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Viewer reactions to our Ron Paul Rewrite

Lawrence O'Donnell's latest Rewrite segment on Ron Paul resulted in a commenting frenzy.
Ron Paul at the Republican debate in Mesa, Arizona on Wednesday.
Ron Paul at the Republican debate in Mesa, Arizona on Wednesday.

Lawrence O'Donnell's latest Rewrite segment on Ron Paul resulted in a commenting frenzy. Last week, he exposed Ron Paul as a "fake" libertarian because of his position on sex and birth control. You gave your two cents, and then some; we got about 1,000 passionate comments on Facebook alone. Here's a sampling of your reactions.

"The use of the pill or not really isn't the issue. The issue is that even if Paul believes immorality leads to use of the pill he would never use government force to enforce his views. That position of not using the force of government is a libertarian view."— Liberty Joe, Last Word blog

"You raise an interesting point, Lawrence. If it is true that the truth hurts, judging by the hornets nest you have churned up it looks like you are right."— Maoriora, Last Word blog

"So, how is it he is unelectable — its easy enough to spew rhetoric, but take some time one evening, and tell us in detail why Ron Paul is no better and/or worse than his fellow three GOP candidates. After all, no GOP candidate is worthy in your eyes, and seriously anyone other than Ron Paul is so right wing, they themselves garner no goodwill when lined up against your liberal principles. Ron Paul may be conservative, but he's a whole lot better than the other three in just about every respect."— Marginalized, Last Word blog

"There's an orchestrated movement using code-speak and exploiting this country's puritanical streak (I thought we settled this one in the 60's). You can tell there's a lot of frustration by the number of folks posting here on a Friday night (right after Valentine's day no less) when they could be out schmoozing and romancing...Make love, not culture wars."— SL Cabbie, The Last Word blog


"Paul appeals to moderate independent thinking voters-his viewpoint doesn't fit the GOP."— @msgoddessrises, Twitter

"Obama, Newt, Santorum, and Romney are all establishment candidates. The only one for true liberty and a restoration of the Constitution is Ron Paul."— Kaan Bahadir, Facebook

"Very well put! If only there was such an understanding of Libertarianism among the populace at large... Every time I hear Paul referred to as an Isolationist I want to scream."— Ryan Sellers, Last Word blog

"Lawrence O'Donnell, society is immoral!! If you're not seeing that, your eyes are closed. Sex out of marriage, sleeping around and preaching that it's moral is in itself immoral. And, you never did show where Dr. Paul actually said that the government should ban all abortions!!! Where and when did he say this? He did not... Ron Paul believes that the people have the right to vote in their own state to decided on abortion, and to get the government out of their business. Whether or not he believes in abortion, he would nver put his views on any subject in the hands of the government because he believes in our freedoms.“— Bonnie Davis Ross, Facebook

"Unbelievable! Ron Paul was just trying to, exactly as Lawrence said, school the people around him, basically saying the pill is not bad by itself. Finally Paul said that Santorum's abstinence federal fund use is stupid and it isn't the government's role to be in people's private business... *Paul shook his head in disagreement with Santorum on the issue btw*"— Jhansi2, Last Word blog

Let the discussion continue! We value all your opinions. Weigh in now in the comment section.