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Your response to Lawrence's return

The community had an overwhelmingly kind response to Lawrence O' Donnell's return to primetime.

Lawrence O’Donnell returned to The Last Word on Monday and talked about his accident, the doctors and nurses who helped him heal... and also how David Koch helped.

The community had an overwhelmingly kind response to Lawrence's return to primetime -- they're glad Lawrence is back and so are we!

Read your fellow community members' thoughtful words, and leave your messages for Lawrence

"Lawrence, welcome back!  I was very moved by your sincere and genuine monologue.  It seems like you have returned a changed man, or at the least, a man who was, in one of the most horrific ways, given the opportunity to gain a whole new perspective on life and on living.  It is unfortunate that for most of us humans, it takes such a life-altering, near death experience to wake us up to what is truly important in life - not our gadgets, how big our house is, how much we have in terms of material items, not politics, or how "important" we are or want to be, but rather our health and our loved ones - our families and friends, anyone who is a part of our lives without whom we would not have become who we are.  I know because I speak from experience, and your recounting of the events of the accident and how it affected you emotionally, resonated with me all too well.  And for some of us, including yourself, I believe, such an event only increases, dramatizes, and confirms our already-present sense of what is truly important in life.  Hold on to this new or increased sense of gratitude and of what is truly meaningful in this sometimes screwed up world of ours.  Congratulations for surviving and for working hard to recover.  Great to have you back!"- Ella Rose

"Welcome back Lawrence, you've been in my thoughts since your accident.  Your moving words tonight were a sobering reminder that we could all use a break from the cynicism that seems to have permeated our culture in the past decade.   I wish you all the best during your ongoing recovery and its great to see you back on MSNBC." - hepwa

"What a great show!  Welcome back!  Enjoyed your more personal commentary about your accident, your dependence on others (so very hard to be in that position)!  Got to love those nurses…they're really the ones who pull you [through] once the [doctor] has done his magic!  So glad you survived that horrid accident!" - Kathydid47

"Thank you once again for a truly stunning gift of your experience and insight of your accident and the people that helped you recover. Thanks to all those who do such amazing things everyday. So happy to have you back!" - Mike Sheppard

"Glad you are ok! That was a great monologue -- eloquent and articulate. And giving praise to David Koch was really a nice thing to do. It speaks volumes about the kind of wonderful man you are. Welcome back :)" - Katie4commonsense

"Lawrence, my wife and I are huge fans. We are thrilled to know that you are doing better and that your brother is also doing well. Love the beard bro. You brought tears to our eyes watching you give details on your  horrific accident. Man you are one of a kind. I never heard such deep and emotional words from anyone who is a journalist until tonight. I have always admired your passion towards politics. And brother you were right when you said you are not a anchorman, you more then that. I watch several political programs/talk shows but there's only two that I respect, you and Rachel. Always have, always will. Hey bro, there's no replacement on TV for you. No disrespect to the people that filled in on your behalf. But your knowledge and courage to tell the truth is priceless. I miss you bro. Glad to know that the Fact God has returned."- Ricky Bryant

"Lawrence...WELCOME BACK HOME. We missed you. Your tears are welcome. Thanks for coming back."- W.F. Turtleheart

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