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Nassar's enablers are tonight's 'Absolute Worst.' Here are the dishonorable mentions.

They didn't make it into "The ReidOut" tonight, but these people deserve a spot at the table of shame, too.
Image: Larry Nassar
MSNBC; Reuters

As you know, Joy’s pick for tonight’s “Absolute Worst” is the collection of organizations responsible for covering up years of sexual abuse committed by former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar — including the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee, the FBI and USA Gymnastics itself.

Presenting “The Absolute Worst: Dishonorable Mentions”: Here are a few deplorable people worthy of your attention.

Tucker Carlson

Let’s keep it real: Tucker Carlson probably deserves a reserved table in the Dishonorable Mention Club. I’m hard-pressed to find someone more committed to being loud and wrong than than a 52-year-old white nationalist obsessed with cotton pants and polka-dotted bowties. He looks like the Nation of Islam on Opposite Day. He looks like he’s frozen in a middle school yearbook photo ... in a segregated middle school, obviously.

All this to say, this is not a person who has any room to comment on others’ appearances. Nonetheless, Carlson told his viewers Tuesday night that Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, who recently attended the Met Gala in a dress that said “Tax the rich,” only wore the dress “so we would stare at a picture of her butt.” AOC, of course, wore the dress as a statement of policy — not to draw ogles from Carlson’s lecherous eyes.

'Justice for J6' rally organizers

Perhaps you have heard: A group of sympathizers supportive of the insurrectionists who attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 will rally in Washington on Saturday. And they have wardrobe requests!

The delusional organizers of the “Justice for J6” rally set to take place this weekend have instructed attendees not to wear “any clothing or have signs supportive of either President Trump or Biden.”

We already know who these people are, and we already know what they’re about. A plain white T-shirt won’t change that.

“This event is 100% percent about #JusticeforJ6 and not the election or any candidate,” tweeted organizer Matt Braynard, a former campaign staffer for former President Donald Trump.

These wannabe insurrectionists (who are holding a rally in support of violent FBI-labeled domestic terrorists who fought to keep Trump in office past his term) don’t want to give us the impression they’re partisan. And the way they do that — the way they convince us they’re serious about justice and not fascism — is to wear neutral colors? To wear their Trump shirts inside out?

Tough luck. We already know who these people are, and we already know what they’re about. A plain white T-shirt won’t change that.

Larry Elder

Very fortunately for all of us, Larry Elder was not named governor of California by the time Tuesday’s recall came to an end. Seriously — that would have been terrible. But Elder suffering a whopping defeat doesn’t mean he’s going to go away.

To the contrary, the conservative radio host advised listeners of his concession speech to “stay tuned.” Elder, who believes “Blacks are more racist than whites,” has repeatedly spread white supremacist propaganda depicting Black people as hyperviolent and believes systemic racism is a “con," took ample opportunity to coddle his largely white group of supporters after Tuesday’s defeat.

“We believe in the dream of MLK, judging people by content of character, not color of skin. And let me tell you something, to the extent that it is humanly possible, America has achieved that dream,” he said.

He went on to say his opponents “tried to divide us on race. They want Black people not to think about the fact that families have been destroyed because of the welfare state.”

Elder, who was drubbed in Tuesday’s recall election, has plenty of free time now to think about whatever he likes.

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