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Lawrenceville School Statement

The Lawrenceville School issues statement a statemement related to a student's Instagram controversy.

The Lawrenceville School sent us a response to Maya Peterson's allegations, which we read in part during the show. Below is the school's full response, which addresses the Buzzfeed article that first broke this story.

Statement from The Lawrenceville School regarding the recent Buzzfeed article

The Lawrenceville School works hard to foster an inclusive, open and engaging atmosphere that gives all students opportunities to be heard, feel respected and succeed.  We do not tolerate racial discrimination and have had few issues on campus for many years now.  Like any institution in America, we appreciate the challenge of having discussions about issues of diversity, and we remain committed to developing young people's abilities to engage with these issues in productive ways. 

We respect the privacy of our students so we will not comment on the particulars of disciplinary situations.  Every student knows we expect them to meet basic standards for honesty, integrity and respect for others. In turn, we recognize that adolescents make mistakes and give our students every chance to be successful. But, they also know there are consequences for their actions and ultimately they will be held accountable for their behavior. Their actions, and only their actions, guide that process.