the deputy mayor.

The vote follows a disastrous two days in Ford’s political career, in which he was accused of excessive drug and alcohol use; visiting prostitutes; and making lewd, sexually abusive comments to a female aide. While denying the allegations in front of reporters Thursday, Ford said he never told his staffer he wanted to “eat her pussy,” and that he had “more than enough enough to eat at home.”

He later apologized for the lewd language.

Prior to the vote Friday, which leaves Ford as mayor in name only, the 44-year-old spoke out against the city council's move and threatened to take legal action. Ford has also promised to sue three former aides and a waitress cited in court documents that unveiled the latest slew of allegations.

“If someone else steps out of line as I have, it will affect mayors for years to come,” said Ford in the city council chamber Friday. “I can’t support it.”

He also conceded that he would have done the same thing if he "had a mayor conducting themselves the way I have."

Earlier in the week, the council passed a symbolic motion calling on the mayor to take a temporary leave of absence. He admitted to buying illegal drugs in the last two years but refused to step aside.