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Join a Twitter Chat on Benghazi with Joy Reid

Join a Twitter chat with Joy on the ongoing Benghazi controversy, this Thursday, May 22, at 3:15 p.m. ET. Use the hashtag #WhyBenghazi to join the conversation.

Joy Reid, host of The Reid Report on msnbc, invites you to join a Twitter chat on the ongoing Benghazi controversy, this Thursday, May 22, at 3:15 p.m. ET.  You can follow the hashtag #WhyBenghazi to join the conversation right after The Reid Report, which airs at 2 p.m. ET weekdays on msnbc.

The House Select Committee on Benghazi has been a hot topic in our online community – called #reiders – ever since it was announced several days ago. Our chat with Joy Reid will be your opportunity to weigh in on the issue and make your voices heard.

“We’re doing this Twitter chat because the Benghazi issue is both an obsession on the right, and it’s also become a rallying point among the left, among Democrats who say it’s an example of the Republican Party gone wrong,” Reid says of the online event. “We want to hear from people about whether they think Democrats should be participating in these hearings: whether Democrats should actually give it the legitimacy of sitting on the panel, whether they need to be there to supervise what the panel is doing and have their say, or whether they should just boycott it.”

Joy explains: “We’re also interested in hearing from people who think Benghazi’s a real issue. We’d like to know why you think it’s a real issue, why you believe there was a conspiracy and why you think that Republicans should, or shouldn’t, be doing the panel.”

“There’s a lot tied to it,” Reid asserts. “Democrats believe that it’s entirely political. A lot of Republicans believe that it is a substantive critique of the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton. There’re 2014 politics tied into it. There’s also 2016, and Hillary Clinton’s potential presidential candidacy.”

Join our Twitter discussion Thursday at 3:15 p.m. for one hour to explore these angles and more. You can follow the conversation right here!

Tweet your questions with hashtag #WhyBenghazi or you can also post your questions for Joy here by leaving a comment in the #reiders group to help us get the conversation started!