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Trump narrowly missed a self-placed banana peel … and was still humiliated

The former president's planned Jan. 6 press conference would have been a mess if it had gone on as scheduled. But its cancellation is an embarrassment, too. 


Former President Donald Trump’s planned Jan. 6 press conference, scheduled to take place at his Florida golf club Mar-a-Lago, had “disaster” written all over it from the get-go. 

I couldn’t have cared less about it, but I was confident it would go the way of most Trump endeavors: horribly. And now we’ll never know. Trump canceled his insurrection anniversary presser in an angry email to supporters Tuesday, blaming the "Fake News Media" and the "total bias" of the House's bipartisan Jan. 6 committee.

It’s far more likely he learned that media weren’t planning to take his event live, or he heard about the long list of people — Republicans included — who predicted the event would go awry and potentially backfire

In fact, according to The New York Times’ Trump whisperer, Maggie Haberman, that’s exactly what happened:

Trump had every reason not to host what was certain to be a commemorative event for the riot he helped foment last year. Setting aside the immorality he’s too craven to care about, his winding rants were guaranteed to put him and his associates in even more legal precarity as the congressional probe into the Jan. 6 attack intensifies.

Trump’s planned press conference stood the chance of being a tremendous self-own for him and his inner circle. But he’s not being spared any embarrassment by being forced to whimper away from an event he very clearly and so desperately wanted to host.

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