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Viewer reaction to Weinergate

We asked for you thoughts on Congressman Anthony Weiner’s Twitter drama and the political fallout.

We asked for you thoughts on Congressman Anthony Weiner’s Twitter drama and the political fallout. We got tons of responses, here are just a few of our favorites:“I wish our elected officials could use a little more discretion. I'm sorry, but I think he should go. I don't see how anyone could take him seriously ever again."—Nick-2845092 via The Last Word blog"Even though I value Rep Weiner as a Congressperson, he's totally undermined himself in terms of his trustworthiness. He needs to resign, just like Rep Lee and Eliot Spitzer. Fair is fair."— Greg Ward via Facebook"I am all for voting out anyone who tries to strip this country of all the programs that work for the good of our country. But that would not be Anthony Weiner. What he did was stupid and sleazy but he didn't hurt anybody except his wife and family. I would not be surprised if a lot of congressmen are doing the same thing or far worse. Anthony fights for programs that work for the good of our country and for that reason, I think the people of his district are lucky to have him.”— KayEllen via The Last Word blog"I have no opinion on whether he should stay or go. He's not my congressman. I will say that I'm very horribly disappointed. This would not have been such a big deal if he hadn't lied about it. And, worse, he just made Breitbart a legitimate journalist. People aren't going to remember the two made up scandals — they're going to remember the one that wasn't. I hope that Rep. Weiner and his family can find healing. And, most importantly, I hope the media can give them the privacy they deserve after tonight.— Rachel01 via The Last Word blog"Rep. Weiner should not resign unless they find he was using government resources to carry out his disappointing activity.  The GOP, should they ‘demand’ he resign, should explain why Vitter, Sanford, Craig, Ensign were never asked to resign."— Dakotabug via The Last Word blog"It was a sad day for NY'ers as well. I for one and angry at him for being so stupid as he has potential. He is good for NY and has been, however, I do suspect he has lost respect and effectiveness. I personally cannot see him overcoming the now, defunct, stigma anytime soon. He will have to become a serious statesman and prove his worthiness for confidence and trust. That is my last word!"— Rosemarie Kliegman via Facebook