Joy Reid answered your ACA questions

The March 31 deadline to sign up for health care through the Affordable Care Act is approaching. To help people understand how ACA can work for them, Joy Reid and journalist Elisabeth Rosenthal of the New York Times, responded to your ACA questions. 

“With just days before the deadline to sign up for health insurance, it’s amazing how many people still lack a basic understanding of the health care law, and of the federal benefits that might be available to them,” Reid said. “There are still lots of misconceptions, some due to the law’s complexity, some due to deliberate misinformation. Any opportunity to clear up those misconceptions is something that I think we, as a show designed to inform, couldn’t pass up. It’s not our job to sell people on the law as a political matter. But if people are going without access to health care without good reason, and worse, if they’re doing so for ideological reasons, that seems like an incredible waste.”

Watch the conversation in full above.