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Very Last Word weekly round-up

Below are the links to all of the "Very Last Word" videos from this week. .

Below are the links to all of the "Very Last Word" videos from this week. . Enjoy exclusive web interviews from all of our New York guests and of course our host, Lawrence O'Donnell. I have put my favorite video on top — Lawrence discussing the emotionally exhausting week of covering the death of Whitney Houston.

  • msnbc Contributor and music critic, Toure, on the downside to fame and elaborated on his mention of R&B singer Melba Moore.
  • Lawrence told us why he wanted to forget politics on Monday and focus the whole show on the legacy of Whitney Houston.
  • political writer Steve Kornacki wondered how the Republican reaction to the Mitt Romney attacks on Rick Santorum would compare to when he went after Newt Gingrich.
  • Lawrence on a very special Valentine's Day segment with Washington Republican State. Rep. Maureen Walsh and her daughter Shauna. 
  • Executive Producer of The Rachel Maddow Show and former Harvard athlete, Bill Wolff, talked about the positive impact of Jeremy Lin.
  • Lawrence on the honor of speaking to Elie Wiesel (check out the exclusive interview right here), the excitement over Jeremy Lin and the most important story of the night that we didn't have enough time for.
  • Mark Thompson, host of Sirius XM's Make it Plain, elaborates on not just Whitney Houston's phenomenal career but her contributions to various charities.