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GOP darling Herschel Walker’s rambling BBB rant proves he’s a gift to Democrats

The Senate candidate in Georgia took aim at President Joe Biden’s social spending measure over the weekend. It didn’t go well.


Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker’s campaign is proceeding as chaotically as expected, and he’s showing why he could be a godsend for Democrats hoping to maintain a majority.

Walker is the retired NFL-running-back-turned-right-winger picked by former President Donald Trump and other conservative leaders to run in Georgia’s critically important Senate race this year. And although he was known for bowling over opponents in his heyday, he’s bumbled through his campaign so far.

Walker, who has faced allegations of abuse from his ex-wife, often struggles to string together coherent thoughts in public. He gave us a taste of his incoherence in a video he posted on New Year's Day to bash President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan.

Captioned “A few things to think about as we start the New Year,” Walker’s video featured him shoddily rattling off a list of conservative talking points, read with the disjointed delivery of an amateur slam poet. 

He started with immigration, then spilled over into military funding. 

"You know, I’m always thinking: If you want to build back better, first you probably want to control the border, because you want to know who you’re building it for and why," Walker said in the video. "Then you probably want to protect your military, because they’re protecting you against people in other countries that don’t like you."

Then he pivoted to trashing efforts to defund the police, a policy that isn’t included in Biden’s social spending proposal. 

"Defunding the police? Bad idea," Walker said. "You want to fund the police so that they have better training, better equipment to protect the law of the land, because you don’t want people doing whatever they want to do."

Then it was on to energy:

Build back better. You probably want to become energy independent. Otherwise you’re going to depend on other countries for your livelihood. Build back better. You probably want something written, like the law of the land, stating that all men are to be treated equal. Oh! We have the Constitution. So you probably want to put people in charge who’s going to fight for the Constitution.

Walker’s strategy of regurgitating clichés in rapid fire and seeing what sticks has become clear. He followed up his new year video with a similarly bizarre interview Sunday on Fox News.

Even with his horrendous political performances, there’s no guarantee he’d lose in a race against incumbent Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock. But I look forward to this year’s debate nonetheless. Rest assured, they’ll be revealing.

With every word, Walker has and will prove himself unfit to hold office.

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