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New report reveals corporations playing both sides on voting rights

A watchdog group found several companies that signed a letter calling for voting rights legislation also donated to Republicans who are blocking it.

A new report from a corporate watchdog group outed several corporations for their hypocritical stances on voting rights

Accountable.US found eight major corporations that signed a letter since July calling for legislation to strengthen voting rights also donated to Senate Republicans who have blocked such proposals. More than 150 companies threw their support behind the letter, which name-dropped the late civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis.

“Representative John Lewis called the right to vote ‘the most powerful non-violent tool we have in our democratic society,’” they wrote. “As we approach the first anniversary of Congressman Lewis’ passing, his life’s work to strengthen American democracy must now be ours.”

Even though you know it’s a lie, you’ve got to admit: That’s some high-quality, focus group-tested public relations prose for you right there. But Accountable.US discovered that Microsoft, Amazon, Dell, Intel, Cisco, Target, Facebook and Boston Scientific have each given thousands of dollars to Republicans this year. Senate Republicans — with the exception of Lisa Murkowski of Alaska — have blocked the legislation from even being debated this year.

These corporations are talking out of both sides of their mouths. They say they stand for voting rights when it’s politically advantageous, only to open their pockets to lawmakers who oppose the goal. 

Color me surprised. 

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